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  1. Bought a set of 4-P 0211's for $623 yesterday. That's cheaper than a comparable set of TM P790's, or any other foam filled head for that matter.
  2. I hit (have) the Blue TX and it's not soft. It actually plays tight IMHO. I also have the EF in both the S and X and they both perform well, with the X helping guard against the left side more than the S.
  3. Murder it out and add a second weight.
  4. > @b2bbirdies said: > How are the stock shaft offerings for the G410 LST? Awesome.......I have both the Tour and the Alta Red in "X" and the Alta in "X" is no slouch at all. Great numbers in the LST and looooooooog.
  5. Perhaps the MD5 is for Mac Daddy 5, which is next in line.
  6. Current City: **Dayton** (strong), **OH** Handicap: **+2** Current Irons: (_2 sets_) **Black TaylorMade P790's with rare black KBS Tour V shafts** and **TaylorMade Chrome P790's with KBS Tour V shafts**. Favorite Feature of the New P790 irons: **I really like the new rounded and slightly thinner top line. It provides an even better look at address**. If selected, I will GLADLY participate in the review thread, complete with a lot of hi-res, quality photos and an ONGOING, updated review of the clubs after each round and after each range session, for at least 30 days.
  7. shinier sole, lower magic goop port screw, more rounded topline and slightly smaller blade length
  8. I've bought a couple now, but both sat closed, and I've dumped them both. I'm really disappointed in this with PING. I would have thought the standard 410 3w would have been the one to set more closed vs. the lst version. That said, I have settled on a standard 410 3w, that sits wide open, and I'm killing it. That's not to say the hunt won't continue for that one lst that sits square to open.
  9. I tried mine with 3 different Pro Orange shafts (real deal)....all in slightly different positions while also seated differently within their respective adapters. While they were good (not great), I was a bit inconsistent and almost traded the head away. Then, on a whim, I decided to pick up the stock Alta CB red, but in "X" flex, and it's transformed this thing into a monster. I'm hitting mine, straighter and longer than anything ever before. It really is remarkable....and I said the same thing about my G400Max from last year. I am 10000% sold on this bad boy.
  10. > @DTown3011 said: > If I remember correctly, the KBS 110 R are hardstepped as he went with them due to lighter weight and they are playing closer to S. Could be wrong. 100% correct. Brings the flight down a bit, tightens them slightly, maintains the feel and keeps the lighter weight.
  11. Anyone else notice that due to the slightly longer hosels and the slightly shallower bore, that the ground to first step "net/net" makes these play a bit softer to flex?
  12. > @Ferguson said: > Scammers are everywhere. > > Had a guy ring the home phone during dinner the other night. I like to have fun with these guys. > > He said, "there is a problem with your Windows Software." > > I answered, "Oh my goodness no - my windows have software, what will they think of next? Do you need my social security # to fix the problem?" > > He paused in confusion, "not yet, but, well - hold the line please." > I always tell these knuckleheads I have been "diagnosed" and only have a few weeks to live.....so, at this point
  13. I have it in both the "S" and "X" flexes for my G410LST in the Orange. They per from very well so far. I've only had this head for less than a week but have noticed that the heavier I get the head (and swingweight), the better it performs. Can't really tell a ton of difference between the two shafts so far, except that the "X" launches higher.....go figure. This just proves every shaft, every adapter, every component, etc., are different (even when the same). I also just glued a tip on one of my Pro Orange "S" flex shafts that I had for my G400Max. Anxious to give that a go in the new LST, as
  14. > @Valtiel said: > Honestly you pretty much did the same thing as when you put the lead tape on the heads. For the amount of weight you added there wouldn't really be any difference between back of the club head and end of the shaft, they would both be perceived as head weight. It would be good to replicate your results on a different day to rule out just being warmed up by that point. I appreciate your reply. That's exactly what I thought; remove as many variables as possible, beginning with and potential swing inconsistencies from day tom day. At a +3, mine do tend to be minimal.
  15. So, the cliff notes version is this: I've experimented with several shafts over the past few seasons but keep coming back to Tour V's, due to lots of success with them. Recently, I ordered a set of Cally Apex 19's in black with Tour V's installed, all to my spec. Frankly, early on, I struggled more than ever before with finding the center of the face with these. I swing weighted them and they all came in a right near D2.....so, pretty consistent throughout the set. I loaded a few heads, meticulously and identically, with lead tape to see if I could gain some consistency through more head feel
  16. This is not good to hear. I just received a 60S Pro Orange for my 9* MAX but have not even cut it to length or gripped it.......work has been too demanding this past week. However, the weekend looks good and I was looking forward to it's maiden voyage. My hope was the PO would take a bit of spin off but I'm NOT liking the talk of duck hooks. Mine is untipped and does feel a little loose on waggles. I debated going with the 70S or 60S and chose the 60S. I guess we'll see this weekend. If this does not play well, I'm going to get another, but this time in an "X" (TX in the PO) and see what give
  17. Recently returned mine and exchanged it for the Bushnell Pro X2. The Garmin was very good (and expensive) but seemed slow and had to "awake" too often. In addition, it was very sensitive too. Slight moves, side to side, were exaggerated and took the target out of view. Due to the technology, it also seemed a bit cloudy or blurred when looking through it. It did have some very cool features, but I was so used to more the point and shoot of the rangefinders and so I went back to that. The folks at Moon Golf, at their Melbourne FL store, were awesome and gladly worked with me. If you are ever in
  18. > @St_HoselRocket said: > What would be the advantage to the bonded version? I would think adjustability and ability to swap shafts makes the retail version more desirable? .....more solid feeling, less weight in the hosel/adapter and aesthetics
  19. > @sampga1976 said: > **Draw settings don't close the face... they make the club head more upright**. The 2* less loft does statically open the face for a visual appearance of an open face at address but the upright club will do more dynamically to allow the club to release easier. > > I know Callaway has tour adapters but I don't know how to tell the difference. If its a "Tour Flat" adapter, then the draw setting may be bringing the static lie back to normal or less flat for sure. ^^^^ EXACTLY ^^^^
  20. As mentioned earlier......it is bonded on an angle, but in this case (pictured above) to be less lofted and open at address.
  21. Also sportin' a **glued hosel** Epic Flash SZ 13.5* FW with the Fubiki
  22. Love 'em....also noticed, for the first time, that they appear a bit "bulkier" that the available chrome Apex Pros. In other words, slightly more beefier behind the cavity.......almost standard Apexish as far as badging goes. I own both the '19 Apex Pros and the standard '19 Apex forged and they almost look like a raw hybrid between the two.
  23. > @ssfranny said: > > @Hifade said: > > I, too, was all in for the 410 lst but tried and sz and just bought 2 of them to experiment with......absolute bomber > > > > > I didnt think there was a G410 LST > > The 410 lst fw is real, but lagging behind in availability. Definitely a head-scratcher with PING's 410 line launch. Anyhow, I've hit it and it's a cannon, as well. You can check out the reviews online with the boys at TXG:
  24. I, too, was all in for the 410 lst but tried and sz and just bought 2 of them to experiment with......absolute bomber
  25. Had it and returned it. Exchanged for Bushy Pro X2. Too used to point and shoot. The Garmin, while very cool, just took too long to "wake up" for me.
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