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  1. A rare opportunity! Dave Wood, founder of Wood Bros is having a question and answer session on Wood Bros and his many years in the golf industry Reddit tomorrow at 6PM EST. Web address is https://www.reddit.com/r/iama Look on schedule under WoodBrosGolf.
  2. I wouldn’t choose any 2020 wedge because they virtually eliminate blast/splash shots from bunkers - the shot played by virtually every great bunker player in history - Player, Trevino, Rodriguez, Olazabal, Rodgers, Azinger, etc. The wedges used by these greats have wide heels and 12-15* of bounce! When you shave off the heel, and reduce the bounce, you eliminate the splash/blast shot from bunkers and rough. Almost all 2020 wedges have something resembling a C grind. When you have multiple wedges in your bag, why have all with basically the same grind, and low bounce? This limits the variety
  3. > @Bob57 said: > (Quote) > > > > > The only BS is the hand forged part. Irons haven't been hand forged since the early days of hickory shafts. Want hand forged think horseshoes and samurai swords but not golf clubs. Not true - Wood Bros commissioned a former Japanese Samuri sword maker to hand hammer forge the Wood Bros Championship Balance blades. Since there are several models, including a cast version of the Championship Balance hammer forged sets, you must know the Wood Bros models. The same Samuri sword maker also made a series of hand hammered forge
  4. The small lettering I refer to for Ian Woosnan was his name engraved parallel to the clubface, instead of from face to back, like the flying WB on many clubs. It was a custom order, which Woosie requested on all his woods, no matter the make. I have 6 or 7 Woosie Maruman woods with the same small lettering. The flying WB on the crown with Wood Bros script on the sole was the original standard engraving. The script on the earliest WB clubs was Dave Wood’s own hand writing - hand engraved. Later stamps were used to speed club building. Many custom order customers and Tour pros preferred
  5. Here is a nice Texan LFF I had a very expert comment from Tad Moore about this club. Tad said it looked like it had what he calls a “wiped face” grind - where the toe’s face is progressively more open from bottom to top, giving the club an open look at address, even though the insert is square to the aiming line. Texsport
  6. The Wood Bros Special Texan models called LFF, for comparison to the original MacGregor LFF models, were Dave Wood’s improvements to the MacGregor clubs. Dave felt that, in addition to the 1 3/4” face, added face length, loft increase, and head shaping for swing weight control took the LFF concept to a new level of playability. Only a few were made and distributed to Tour players for testing - Davis Love III for one. Texsport
  7. Good luck with your new Wood Bros hobby. Values on unique Wood Bros items have increased dramatically, due to scarcity, a resurgence in players actually playing Persimmon, and interest in the highest quality late Persimmon era clubs. For example - Premium clubs, such as personal clubs used by major tournament winners, now sell for thousands of dollars. Texsport
  8. downforg Welcome and good luck with your collecting efforts. Texsport
  9. Other courses near Giants Ridge worth considering - Mesaba CC in Hibbing - semiprivate - pleasant forest course, never crowded, almost nothing but forest surrounding the course - deer frequent the course. Great pro. Eveleth GC - 9 fun holes with big elevation changes, lake views, and great hamburgers. On Hwy 53 on the way to and from Giants Ridge.
  10. The [email protected] Ridge is the best MN public and a top 30 public in the whole country for nearly 20 years now. That long a run at the top is proof of greatness. Totally recovered from last year’s winter damage and back to their standard fantastic conditions. The [email protected] Ridge is also a top 10 in MN course and we’ll worth playing - a pristine wilderness experience - you may not see another group because of holes separated by forest. I’m going there in a month myself.
  11. I know a pro in a northern state who has qualified for the Club Pro Championships a number of times, and holds several course records. His course was not even open when the tournament was played this year. He told me that unless the Championship is moved back to the fall, where it belongs, he won’t even try to qualify any more. He’s not going to spend the money to enter and travel across the country to play in an event where he has no chance to play well. Makes no sense what the PGA did this year! Texsport
  12. This qualifier is for 2020 PGA - why wouldn’t the fall of 2019 be more fair for everyone?
  13. > @gioguy21 said: > > @Texsport said: > > The PGA is totally disrespecting club pros with their repositioning the PGA Professional Championship to May. At the same time, they moved the PGA Club Championship - the tournament in which club pros qualify for the PGA Championship - to April! > > > > Many, many courses in the northern part of the country are not even open for the season yet. This April date virtually eliminates northern pros from having a realistic chance to qualify, since many haven't hit a single shot since September or October the previous year - 7
  14. The argument that 30 pros, from elite clubs, who have winter jobs qualified, is a little short on common sense and math - and actually makes my point. 30 aren’t affected? An insignificant number, and all from affluent situations - not your average PGA professional’s situation.
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