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  1. Considering the avg price on FleaBay is around 3k, this is fair. No different than the markup on limited clubs.
  2. Picked up a Carefree L last week to give unanchored broomstick putting a shot. During the clean up process I spilled some acetone in the alignment cavity and it put a white haze on the plastic. Despite my best efforts the insert had to be removed, and I took it as an opportunity to redesign the alignment aid based on another carefree (originally wanted to go with a 2-ball style but size constraints prohibited). I am fortunate to have a friend that graciously printed my designs for me over the past few days. Was a fun project and I've tried to document it below. All modeling done in
  3. Just epoxied the Practice Plus in a i200 7 iron head, will post pics once set and gripped. Golf Shafts America had them in stock last week, check with them.
  4. Cleaning out this years extras, all items ship insured signature required! 1. HEADCOVER STILL AVAILABLE $400 $SOLD - Scotty Cameron Circle T - Tour Rat 1 Masterful - 34.25” This putter was gamed but never abused. Excellent condition with new pistolini plus grip. $SOLD without (will ship with generic cover for protection). COA Included 2. HEAD SOLD SHAFT STILL AVAILABLE $250 Diamana ZF 70S - Plays 45” D2 Swingweight (Can hotmelt to your desired SW for $25) - This head and shaft came from Will Peoples in August of 2020. Picture of factory decal w
  5. That’s just the stock black Evnroll shaft that they place in their Blackout putters.
  6. Mine arrives today from their tour stock. Love the ER2 just needed the topline alignment.
  7. Instagram is your friend, search #taylormadesim2
  8. Was about to sell off my half set of HMB’s and decided to throw them in a Sunday bag and add some old favorites. Hit them with the BB&F treatment and here it is.
  9. P790 2017 4-A, KBS Tour 120 Stiff, Standard Length, Loft, 2up Lie, TV 58core, 2 wraps (THROWING IN THE MG2's below for asking price of 900)!!!!- 3 Rounds on these $900 MG2 54-11/60-08 Wedge Set, Z Grip Align, 2 wraps high, 3 low, All Standard $200 Fore Ewe D, Fw, Hy, Hy Set - Black/Dark Gray - $100 \
  10. I also think the ship times have a lot to do with the shaft and grip choice, rather than the clubhead supply chain. Iwas fortunate to need KBS Tours which will be the stock shaft on this club, I also just had them throw the stock grips in the box since I like to have my ALIGN Grips installed by the same person who does the rest of my clubs. Again, speculation on the delays, but this would make sense.
  11. In hand now from gripping and spec-check. All lofts and lies spot on from factory (know this seems trivial but you would be surprised). P770s are beautiful, as someone coming from the 790s this is a goldilocks club.
  12. Mine arrived this AM, ordered grips off so they are at my local club-builder now getting sorted. Ordered 8/15, shipped overnight 8/27. Kudos to Taylormade for the quick turnaround.
  13. http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/1512132-ping-g400-drivers/page__pid__15898786__st__240#entry15898786
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