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  1. It's not that lucrative UNLESS you have insane results like that
  2. The latest Golf magazine has a really good breakdown of ball strikers vs. short gamers and how ball strikers typically have better results. The interesting part was this: It is much more likely for a so-called ball striker to have a good putting event than it is for short gamer to have a good ball striking event. I guess this isn't that surprising because a short gamer isn't all of a sudden going to be able to hit it farther but it's not far fetched for a ball striker to have an outlier putting event.
  3. To answer the OP's question, yes it really is that bad of a concept
  4. This is awesome, obviously a little less flexible in the current one, but not by much!
  5. This is a job. It's not going on a buddy trip to play golf in Switzerland.
  6. Excuse my ignorance but what do most of the guys that miss out do now? Mini tour? Latin America Tour? What does a guy like Guthrie do? Hard to see him trying to go play on the Latin America tour at this point of his career. https://pgatq.bluegolf.com/bluegolf/pgatq21/event/pgatq2124/contest/1/leaderboard.htm
  7. Why would a question about a swing aid in the instruction forum be in the wrong forum?
  8. You have to close the clubface somehow. How much your lead wrist actually "bows" is related to your grip strength. When you do it is also a question but it's not like you can hit the same shot and decide to bow or not bow on the same swing.
  9. Geez, it's crazy how hard it it is to have a sustained career as a professional golfer.
  10. Good article https://golf.com/news/pga-tour-bermuda-field-disappearing/
  11. Just saw Thomas Detry is in this, so that's my new pick.
  12. Well we're always told it's mostly a symptom but I do wonder if you've been doing it your whole life you really do have to teach your body and sense of balance a different way to move even if the club is in the right position. Also, I don't see how hip flexibility wouldn't play into it as well making it just functionally difficult to not have some movement off that "line" regardless for some people.
  13. lol, I had completely forgotten about that. A little weird that you tracked it down but thanks!
  14. Any idea how much this was happening? Like did every event have at least one "bought" sponsor exemption or was it a rarity?
  15. He's an Illini so of course he is! haha
  16. I know, golf is hard, etc. but any sense of what happened to his game specifically?
  17. Some of you are making this too hard and literal. I think it would be a relatively easy exercise to look at the stats and see the largest delta between ballstriking and putting strokes gained stats. Guys that are in the top 25 in one but down in 100s in putting resulting in a player that's good but, seemingly "should" be much better if they could just putt a little. I'm curious myself now but not enough to actually do the above lol
  18. sorry if discussed but what is your pop/soda intake like? (diet soda as well, in fact especially diet, as that may be even more insidious than non-diet given it confuses your system to eventually release less insulin because it thinks it's sugary and needs a bunch of insulin at first but then is like, wait a second, that's not what's happening. So, when you eat actual sugary foods it doesn't know what to do. Or, at least that's one of the current theories) And, in general what types of portions are you eating? It's insane what the increase in average U.S. portion sizes have been in just 40 years when, obviously, humans have not evolved enough in that very short period of time to have anything to do with caloric needs. And, of course, we have probably gotten more sedentary on average over those years, not less. And, what kind of moderate excercise are you getting? I don't mean like are you a cross fitter but are you walking two miles a day in general with the dog?
  19. Dang! Favorite announcer by far
  20. Doesn't this get into something that I've been trying to figure out lately. You are supposed to "extend." Early extension is literally just doing that too early. Is this correct way to think of it? The thing is, before I started taking golf lessons, tried everything to stop early extending, etc. when I timed my crazy steep swing correctly, and extended a lot (but technically early), I think I was getting a lot of power. It's just hard to play consistent golf that way. The weird thing is, with all my focus on not humping the goat, it's like I've trained all that natural extension out of me that, instinctually, wasn't completely incorrect, just early. Am I making any sense? lol
  21. I will say it sucks that there will basically be no euro fans there. Just doesn't seem right (not that anything the organizers could do) and not getting into politics, just stating the truth that it won't be the same.
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