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  1. This is exactly what I was looking at - my TS2 4 wood currently has the T100 evenflow 6.5 75g and was no doubt going to use the same but in 85g for the TS2 7 wood. I guess its almost like 4/7 is the new 3/5 since those are flying so far. At a certain point if I'm 275 away from a green I'm probably laying up anyway.
  2. This season I switched out of 3 wood in favor of a 4 wood since I found 3 wood was getting too close to my driver off the tee making it kinda redundant. My SS is about 115+ and typically I carry D (295), 4W(250), 3h(220), then irons. Lately I've been interested in possibly swapping the hybrid for a 7 wood and wanted to see if there were any stronger players who did the same? Often you hear of it going too high but I feel that even the 4w is pretty optimal for me. My thought process is mainly around having 2 versatile distance woods starting around 250yds down - I figure off the tee if I need m
  3. Pretty darn impress with this whole thing - as someone who was always focused on trying to get my body to help shallow it I would always end up getting ahead and having to steepen the shaft late. Question about Cast B - 8 to 12: is anyone else finding that they are getting heel digging with this move causing heavy-ish shots?
  4. Thanks for the comments everyone. I think the thing I'm mostly getting at is my intent is to switch from AP2s as I prefer the smaller head of the blade and find it gives a bit more consistency in terms of yardage/spin/turf interaction. Having played the AP2 for quite a long while I've clearly become accustomed to that hot exploding off the face flushed feeling/sound. It sounds powerful and that's clearly become the feedback I'm used to on a well struck shot. The MP20s were the opposite in that it felt like butter but was very soft and muted - to me that feedback was almost like I had sli
  5. Tried a few shafts - mainly Nippon 120x and PX6.5. Wouldn't say I disliked them, they just felt really muted and well... soft. Just was odd feeling like I hit a marshmallow and it flew far in the air and was wondering if people who game them kinda get over that.
  6. Background: I've been playing 714 AP2s with X100s for the better part of the last 4 years. Before that I have tried a variety of other clubs but wanted some of the forgiveness the AP2s provided. All of these clubs have been forged to some degree or another. As this season ends, I've decided I'd like to move up to a blade/combo set and went in to try the new MP20 line. I hit the blade 7 iron and numbers were pretty consistent with what I'm accustomed to seeing out of my old AP2 (165-170yrd carry). The thing that I struggled with in the bay was the feel. Don't get me wrong, it was most defini
  7. Thanks for the response Monte. Ya it's been strange - focusing on creating good body movement in an effort to not having to "do anything with the hands" to work work the club. I Assume you when you say work the left arm off the chest is more of a ARM thing itself and not a hands thing. By that I mean my initial impulse with that directive would be to throw the clubhead at the ball instead of leaving it back and pivoting. This I assume isnt the goal but more working the grip end and its connection to your shoulder. (hopefully that makes sense)
  8. Thanks for the constructive help. Been working on having the body control the motion and the arms be more passive to avoid excess rotation and squaring of the face at the ball. I'd see for sure there is arm tension there but I think it sets in during the transition as my arms get left behind and then the club comes in way dumped under. I think primarily my perception of getting hands forward and hitting the ball with lean is that I need to get it forward by moving my whole body there. I bet staying behind the ball and feeling like im swinging left cutting across it will have my hands movin
  9. Is there a good drill to help me feel this?
  10. I know this is the most cliche topic in golf but maybe you guys can help me out. For the life of me, I can't seem to carry a loaded shaft down to impact. I can't say I ever feel the shaft stress at the top and get down and release/kick at impact. My hands are often forward at impact but the shaft is straight lined like you see in the photo (in that it basically straightens out and I turn it there). It's driving me absolutely crazy because it seems nothing I do can fix the problem and it's been forever that I try to fix it.
  11. I have longer arms too funny enough. I feel like I'm making progress in the right direction but I don't know how anyone normally does this by instinct. I was just working on getting into an open body at impact bent right arm and was trying to figure out how to get down to the ball. Naturally you want to create speed and instinct is to extend your arm to it and swing your arms. This feels kinda wristy to me, if I think about it like my arm is short, ie. connected to my torso at my elbow then my wrists would be the only lever between my arm and the club so I guess it makes sense in that way.
  12. Lately I've been working on building in more of a rotational swing and trying to get the clubface to shallow naturally and be more passive through impact. Changes are moving along but my natural urge is still to get to the point of impact and to throw the clubhead at the ball a little bit which leads to a bit more active clubface rotation and an exit a bit more over my left shoulder. Nothing is dire but I'd like to focus on really trying to get the club close to the original shaft plane at impact with a bent right arm, etc. Think about guys like hunter mahan who exit more around and left.
  13. Thanks for the replies guys, I'm gonna see what I can muster up over the next few days. I feel its also possible my left hand grip doesn't help - I overlap but I tend to have a 'trigger finger' on my left hand and my overlap pinky kinda fits into the gap between my index and middle on my left hand. I've looked at some stuff at it seems more people tend to have all 4 fingers of their left hand more up against each other. Seems subtle but I might mess with it.
  14. Ya understood, for me I think what happens is I work hands in club out but once I get to about waist high to the right of me I feel like I've got nowhere to go - even with my pivot So what happens is that my shoulders are turned and my hands are by my right pocket but from there the only place I feel like I can go is to lift my arms up.
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