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  1. Hey all, not looking for any trades unless it's a tour issued Odyssey putter (nothing else). First to Paypal gets it. I will ship first thing tomorrow and send tracking as soon as I have it. Thanks for looking! 1.) Tour issued Odyssey Stroke Lab Ten SINGLE BEND putter. 35". Rare black swirl "x" insert but blacked out. You can see the swirl and the x when held at an angle in good light. Tried to take a pic of it. I can give you the backstory on who this was made for after purchase. Single bend neck (retail is double bend). Crimp on putter shaft. Putter is actually naked on top but the abbreviated site line is a vinyl sticker sightline addition so very easy to remove if you want a cleaner look. Firmer feel than any retail Stroke Lab 10 with great weight to it. Includes Odyssey Stroke Lab headcover. SOLD 2.) Odyssey Stroke Lab i #7 CH Japan model putter. 34". Putter has only been carpet rolled. Rear sightlines have been blacked out. Shaft still has Japan stickers on it and grip is still in plastic. Cool Odyssey pistol grip with a counter sunk weight in the end. Includes Odyssey headcover. SOLD 3. ) Odyssey Works 7 CH putter. 35". Very lightly used. Still looks new. Blue Odyssey pistol grip. Odyssey headcover. SOLD 4.) Tour issued Nike Method M004w PROTOTYPE Oven putter. 34.5". Really cool proto from the Oven. Retail version has 3 sightlines as opposed to this one with only one. Used but not abused. Iomic grip. No headcover. $180 OBO 5.) Shapland Sunday Bag. Brand new, only taken out of the plastic for pictures. I love this bag, I have the exact same one that I have been using for over a year and this was a backup but trying to make room in the office and clear out some stuff that is taking up room. Shapland makes the best bags in my opinion. Don't be fooled by this being labeled a Sunday bag. Easily holds 14 clubs plus just the right amount of pockets for everything you need. Double or single strap. Super comfortable and durable. Canvas is water repellent too. Retails for $300 plus shipping. Let's say SOLD 6.) Goat Hill Park Serape Towel. Brand new. 38" x 18" with slot in the middle. Serape blanket on one side, dancing GHP logo on the other side. Very thick and heavy duty. $40 pin 9/8
  2. Hey all, please message with me questions or if you need additional pics or closeups on anything. No trade interests at all. Always willing to hear reasonable offers. 1. Byron Morgan DH89 longneck. Definitely going to regret this one if it goes. 35” with a 358g head. Deep milling. Does show some signs of use as I gamed it quite a bit the past few months. White pearl KBS CT Tour putter shaft and a white Iomic grip. Includes magnetic Byron cover. $495 OBO 2. Tour issued Toulon San Diego long slant neck. 34.5” and unsure of the headweight. S20 weight plate in the sole. Black KBS CT Tour putter shaft with an awesome GripMaster Exotics ostrich leather grip. Generic Odyssey headcover included. SOLD 3. Tour issued Odyssey 7CH with the real OG white hot pro insert (not the “new” OG insert”). This is the same exact head that Xander uses. Upgraded heavier weights in the sole. I think it plays to about 360g with weights. 34.5” with a Stroke Lab shaft and SuperStroke grip. Generic headcover included unless I can find an Odyssey one. SOLD 4. TaylorMade MySpider X. 35.25”. Upgraded heavier weights in the rear. Black gloss KBS CT Tour shaft with Superstroke pistol grip. MySpider headcover included. Has seen about 2 outdoor rounds, that’s it. SOLD 5. Linksoul Kirkwall Down Vest. Brand new with tags. Size Medium. Deep lake color. Stock photo grabbed from the internet but I can take one later when I get home. SOLD 6. Linksoul Kirkwall Down Hooded Jacket. Brand new with tags. Size Medium. Mulch color. SOLD
  3. Happy Friday. I’m moving and don’t have the space for my Mevo+ anymore. Bought this back in November and used it over the winter. Absolutely love it. I also purchased the E6 Connect Expanded subscription for Windows (paid $600) which I can transfer to you for the remainder of the license. License expires 1/5/2022. Mevo+ is in excellent shape and works perfectly. Original box included. $OLD pin 4/16
  4. No trades please. Selling a beautiful tour issue Toulon Las Vegas. Rare crank hosel. No sightlines, totally murdered out. Includes a T40 weight plate. Plays to 35” long. Has a KBS CT Tour putter shaft installed with a very rare Odyssey GripMaster stitchback grip. Never used outside, only rolled indoors. Will include a generic used Odyssey cover. $OLD
  5. Looking to trade for some of the following. Happy to add cash on my end if I need to, depending on what it is: - Tour issued Odyssey/Toulon putters - Tour issued Spider X putters - Srixon iron heads only 4-PW - Callaway iron heads only 4-PW This is a 35” Scotty 5W. It’s been customized as the retail version has the black aluminum face and sole, the black finish has been removed. Looks way better than the retail version in my opinion. Also has blue cherry Bombs in the rear cavity instead of red. I’ll include a Scotty pistolero grip and stock headcover with it. $OLD (TRADED) unless we work out a trade.
