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  1. I guess loud is subjective, I didn't expect it to be quiet, but it is not so loud that it bothers me or anyone else in the house.
  2. The room has a vaulted ceiling, it slopes from 9 ft at the back to about 15ft. in the front by the screen. I have some padding on the wall under the TV, some "guests" have hit the wall before.
  3. At the risk of sounding like a ******, our house is pretty big. We bought it with the intention of having more kids, which didn't happen, so we have the available rooms.
  4. Just a note on this, there is a 2x4 attached to the bottom of the painters tarp for extra weight.
  5. The skytrack is pretty accurate for ball data, and nothing else. I would ignore any swing speed numbers (hence the swing radar). Generally it has worked fine, occasionally the skytrack fails to read a shot, sometimes you just have to turn it off and on and it is fine. This doesn't happen very often. I would probably have to update the computer if I get a course simulator, but for practice mode it works just fine.
  6. The PVC behind the screen holds up the painters tarp, it is pretty high so it hasn't taken a direct hit that has caused any damage. As i mentioned earlier, the PVC in the sides of the screen(right side) has taken direct hit and shattered. I would use wooden poles if i was starting over.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. He already hits about 130 with the driver.
  8. He is 8, has had a club in his hand since he was a baby. He has been taking lessons for about 2 years now. We have been working on keeping the hip from swaying. He loves hitting driver, this is him with a hybrid. Need him to focus on wedges a little more. 20201024_165426.mp4
  9. Its not a high$$$ TV, it is probably 10 years old, and yes it has taken a few indirect hits, luckily so far the picture is still perfect. It is high up and at an angle that would be tough to hit the screen.
  10. Driver is of course louder, but that is more of function of club hitting ball. Not much you can do about it besides sound proofing the room. Not really an issue, at least my wife hasn't made it one yet.
  11. This is the screen that I bought : https://www.ebay.com/itm/Golf-Simulator-Screen-96-x-108-SUPERTEX-REAL-BALLS-MOVIE-SCREEN-HD-IMAGE/154111199625?hash=item23e1be4989:g:gRMAAOSwD6xZssFC I built a wire frame that sits a few inches away from the wall (see pictures). I put PVC pipe into the sleeves of the screen then used some straps to secure it to the wire frame. It would be better to use wood instead of PVC if you can, I have had friends hit some shanks off of the pvc and shattered it. I also have a painters tarp hanging behind the screen for a little extra support.
  12. The projector is in a closet opposite the screen, I have it offset to the right so my body (as a righty) does not block the throw. Its not perfect, but it works fine. I bought a cheap older NEC projector that had horizontal lens shift. I was more concerned with the picture being square than having HD quality picture.
  13. From memory, so don't hold me to it. Skytrak - used $1,000 (I traded a set of my friend's pxg irons on here for the skytrak, and paid my friend $1k) thank you Chrilly Mat - $450? Projector - $100 Screen - $175 Couch - $300 Mini Fridge $150 Swing radar $100 Bag caddy - $100? TV - had it Computer - had it Misc (hardware for screen, picture frames etc) $150? That puts me at $2,525 out of pocket, but i already had the computer and TV
  14. This is in a bedroom upstairs in my house. This was originally my son's room (he is 8 now). I had the simulator in the basement but it didn't work well due to ceiling height issues. I moved my son into the room that is next to this one, he likes to play as well so he didn't mind. Info- - Skytrak -Swing Radar - Country club elite 5x5 mat - Impact screen from ebay (i have a painters tarp hanging behind it just for added weight upon impact) - Old laptop running windows 7 -$75 old projector from ebay - Ikea couch -mini fridge -old 60" t
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