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  1. One item left- Taylormade SLDR 3W: • Manufacturer: TaylorMade • Model: SLDR • Gender & Dexterity: Men's Right Hand • Club Type: Fairway 3 Wood • Length: Standard (43.5") • Lie: Standard • Loft: 15 ° • Shaft: Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki a70x5ct • Flex: X • Grip: Decade Multi Compound Condition: Mint 9/10 Hit less then one dozen times (Please see photos) $195 obo
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pz3BxdNDT8Y Can someone check this out, lmk what you guys think
  3. Great. I'll give that a try. It's nice to hear some different drills. Btw, I'm a 3 handicap but its my iron ballstriking that I really feel like is holding me back from scoring low.
  4. Btw...videos arent uploading on my phone. My youtube channel, pgadsuds97 has swing vids
  5. I seem to have trouble with keeping my right foot down and I also feel like I overswing. There are many times when I feel like I lose distance b/c of this and it also makes it harder to strike the ball solidly. Anyway to solve this with some practice drills?
  6. Yesterday when i saw him at the Travelers he was doing this one practice swing on the course almost every time before he hit. Not sure if you guys saw the coverage and if they showed him doing it but he would keep his elbows really far away from the body...he was his some nice fades all day
  7. Agree with the last guy...Str8shot was a pleasure to do business with.
  8. Wonder the same as shank, how are the i25s turf interaction? nice bag btw!
  9. Just bought a set of vr ii pros off the bst. They have x100 8 iron shafts, which in wedges should be spinner shafts. I have hit them with s400s, not too much added weight compared to say s300s. I go 52-56-60 all with 10 bounce, I'm assuming standard sole? Kinda looks like a heel grind, not sure... Even with 10 bounce the 60 is easy to flop, 56 is good out of bunkers and the 52 is good for chips.. Overall, I would look at course conditions and/or swing type to find the best grind.
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