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  1. I will say it sucks that there will basically be no euro fans there. Just doesn't seem right (not that anything the organizers could do) and not getting into politics, just stating the truth that it won't be the same.
  2. Saying we've lost a lot recently basically due to luck/randomness is a brilliant answer? Seems sorta lame to me. That's one long stretch of bad luck over a not small sample size at this point. And, I guess if we win this year then it was primarily because the luck was on our side?
  3. This seems like a pretty standard and decent interview, especially for Dustin.
  4. Surprised/impressed Love III is this high on the list given he's a bit older than almost everyone else on it (the oldest?) and it skews much more recent due to how crazy the purses have gotten. I'll have to look at his record, knew he was very good obviously but that THIS good
  5. The highs in Milwaukee this weekend are 76, 67 and 72. They're playing in Wiscy in Sept., not January lol.
  6. The home team captain decides on pin placement? I honestly didn't know that.
  7. Seemed an little unfair to Stricker in that, c'mon, it's not like Billy was legit on the bubble. That said, Billy seems like a good, genuine dude. Either way, clutch finish and great reaction. I loved the announcers changing it to "Heck yea, baby" lol
  8. I'll answer my own question. Just saw he signed incorrect scorecard dangit
  9. How the heck did Thomas Detry get DQ'd? Sorry if already discussed.
  10. Slightly different topic but along the lines of dipping right shoulder vs. rotating:
  11. The issue I've always had with these sort of stop your swing/shallow type drills (not just monte's but anything like this) is I can never incorporate into a real swing. In fact, when I try to , I start pausing at top and stuff like that and it's a bit of a disaster.
  12. That stroke gains on approach shots is interesting. Is it only measured on par 4s? To your point, if he's hitting it way farther (and closer to the hole) than before, how has that stat gotten so middling. Where is he getting his strokes? Mostly by destroying every par 5?
  13. Don't ask me to articulate exactly why he's so bad, but he just is lol
  14. Sorry, if already posted but looks like we have a new feud?! https://www.pe.com/2021/08/30/patrick-cantlays-putting-performance-was-one-for-the-ages/ Knowing exactly what went wrong will have to wait. DeChambeau, who has refused to speak to media except for PGA Tour broadcast partners, chose not to speak to anyone Sunday. It wasn’t the only time he appeared bothered. He rolled his eyes each time Cantlay marked a short par putt along the front nine (sometimes that reference to “ice” could also mean “glacier”). And then on the 14th hole as DeChambeau was preparing to hit, he backed off and said, “Patrick, can you stop walking?” “We had just been told by the rules officials to kind of speed up, and I’m not always the fastest walker, so I was trying to get ahead and do my part,” Cantlay said. “No big deal.”
  15. "The body pivot" is an incredibly broad term
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