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  1. Interested in one of the 60's but I have some questions . . .your inbox is full so I can't PM you.
  2. Good point my friend, I don't know how I forgot about the Fath's. Such a sweet 460cc titanium matrix driver. I hear Tiger has been trying to get these in his bag for years but Nike won't let him.
  3. Last year my bag looked like this, 983K, 735 CM's, vokey wedges, and a pro platinum cameron. Now I have a Burner TP, R7 TP irons, and a monza corza, still got the vokey's. I still think titleist makes fantastic drivers, fw woods, irons, wedges, putters, and obviously balls. But I found the taylormade drivers to give me slightly higher ball speeds, and its nice not to have to mess with bore thru's when reshafting. As for the iron switch, I found the R7 TP's to be MUCH more forgiving than my 735's. I tested just about everything out there and the TP's are definetly the most forgiving "p
  4. That's why I play a 13* 3 wood, it's easy to keep low when you have tee shot's into the wind but I have no problem elevating it when needed.
  5. I understand that moving the weight forward in the R7 brings the launch down, does it bring spin down or up?
  6. Gotta vote for the 735 CM's cause I play them, but the X Forged are definetly worth checking out, GREAT feel!
  7. Personally I like the SuperQuad the best, might want to check out the Burner too.
  8. Thanks for the review, I have had my heart set on a Superquad TP for quite some time now and this reconfirms my thoughts.
  9. I recently acquired a Marix Ozik Code 7 X Stiff. For those of you who have hit this shaft on a BLM, how is the backspin rate compared to a Fuji Speeder 757 or a Diamana BB 73? I normally play a 8.5* loft in my driver and launch it around 14* or so but everything I have read about this shaft screams very low spin, so I am thinking about putting it in a 9.5* head for a high launch/low spin combo. Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Duncan
  10. I've hit them all and I have to go with the Superquad, I have always loved the look and feel of TM Drivers and the Superquad is their best driver to date IMO. Can't wait until the TP is available on tmag!!!
  11. Adams Idea Pro 20* w/ Fuji 904 HB. Best hybrid shaft I have hit by a mile, nice and heavy at around 100g and great feel. Thinking about getting an 18* and a 23* as well.
  12. Not speaking from personal experience but everything I've read about the whiteboard boasts very low spin. Maybe try the 73 gram version.
  13. I'll take it, where do I send paypal to? Thanks, Duncan
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