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  1. I am definitely jealous as we just had a snowstorm in the northeast. 32 days until an 8 guy trip to Orlando though!
  2. I have an sl2 and use the vessel cart strap (it only has the V logo on one side so you can use it as a blank pad). For the $25 or so, I would recommend it 100% to increase the durability of the bag and eliminate the cart strap marks. FWIW I used my sl2 for 75 rounds or so this year and it looks mint other than some paint scratches on the legs. I just use the above cart pad and wipe with a mr clean eraser every once in a while
  3. I just sent a message over to Flanigan. His work looks good from his posts
  4. The winter golf itch is in full swing and I want to send my 11.5 in for a conversion. I fell in love with how Bastain Milled does it (Atleast from Instagram pictures) but it seems from what I’ve read on here and a couple messages I sent, he’s not currently taking on projects (if I’m wrong I sincerely apologize). Does anyone have any recommendations/completed pictures from another company. I attached the pictures of what I would want exactly.
  5. Disappointing as it looks like he does great work. I’m either going to see if they end up releasing it (and sell mine and re buy) or find someone who can do similar work
  6. Who did yours? I had emailed Bastain last week and never heard back. His work looks amazing on Instagram.
  7. Any chance they will release an actual 11.5 with slant neck like they did with the 5.5?
  8. Looking for a golf pride tour tradition putter grip in new condition
  9. 1. Your closest Club Champion location? Long Island, NY 2. Would you like to win a Driver or Putter Package? Driver 3. Did you follow Club Champion on Twitter? I don’t have Twitter but followed on Instagram 4. How would a Club Champion Driver or Putter package help your game? Have made some improvements in my swing since the last time I was fitted 2 years ago. Went from a 12 index to 7 and curious if I could benefit from an updated fitting
  10. I recently had a Srixon success story. I placed an order through DDs for the ZX7 with tour issue s400s. Srixon said it wouldn’t be until March for that shaft. I received the clubs 2 weeks after order date
  11. Yea I was curious about that. The head is in good shape so I was wondering if it could be done without a refinish
  12. Yea that probably makes the most sense. The wrxer in me says go with the welded neck lol
  13. I was looking at a couple of the older topics and got some good ideas. Was wondering if anyone had some recommendations for the best combination of quality and price to covert an original X5 to a slant neck (pretty much how the current model X5.5 is). Thanks
  14. I don’t believe they did in the ones posted above. I was looking for a 13 for a buddy and I think the biggest I saw was a 12. Not positive on the spikeless as I didn’t look at them too much
  15. This was at the Riverhead, NY Tanger Outlet
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