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  1. The only thing that I received that was golf related was a new Mr. Meseeks driver headcover, which I absolutely love! I took my dad for a quick breakfast and then out to play 18 at a new course to us that is local to him and I actually almost shot my lowest round ever! I was +1 through 17 and then on 18 I hit a draw off the tee box that ended up in a river that runs parallel to the fairway on a dog leg left. I decided to be dumb and hit another off the box and did the same exact thing! :cry: Finished with a snowman on 18 and a +5 77 on the day overall, which was pretty great but not better than the 76 that I shot a week prior or the 77 I shot earlier in the week. Overall it was a great Father's day though and I suppose it'll be memorable for the "almost shot the best round ever" moment haha.
  2. I've never used this before but saw it on woot this morning for "90%" off and figured I'd share the word with everyone else. Anyone ever use one before? Any good? http://sport.woot.co...ef=gh_sp_6_d_ph
  3. This guy goes out of his way to post what COULD have been a great deal, never once mentioning any form of deceiving anyone or abuse. He even went ahead and clearly stated that he wouldn't be upset if the price was in error and they don't honor it and yet somehow people still jump on him. #KeepitClassy
  4. definitely a YMMV deal. Not sure how likely it is to find unlabeled golf balls at my local store but might be worth a shot. I find it more strange that the barcode wasn't scanning in their point of sale software though... Sounds like it could have a small chance for the rest of us.
  5. Lol wow! Either he sold you a bunch of fakes (probably not too likely) or he is just a wealthy idiot. Congrats on your deal!! I'm super jealous
  6. What'd you pay for it, did I miss that somewhere?
  7. [quote name='CAThompsonGolf' timestamp='1412993771' post='10268807']Not sure if anyone posted pics of these yet. Not sure what the speed pocket on the face does. I count 4 speed pockets total. 2 new models. RSi1 (GI) and RSi2 (players)[/quote] I actually like the looks of the RSi1 more.
  8. [quote name='blink3665' timestamp='1411761317' post='10190163']I can't ever find ANYTHING good at my thrift stores. Is the thrift store that your dad trolls located in Beverly Hills or something? Maybe Jupiter, FL? I'm gonna go see a movie this afternoon. I was gonna head to the local shop to kill time. Now I might end up at thrift stores...[/quote] LOL! You would think so with his luck but no, the scotty was found in a goodwill in Maine and the AP2's were in Georgia. He was working when I last spoke to him but I think he might trade them in for a new rangefinder
  9. my dad bought a 1995 scotty cameron laguna from a goodwill for $5 in excellent shape. He went back a couple weeks later and found it's headcover in a bin for $3
  10. [quote name='Noyes26' timestamp='1411745599' post='10188595']Don't want to rain on yours or his parade because thats an amazing deal. Just keep in mind that AP2's are probably the most counterfited set of irons out there. I also feel like every time I see a fake set of them they have Project X shafts in them. Now on the other hand, if real, an amazing deal for a great set of irons.[/quote] That was the first thing that I said to him BUT he actually already has a set of 712 AP2s so he is very familiar with them and rushed them home to compare them side by side to his set. He was comparing them to see which set was in better shape but I had him compare to make sure that they were real and not counterfeit.
  11. Titleist 712 AP2s 5-PW w/project x shafts for $18 at a local thrift store.
  12. So my dad was on his way to work yesterday and had time to kill so he stopped at one his local thrift stores. While browsing he stumbled upon a set of irons inside of a generic stand bag that had a price of $18 for the set so he figured he'd give them a look and to his surprise they were a set of 712 AP2's 5-PW with project x shafts. For $18. Seriously, wtf!? This is the same guy who bought a priceless scotty cameron for $5 at a goodwill. I can't believe his luck with thrift stores. Now he's not sure what to do with them since the shafts are probably a bit too much for him so I told him I'd see if I could find a good value for them. $18 was a good deal, right? Any suggestions what he should do with them now?
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