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  1. Yep, UD is ulnar deviation. Ulnar deviation essentially means for your hand to bend toward your pinky. Radial deviation would be the opposite, bending toward your thumb. As you can guess, it's called Cast A, because back in the day, doing UD would be called casting the club as a big no no. As Monte and others pointed out above, it's actually been found in practice that when you attempt to do this, your arms basically automatically speed up.
  2. This is wild, and fun, watching the Scottish Open right now. So, would they ever stop the tourney for rain, or only if the greens become unplayable due to standing water?
  3. ah, fair enough and understood. This is the conundrum no matter what your skill level. Is it really "worth" the risk, so to speak, of trying to fix something if you're ok with the level you're at.
  4. Interesting stuff. I have the same problem (in a far worse overall swing) of raising that left shoulder way too much and my right side just tilting in a desperate effort to shallow a steep shaft. I think part of the problem - even when I do drills with a very shallow shaft - is I literally don't know how the right side not tilting so much and the left shoulder staying down is supposed to feel like. I'm fine being "uncomfortable" with things feeling weird initially because I've been doing it the wrong way so long, but the whole raising the left shoulder and just tilting to the right is so fr
  5. Agree 100%. I was expecting to see an high handicap OTT swing in this thread, haha, not a very low cap technically OTT but not in real world terms one.
  6. chigolfer1

    Danny Lee

    "lynched?" and I'd say it's both. That act on the green was pretty dang embarrassing. Like I said, initially I thought he genuinely putted every one (like Els at whatever tourney that was where he five putted) until I saw the video.
  7. Can you define "long run of growth?" Prize money, events, etc? I agree that even with COVID that the tour does seem to have a lot less star power than, say, 10 years ago. How many euro top 40 player types really just stay on the euro tour like you used to see? Don't they all come to PGA? FTR, not a euro tour hater at all, I quite like watching it on Saturday and Sunday mornings and hearing non-shlocky announcers.
  8. Dan C.'s Stick Drill: https://www.instagram.com/tv/B-kuVOOl1B6/?hl=en
  9. Yeah, and it's not like you look at him and think, look at that swing! He just seems to get the job done and not fold down the stretch. That said, not exactly out of nowhere as you might think. He was ranked 108 at the end of 2018.
  10. Yeah, no signed contract stupid but if he really did support them like this, would really suck.
  11. That's why I said for the non plus handicaper. Maybe I should have just said low handicapper.
  12. agreed. visually its stunning. It almost didn't look real, lol. And I really like Tiger's mantra about making things playable for all skill levels. He's a smart guy so I bet that course is really fun to play if you're not like a plus handicapper.
  13. chigolfer1

    Danny Lee

    First time I've watched it. I had just assumed these were all "real" putts. I didn't realize that after the second one back up the hill he turned it into a total joke. Pretty embarrassing.
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