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  1. Would like a couple Cobra Shaft Adapter pulls and Ferrules if anyone has any laying around and wants to sell for reasonable price.
  2. Looking for used in good condition with headcover.
  3. If anyone looking to sell 9 deg head I would be interested. Shoot me a PM.
  4. Used Sim 9 head plus some cash for mavrik head is used and has wear one small mark on top line. Message me for pics if interested.
  5. You have strong grip and take the club away inside and then come over the top. With the strong grip + out to in swing path you will have a tendency to start the ball left of target with club face closed to path creating the dreaded pull hook. I’d start by just working on take away, working on taking the club straight back. Alignment rod behind the ball is a good guide. Then when you start your down swing try to drop club inside of that plane, it will help you start the ball out to the right of target and then draw it back in.
  6. I have done a bit more reading and compared club specs it seems like ping irons add 1.5” from bottom of bore and my callaway pro are more like 1.25” so I’ll be losing only a 1/4” the biggest discrepancy seems to be with the pw which is the club I happened to check as that plays a 1/4” longer than the ping so the discrepancy will be -1/2 off the pw but -1/4 on the rest of the set which will probably be good for me anyway. As for the extension idea I don’t hate it. Maybe just try it with a 7 iron and see how it goes.
  7. I purchased a set of LZ 6.5 off eBay. I was told they were pulled from ping i200 and were standard length. I planned on putting them in my callaway apex 19 pro. I checked and the clubs play the same length. I now have the shafts and measuring them it looks like installed they will play exactly a 1/2 short of standard in my apex. I knew that their could be a difference between the overall height of the irons ie ping vs my smaller apex pro but I wasn’t expecting such a large difference. My questions basically is, did a make a mistake or are these shafts not standard length? The 7 iron measures
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