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  1. Not exactly sure what you're asking but, ideally, the clubhead would be visible the whole time. But, if it's visible most of the time, it's not like Dan or other instructors can't tell what position it's almost certainly in at any spot. And, it's just one video, you can get it on the next one if it's critical.
  2. Who knows but, in fairness, if it's the latter, I'm sure Gary isn't the only Masters champ that they have this attitude about. And, no, I am not talking about any particular player, just that odds tell you that every winner that is still going there isn't a "great guy."
  3. If anything would make it suck, it's catering to western diet and tastes. lol
  4. Careful, before you get us all banned!
  5. As others have said, if you send full speed, pretty sure the instructor can slow down sufficiently on their end. Also, if you trim slow motion from the very start of your swing and end literally right at the finish of your follow through, should be able to get the file size small enough.
  6. Finally a topic the whole forum can get behind. What a complete a**hat.
  7. He's got a lot of charisma, weird player to pick to say he doesn't have charisma
  8. He says he flushed it. Realize that might not necessarily be technically true but fwiw. Maybe gust of wind?
  9. I'll tell you what's up with Jordan. He's back baby!!
  10. He tries too hard to be a I don't give an eff, controversial. The problem to me is it is mostly just coming off as being a d*ck at this point.
  11. How do you think average people are treated in a one car accident with no one else injured, no property damage (other than the car) and no obvious impairment? I honestly don't know but you seem to think they are going to spend a bunch of resources for it.
  12. Does the public have a "right to know?" Honest question, I have no idea but you obviously think it does. Is that a legal, freedom of information act type thing?
  13. Ok, I'll bite. This menu is BOOORRINGG, haha.
  14. Exactly, how can one be a golfer and not enjoy getting to hear a pro give a running commentary. Isn't that like a dream scenario?
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