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  1. Question about this driver as I just picked up a head and threw in a shaft I had. Does the screw "click" on the sleeve when you tighten it? I'm afraid i'm going to crack this thing but i haven't gotten it to click like the Ping sleeves.
  2. Ping Rapture v2. I have a 4 and 7 wood. Enough loft to not really worry about the deck, but tall faces for off the tee are a must. love them both
  3. bandrz

    Anthony Kim

    > @dlygrisse said: > > @Redjeep83 said: > > There have been recent interviews, he took out a large insurance deal back when he was playing and paid good money for it. He got injured and tried to prepare to come back and got injured again. I guess the injuries kept piling up, he’s had a back fusion and other operations and getting paid good money from his insurance claim. If he does back to playing, he loses that money so he’s not coming back given his injuries. He plays poker and does investment/business deals now. > > "Plays Poker and has business investment deals".
  4. bandrz

    Anthony Kim

    > @Badds said: > I'm sure the insurance company regrets writing that policy. > > $10+ million for a guy to never have to work again. > > "Oh my arm -- it's broken!" > > > > LOL. Love the reference, but the insurance company isn't losing anything. how many of these policies do they write that never pay out? that's the name of the game. They're banks and they make billions, even after indemnity.
  5. Tiger's putt to tie Rocco at the 2008 US Open is probably my favorite actual "Moment" in golf, maybe even all sports. Others that come to mind: Phil putt on 18 2004 Masters Final putt on 18 1991 Ryder Cup. The tension on that green was palpable even through TV. Payne Stewart final putt 1999 US Open Corey Pavin 4 wood to 18 1995 US Open Hale Irwin 45' birdie putt on 18 1990 US open. there are many more........
  6. > @Lamb said: > > @Scotty1140 said: > > > @Lamb said: > > > He is 100% right. Brooks is leagues above Rory. Without a doubt Rory is the most overrated golfer ever and just someone who the media try to force down unto everyone. Rorys rivalry is with the Tommy Fleetwoods and Jason Days of this world. > > > > Brooks has been playing better golf in the bigger events than Rory the last couple of years. No one can argue otherwise. But to say Rory is the most overrated golfer ever is just plain stupid. > > > > Just look at the career res
  7. I’ve been playing i20’s since 2013. I 25’s are pretty much the same I think. Combination of forgiveness and control has just been great for me. This is about the farthest I’ll venture towards the direction of blades. Just great irons. I love them
  8. I use Golfshot. The GPS is great and easy to use and accurate enough for me. The scoring feature is easy to use and love the output from each round. I did notice that scoring AVG is no longer part of the statistics. Is this an upgrade option? I’ve been using the free version since 2013
  9. This makes me want to unbox my TA 845s and go play a few holes with a Tour Edition. When I'm done, I'll relax and re-live the round while watching Saved By The Bell.
  10. 3 wood/4 wood IPA's/German Lagers Golden Doodles/Golden Retrievers All golf-related where I play!
  11. > @bladehunter said: > Ping was a great choice. Literally can play anything he wants from smallest MB to **largest iron on earth.** Great Woods , and use any ball you want. Best contract to sign . lol. actually maybe that's what they should call the G420's. Either that or the Ping G Four Twentaaayyyyyyy. Headcovers could be Doritos bags.
  12. bandrz

    Brooks or Rory?

    > @Albatross85 said: > Brooks will end up with better career and IMO is the bigger talent. > Driving - Tie (when they are both on, no one can touch them except DJ) > Irons - Rory > Wedges- BK >** Putter- BK by a million** > Mental game/ability to handle adversity- BK > > In big spots Rory has choked many times. Masters, RC vs Reed, Match play vs Tiger, etc. Plus putting is the great equalizer and BK has the confidence to knock those 8 foot par putts down when he needs to. The numbers again say Rory, but like I said, this thread will go a different direct
  13. bandrz

    Brooks or Rory?

    The numbers say Rory is better, by a decent margin, but I'm guessing that's not how this thread will go.
  14. I preferred Brooks look when he was a member of the Goonies. These Nike hats are just turrble.
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