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  1. All prices include shipping. MODS, I believe I corrected to show 10 total. 1. Callaway Mack Daddy 4 52/10. S Grind, *R* milled. Modus 3 Tour 105 Flex S. Really nice condition, BB&F Blue/Yellow/Silver/Orange Ferrule. PURE DTX Neon Orange matching grip. Standard loft/lie to the best on my knowledge. Measures 35.5" base of heel to grip. $ 65 shipped obro 2. Callaway Mack Daddy 4 56/10. S Grind, *R* milled. Modus 3 Tour 105 Flex S. Really nice condition, BB&F Blue/Yellow/Silver/Orange Ferrule. PURE DTX Neon Orange matching grip. Standard loft/lie to the best on my knowledge. Measures 35.5" base of heel to grip. $ 65 shipped obro Would do $120 shipped for 1 & 2. 3. Adams Pro Idea Black 5-G with KBS tour 120 S. 5 iron is CB2. 6-G are CB1s. Great condition for their age. BB&F Green yellow ferrules, PURE Standard Green grips. Built these with the heads and shafts being purchased off the BST. I doubt you find a set in this condition for this price. $250 obro. 4. Taylormade P7MC 7 Iron. 2.5 flat, 1* strong, standard length. Build sheet attached. Purchased at end of July for a head to head with the Apex Pro. Paid close to $200. $135 obro. 5. Callaway Apex Pro '21 7 Iron. 2.5 flat, 1* strong, standard length. Build sheet attached. $135 obro. 6. Mizuno Pro 51/08 S18 Wedge. Never hit this, sold my MP20s before this came in from another reputable member on here. Cant hit mis-matched irons...lol. Really good condition. 35" from heel of club to end of grip. $85 obro. 7. PURE DTX Neon Orange Grips (12) brand new. $75 obro. 8.Titleist Pro V1 - New York Life logo. No idea what year they are. $35. 9. Taylormade TP5x. 3 sleeves are red, 1 is gray/black. Alignment logos shown in pics. $35. 10. BB&F Black and 4 Red Cardinal Stripes. (8) $25.
  2. Purchased this a few months back from Peoples. Came in at 199g, had it professionally hotmelted front/neutral to 204g. Very clean, it did not see a lot of action. Soec sticker included. Will ship with a Sim2 headcover. $250 paypal G&S shipped to your door.
  3. Hey guys...really hate to do this... Selling a brand new Autoflex SF505x (x-stiff). Taylormade TP tip professionally installed. Shaft hasn't yet been gripped. Comes with the case. With grip installed, the shaft will play 44 5/8". 59grams. We can work something out if you need a grip, or tip pulled/installed. Just hit me up. $650 obo.
  4. Brand spanking new. Just came in from Golf Galaxy last week. Sticking with my sim2's...for now. $450 shipped OBRO, PP g&s w/ insurance. Head cover included, no tool as seems to be the case for Titleist... I can ship today, running a few shaft pull sets to post office later this afternoon.
  5. Clearing out the last of the items I was on the fence about. All prices include shipping. 1. Taylormade P770/P750 Combo 3-A (yes, a lot of clubs) shafted with new Dynamic Gold X7's. BB&F ferrules, I believe the name is Gloria. Correct me if I'm wrong please. Pure DTX Red grips, 3 range sessions on them. 3-6 & A P770s 7-W P750 Protos I believe these are '19 models. Very clean, browning shown square on the 7 iron face (not from me, lol). Otherwise very nice condition. Short irons show brushing, most wear. No dings or rock gouges anywhere. Bought the heads off of ebay, got the X7s (4-P) from a new mizuno pull off here, and the 3 & A shafts from Fresno Golf. Wonderful set up, just a bit too much for me! $625 obo 2. Taylormade Sim2 10.5* Head only. Very nice shape. Minor brush marks on sole, face and crown are beautiful. As you can see I am a constant tinkerer. Probably too much so. Head is hotmelted front and neutral. Weight w/o any head weights is 182g. Include in the sale are: Front weights 10g, 6g and two (2) 4g. Rear 22g, 16g, 10g. Billy bobs has been sending me a replacement 20g for 3 weeks now...if it arrives before the sale, I'll include it. AND THE STAR TOOL BIT IS INCLUDED! $375 obo 3. Adams Pro Black CB1 5-A w/ KBS Tour 120S. I got the heads and shafts offf here many moons ago. Heads are in pretty nice shape for their age. The KBS were new pulls when purchased. Been back to these irons so many times, it's better they are just not here... BB&F green/yellow ferrules Pure pro standard green grips. Any Notre Dame, Oakland As or dig deep Minnesota North Star fans out there?? $300 obo Hit me up if you need more pics, have any questions.
