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  1. I just played this morning. Course is in the best shape I've seen it. Might be in the best shape of most courses in the valley.
  2. "Holding" the lag is going to kill your swing. Can't release the club too early.
  3. He's got to find a way to eliminate blow up holes. That triple on 18 put him out of contention. Not sure if it's mental or what, but he has to be a tour leader in bogey+ holes. For as many birdies as he makes, he gives way too many strokes back.
  4. Are you sure about this? It would be unheard of to swing a scoring iron with speed.
  5. I play a 4W (220-230), a 4H (210) and a 4I (195). I've never tried a UI and I'm not sure where it would fit in the bag.
  6. I wear a small in Peter Millar, would that be the same in H&B in your opinion?
  7. LOL. Nike polos are crap. Boxy with terrible collars. And they don't last.
  8. There's a long thread on this forum about "Golfer's elbow" that is a good read. It is a long lasting hard to get rid of problem. I've had it for the last 12 months but it is way better than it used to be. I purchased a new set of irons with graphite shafts and they've helped a lot. I'm not sure if a lighter shaft would help. I also do stretches and use a Thera-Band Flex bar. Do you have the tendonitis on the inside (golfer's elbow) or outside (tennis elbow) of the elbow? Exercises are different for each. Good luck.
  9. I don't tell anyone about my Sun Mountain bag unless they ask. I'm also not a vegan but I do workout (not crossfit). I also don't drive a Tesla or wear any Sun Mountain apparel. And most of all, I'm not the clown that wrote "You should have at least one club that matches your bag brand". Carry on...
  10. Is your cell phone on the other side of your belt so you balance out?
  11. I'll bet you're right, but I'm holding on to mine. I love them and can't see upgrading. Guess I'm losing my WRX man card.
  12. Sun Mountain doesn't make clubs.
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