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  1. Sweet sticks as usual, Kelly. Did you do the paintfill on those things? Haven't seen it on any other J15s...or is that the distinguishing mark for the Japanese version?
  2. A great range of offerings today. All over the board in my game (mainly in my head) last few years...all prices include shipping. 1. SOLD!! Mizuno MP20 HMB 4/5/6 MP 20 7/8/9/W Purchased from Golf USA. Clubs have never seen the course. It took me about 5 grass range sessions to realize I am not the alleged prolific ball striker that i thought lol. If i have to put a # on them, 9/9.5-10. Purchased these 'before' my 2nd Achilles surgery, you guys will see a trend. 6 iron in plastic, took a few swipes with it on a turf mat. Took plastic off the 9
  3. Looking for a set of used heads, 4-w or 5-w. Let me know what you have!
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