  6. Welp...back from vacation and still trying to wrap my head around the 'stuff' Ive accumulated during the last year or so... ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING. Right to the action! 1. Taylormade Sim Tour Issue 10.5, head only. Purchased from Peoples a few months back. Finally found a driver to stick with for a while (lol, a week) so this, and others, need to go. Hit a few buckets, really nice condition. 9/10. See sticker for specs. SIM2 headcover included, no tool. $375 obro. 2. Taylormade M5 Tour 10.5, head only. Purchased this off the BST a little while back. Had it hotmelted front/neutral to 204g. Very clean, 8.5/10. Will include generic Taylormade headcover, no tool. $230 obro. 3. Taylormade M5 10.5, head only. Got this off the bay from a reputable seller. Had it hotmelted front/neutral to 205g. Very clean as well. 8.5/10. Will include generic taylormade headcover for shipping. SOLD As a bonus, 1st one to pay asking, i will include a set of new front/back 6g/16g weoghts. 4. Scotty Cameron Futura 5MB 2017 35" Got this local off of Facebook. Was still in plastic. Put the SS Tour 5.0 and rolled a few putts. Great feel, just not for me. Almost new condition if that is an acceptable grading value, lol. Headcover is new shape as well. $290 obro. 5. Scotty Cameron Futura X 34" Picked this up off the bst a few months back to replace one I sold last year. Just couldnt beat the current gamer. SS Tour 3.0 in great shape. The headcover is crisp and clean as well! Very few minor blemishes in the finish, no nicks, dings, woopsies. 8.5/10. SOLD 6. Taylormade TP Mullen 2 34" bronze finish. SS Camo pistol GT 2.0 in like new shape. Really nice, smooth rolling putter. 7.5/10. Headcover is very clean. $165 obro. 7. Callaway R19 PM grind 56/14. KBS HI REV 2.0 115, Lamkin UTX grip in great shape. Got this off the bst a month or so ago, I'm just not a 'biggish toe' guy. Great shape, see pics. SOLD 8. Titleist 818 H1 19 & 21 hybrid set. Got these off the bst a few months back as well, just going in another direction. Looking to sell as a set. Normal use shown, small blemish in finish of the 21 towards the toe/back. Just noticed taking the pics. Project X Handcrafted Evenlow 'Pured' 6.0 85g. GP Tour Velvet 360 in really good shape. Headcovers are very clean. $250 obro. 9. Oban Revenge 05 Flex 85 grams, new Taylormade +2 adapter. 44" tip to butt. Got these brand new off the bay, had plans on experimenting, just too much stuff in the closet. SOLD 10. Oban Revenge 04 flex 85 grams, new taylormade +2 adapter. 44" tip to butt. SOLD
  7. As the title states, my wife is starting to suspect I have an issue. Really have to clean out some accessories and clubs (more in next post) to keep my marriage together...or to make it look better until the next buying spree I go on, either way... ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING. 1. Titleist TSI3 8 * w/ GD Tour AD IZ-6 S. Head is an easy 9/10. Had it hotmelted front, neutral to 199g. Headcover included. Shaft still has the sale sticker on it. A few in scrape of bag wear (in pics) not sure how it happened, as I only hit a bucket of balls with this. 44 1/2" tip to grip. Z cord almost 100% Head only SOLD Shaft only SOLD 2. Taylormade M2 10.5 Hotmelted to 199g. Amazing condition, just have way to many drivers. No headcover. $165 3. Taylormade TP5X 2 Dozen. Bought these off here a few months back. Going to stick with Pro Vs. Didnt notice until now, but 'LP' is on each ball. SOLD 4. Iomic Sticky 2.3 White 6 Total SOLD 5. Iomic Sticky 2.3 Orange 8 Total (3 orange and black cap, 5 orange and blue cap. SOLD 6. Golf pride Z cord. 6 total. Pulled without me using. Great shape. SOLD Few sets of Bb&fs. Dont remember their names... 7. BB&F Cardinal red 4 stripe/black. 8 Total. With bag. $35 8. BB&F Brown/yellow/mustard/white. 10 Total. With bag. $40 9. BB&F Blue/black/red/yellow/white. 10 Total. With bag. SOLD 10. BB&F Teal/silver/black. One time pull from my guy at Golf Galaxy. 6 Total. Sold
  8. Ive been on a bit of a putter purchasing spree...mainly on here...anyhow. Got this off a local facebook listing with a pair of TM milled grind wedges that I really wanted. He won all the clubs at a golf bash (i have enough issues spending too much at gun bash's) and doesnt golf...didnt ask any follow up questions to be honest. He never rolled any putts with it and I took it from my trunk to the shed so the wife didnt see. Its been there for a few weeks. Headcover is pristine. Still has the plastic film on the bottom. Assuming its never been used, but will give it a 9.9/10. Lets say $295 shipped, OBRO.
  9. Always clean, clean 'vintage' clubs...is that applicable to an established age group of clubs? lol. 5 years > vintage 7> classic...etc? Still mad that I missed the Bergers you had a few months ago...
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