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  1. Coronado has a lighted range and open till 9:00 (or used to be, haven't been there in a while). It's on Miller Road, just north of Thomas. About 20 minutes from there is Ken MacDonald in Tempe and it ha a lighted range.
  2. Agree here and I'll just add the the LPGA Founders Cup is played at Wildfire and they play the Palmer front 9 and the Faldo back 9. So both courses are top notch.
  3. Well maybe I was hard on Pete. But, I've played Red Mountain, La Quinta and Karsten and didn't care for any of them. I've played PGA West Stadium and while I thought it was a hard course, I liked it. I'm playing Kiawah Ocean in February and hopefully I'll like that.
  4. I played Cave Creek today (not my favorite, but it's OK) and the greens person must have been mowing in the dark. There were a few greens where you can tell oil or gas was leaking from the mower and some others where the drive wheel tore up some greens. Overall the course in pretty good shape.
  5. I have agree with @puttnforthe8, $271 for Grayhawk Talon is a bit much. You could try Wildfire (Faldo and Palmer). They're getting about $100 less than Grayhawk and only about 15 minutes from there.
  6. Wow, bringing up a post from 7 years ago. I said most, not all. And Karsten sucked and I'm sure most on this thread that have played it would agree.
  7. Nice write-up but a question on Aguila. I have the senior card and the walking rate in the middle of snowbird season is $35.84 unless you play after 1:00PM like you do. My question is about the pace of play at that time. I typically play in the morning so pace of play isn't usually that bad. How is it at 1:00 and after?
  8. I tried that app. It would have turned a 4 hour round into a 6 hour round with the amount of time it took to enter the data. I thought the UI was terrible. Maybe I didn't give myself enough time to learn it, but the frustration was taking me off my game. And holding up others is never a good thing.
  9. I'm sure Phil wears the most expensive clothes. Although, I'm sure he's not pulling out the cash for it.
  10. You do have a point there, my bad. Thanks, but no need for a special post moving forward. I don't think I was disrespectful, but apologies if you took it that way. You probably are a f*&^%^n fun guy, maybe we'll tee it up sometime.
  11. My point... that sailed right over your head is that a lot of people (like winter visitors). don't know what course SD is. So your post would be much more helpful if you spent 5 more seconds and hit a few more keys on the keyboard. You sound like a fun guy.
  12. The problem is they're never in stock. At list the 3 1/4" ones. They've been out of stock for at least 6 months. I don't know how this place stays in business.
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