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  1. For sale only. No trade offers please. Toulon Garage Rochester Putter in EXCELLENT condition! Right handed 33.50” in length. Custom ordered directly from Odyssey / Toulon. Only change is I swapped the original grip for a SuperStroke Flatso 1.0. This is an amazing putter but I found a face balanced putter works better for me. As you can see in the pics, this putter is in excellent condition with only light wear on the sole. No dings or nicks. Head cover was used at all times when not putting. Thanks for looking! $300 shipped CONUS
  2. ClicGear user and wouldn't consider carrying even the lightest of bags. If I'm walking then I'm either taking a caddy or using a push cart.
  3. Great contest! Thanks Morton Golf Sales and GolfWRX. I'd go with the following: PING Anser Milled Series - Anser 3 - RH 33.5" Red Dot lie angle Sound slot Tungsten weights to bring up total head weight to 360g PING cord grip Thanks again! Kevin
  4. Surprised to see they're fitting you into a SLDR that is 1.5* lower in loft than a D2. What kind of spin rate did you have on the D2 and SLDR? Most everyone I know, including myself, was fitted into a higher lofted SLDR. I got great numbers from the SLDR on the LM too but it didn't outperform my RBZ Stage 2 on the course....so I returned it.
  5. 5'9" and play my RBZ Stage 2 at stock length which I believe is 46". But I choke it down 3/4" of an inch or so and it works just fine. I'm afraid to cut it down because I'm hitting it so good.
  6. I'd like to do this but am submitting myself to pure torture by running the central FL Tough Mudder on November 3. Have fun fellas! Kevin
  7. Will, thanks for the great contest!!! I'd go with a Fuji Speeder Tour Spec VC 6.2 Stiff for my RBZ Stage 2. That's the one I fit into based on the Fujikura fitting app. Kevin
  8. Another vote for TEE CB-4. I have the 16.5* 4-wood and love it. Don't really give up much distance off the tee and it's much easier to hit off the deck than a standard 3 wood. Rock Bottom Golf was selling them as closeouts recently for $99 brand new. Great deal! Kevin
  9. Thanks J.W. and everyone else. Looks like I may have found a winner. Just need to test it on the course. Kevin
  10. I see Fred Ridley at Starbucks in south Tampa from time to time and have even chatted with him about golf. Great guy - very friendly. Never brought up the Augusta angle but maybe next time I will. "Hey Fred, how about I pick up this latte for you and you pay me back with a tee time at Augusta? Deal?" Kevin
  11. Thanks Froth. I didn't focus on the ball speed but that sounds about right given ball speed with the driver. I was in there right around closing time and was a bit rushed, so I need to head over there again this week and do some further testing. I'll add some 4 woods into the mix to see how they compare. Kevin
  12. Live an hour from the course and played the blue a few weeks ago. Conditions were excellent. Blue is pretty forgiving off the tee but has some tricked up / large undulated greens. We rode and had a fore caddy for the group. From what I saw it is a walkable course but there are some holes with some good distance between green and tee box and some elevation change that is not typical of the area. The range / short game practice area is awesome. The clubhouse is very modern and well appointed. Staff is extremely friendly including valet parking for your vehicle and range / parking lot shut
  13. I was messing around today with a few 3 woods on the launch monitor (Foresight) at a big box store. Tried the following clubs: Adams Tight Lies (non pro) 16* with stock stiff shaft Callaway X Hot Pro 15* with stock PX 6.0 RBZ Stage 2 Tour 14.5 with stock Matrix 70 stiff Adams Super LS 15* XTD with stock Kuro Kage 70 stiff Of the bunch I got the best results from the Adams Super LS. All were off the deck from the hitting mat - no tee. I was getting 225-230 yards of carry from the LS with 240-245 total (average of 10-12 shots). The others were slightly shorter overall, about 5-10 yards.
  14. I'm with Lobber on this one. My RBZ Stage 2 with stock shaft is straighter and longer than the SLDR with stock shaft and each of the other 2 shafts I have (YSQst and Kuro Kage). I just returned it to Golfsmith today and am thankful I bought it from a place with a playability guarantee. The clerk at the store didn't seem surprised so I'm guessing they've taken back more than mine.
  15. Mil-Spec. That's arguably the best OTR Newport / Anser style putter SC ever made. Given the refinish was done by the Custom Shop I'd take that one every time.
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