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  1. Admiral Baker South Course in San Diego, hole #3, 169 yards, 6 iron. No curve whatsoever, flew right at the hole, landed and rolled towards the pin. I lost track of it and the guys said it looked like it went in but I didn't want to get excited until I saw it at the bottom of the cup. The HIO flag was the prize from the course. I'm still buzzing from the moment.
  2. I don't like the TFS and only use the remote which works great with no weaving back and forth.
  3. I already had the Rovic push cart and I supported the Alphard eWheels V2 Indiegogo fund raising campaign in February 2020. I pledged ~$500 to the campaign and was one of the first ones to receive the V2 in October 2020. The Rovic RV1S has a pivoting front wheel which works great with the V2 for turning ability. I walked 18 holes yesterday when the temperature got up to the mid-80s, the umbrella and attachable ClicGear golf cart seat allowed me to take breaks in the shade. It made walking less taxing and helped me maintain my energy for golf. The V2 now retails for $900. It has a remote control and a tether system that makes the cart follow you while walking. I only use the remote and control the speed so I can walk in the umbrella shade. It does have a feature to send it 15 or 30 yards ahead to the next tee box and it automatically stops when you get more than 45 yards away. Hope this helps.
  4. I love my Alphard Club Booster V2 that's paired up with a Rovic RV1S Golf Push Cart. Very happy with the combination and one of my best golf purchases.
  5. Until yesterday I would've said flushing a 3 wood from the fairway, but now it is the absolute thrill of finally getting my first ace after 28 years of playing golf. It was at Admiral Baker South Course #3, 169 yards with a 6-iron. I'm still floating....
  6. 81 (41-40) with a triple on the first hole. Fun but hot round at Miramar.
  7. I play with a guy fairly regularly that: -Always improves his lie, never fails. -Takes one mullie per side, which is ok but I hate the "Mullie birdie". -Launches into yelling tirades of "Sh!t, f!ck, etc...." when he's not playing well regardless of the people nearby. -Demands silence when he's teeing off, so it gets slow/confrontational at courses where the tee boxes are close to greens. -Will keep reminding me of my score when I'm playing well since he knows I like to focus on the shot and hole at hand, and worry about my score until after the round. Then he wants to compare our scores when he plays under a different set of rules. I've learned to tune him out and play my game and have fun. I won't get into another guy in the group who plays S L O W, acts like a child when not playing well, and have been know to helicopter clubs and launch the pin like a javelin (pre-COVID, he hasn't launched a pin lately).
  8. Shot an 84 (44-40), started with a triple on #1 then steadied the ship. Had a gimme birdie on a par 3 but did not putt well. First round with my new 7 wood and it was money, love it.
  9. Played one round in my pair and missed the lateral support during the swing.
  10. When I'm feeling froggy and it's the right kind of course, I'll take out my Ping i500s and play MP-18s, MP-33s, or Whitlam Blades. But that's happening less and less.
  11. Technically a purchase.....traded a ticket to the U.S. Open at Torrey to my buddy and he made these wedges for me in return. A little more bounce than my last set-up, with black KBS wedge shafts.
  12. Had a bunch of premium Nike and Mizuno gloves I got on clearance sales and when I went through those I switched to Kirklands and I'm very happy with its performance and price.
  13. Love my Prizm Golf Dark, wear them religiously since my eye doctor warned me of cataracts if I didn't.
  14. I'm running low from my last bulk purchase of MTB Black....need to start checking availability for reorder.
  15. QST is my backup to MTB Black.....
  16. Snell MTB Black in yellow. Best performer for me.
  17. Played my first round with it today and it did well!
  18. That putter is beautiful, and in my black/red colors too. Only if I didn't just buy a SC last week.....GLWS.
  19. Shot a 79 (40-39) at Sea N' Air at NASNI Coronado, CA. Closed with bogey, bogey, double bogey 2 birdies 8 of 13 fairways hit 8 of 18 greens hit 33 putts Oh what it could have been....I normally shoot in the mid to high 80s.
  20. I've always liked Louie Oosthuizen's swing......only if he could have a do-over on that drive on 17th.
  21. Found my unicorn on the BST forum, a SC Select Newport 2.6.
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