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  1. I wanted to like them, I think I just didnt have the right shafts in them. It seemed like the project x lz would be a good fit for me based on what I read but it really was not.
  2. You think the 130 will spin more?
  3. I went from x100 to modus 120x what is a heavier shaft that spins more? I was considering s300 which are a pretty reliable for me.
  4. This is what my 7 iron should look like. Not my 8.
  5. To all who commented, I went and hit some irons, I ended up settling on the new Wilson Staff CB, they are fairly small, comparable to T100 size wise, felt great, and were surprisingly forgiving at least with my limited test. I was going to go with T100 but the Wilson’s were significantly cheaper and I didn’t notice much if any performance difference. If anything the Wilson’s were the softer feeling.
  6. I was not aware of that.
  7. I looked them up. They don’t look bad and price seems fair. Looks backordered at the moment tho.
  8. It had nothing to do with style points just more how they looked to me at address versus what I was used to playing. I also had trouble hitting a draw, which I think was in part due to the larger head. So I figured the 921 forged would be a good fit. They would be if it wasn’t for the super hard chromoly they used.
  9. I had lz 6.0 in the i210. I really wanted to like them. First time with that shaft tho. Right now I have modus 120x in the 921 and really do like that shaft. Not sure what it was with the i210 maybe the high bounce I just never felt like I was hitting them well (they all seemed thin). Been considering zx7. Maybe those are the ticket. The 919 felt so much better than the 921 in my opinion. The 921 feel fast (and they are) but you don’t get the feedback.
  10. I can’t seem to find irons that I like at the moment and I am looking for some recommendations. Last year I played Jpx919 forged with s300 and hit the ball well but I really didn’t like the look of the irons. With the long blade length. When Mizuno released the 921 line the new forged seemed perfect, more traditional iron length, full forged, so I pulled the trigger. I really am not getting along with the new chromoly steel. It’s too hot, and spins too little. Below are a couple of 8 irons. Basically my 8 is going as far as my 7 used to go with the 919. I’ve already added loft to
  11. yeah i know hence my hesitation to send it all at once. I know I am not getting the $200.00. I have bought enough items on here and various other sites to know the risks associated. I made a decision, Ill live with it. I reported to mods, was concerned others might get had too. He had good feedback and had been a member since 2012 so I rolled the dice.
  12. Na he ripped me off for $200 this morning on the TSI3. Because he wanted zelle I said I would pay 1/2 up front and 1/2 upon receipt. He agreed. I paid the $200 then he said he wife said he needed to get it all upfront and asked if I wanted to pay for it all or a refund. I asked for a refund. He then told me he wouldnt be refunding the $200 and would only ship if I sent the additional $200.
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