  6. Only trades would be other unique Odyssey putters. First to send PayPal gets it. Offers always welcomed. Thanks! 1.) Odyssey 2-ball Ten Tour Lined putter. You’ve seen it, you know it’s the hottest Odyssey model right now. This one has the coveted WHP insert, the OG, not the fake new OG. I don’t know who did the work but it’s not perfect. I got this off my buddy who works for Callaway. Little bit of scuffing near the toe from the insert being switched out. Doesn’t bother me and sure doesn’t affect performance. This thing is absolute money. Point and shoot. Black shaft with a Superstroke Pistol GT Tour grip. Stock 2-ball Ten cover included. Original stroke lab can be installed instead of the black shaft if desired. $OLD 2.) Srixon z945 4-PW with Steel Fiber i110 CW graphite stiff shafts. Z-cord grips. Standard L/L/L. Amazing blades but heading in a different direction this year. $450 OBO 3.) Srixon z785 4-PW with KBS C-Taper Lite 115 x-stiff shafts. Iomic grips. Standard length and loft, 1 degree flat. Didn’t make the cut for this year. $OLD 4.) Graphite Design Tour AD XC-7 TX driver shaft with TM tip. 43.5”, Tour velvet grip. $OLD 5.) Shinnecock Driver Headcover. Knit with tassels. Brand new. $45 OBO pin 3/5
  7. No trades unless it’s another Byron, a tour issued Odyssey or raw Srixons. Thanks! 1.) Byron Morgan DH89 longneck. Absolute stunner. Plays to 35.5”. KBS CT Tour black shaft with a rare Byron skulls stitchback grip. Tuna stamp on face and California Flatsticks stamped in the cavity. Has never seen the outdoors. It will ship with a Byron headcover. $500 2.) Tour issued Odyssey 7CH. Same putter Xander uses but this has the regular Works insert. Plays to 35.5”. Sets up beautifully. Has a project X Catalyst wedge shaft installed which gives it a silky smooth feeling. Superstroke Pistol GT 1.0 grip. Odyssey headcover included. SOLD
  8. Normal wear maybe for a putter dragged behind a car
  9. I’d be interested in trading the Toulon for other high end or custom putters. Nothing off the rack please. I don’t want to break up the clothing lot so it’s priced to move in one shot. Will ship tomorrow ASAP. Thanks! 1.) Tour issue Toulon Garage Las Vegas with rare plumbers neck. Murdered out, naked and completely [email protected]@$$. This is brand new and has only been rolled indoors very sparingly. Tour serial on heel along with the 6 character tour ID stamped under the sole plate. Plays to 35.5”. Has a Project X Catalyst graphite wedge shaft in it. Super stable and great feel. Like new Superstroke Pistol GT 1.0 grip. I can put a steel shaft in if graphite’s not your thing. Has the S20 weight which brings total headweight to 364g. As mentioned above, would rather trade for another unique custom putter. If I had to sell, price will be $500 OBO. 2.) Clothing lot. Two pullover quarter zips and 7 polos. Range from moderately worn to only worn once. Sizes are a mix of M & L. Does come from a home with cats and dogs so if you’re allergic, please pass. Entire lot for $50.
  10. Not looking for any trades right now unless it’s a Byron Morgan or a Toulon Chicago. 1.) Tour issued Toulon Garage Las Vegas. Sight dot. All black. This thing is badass. S20 weight plate. Tour issue DFX Odyssey grip. Plays to 35”. Toulon garage leather headcover included. SOLD 2.) Tour issued Odyssey 7 O-Works red. Custom tour only slant neck. This neck adds some weight to the head, headweight is 370g. Black shaft, Superstroke pistol GT Tour grip. Plays to 35”. Stock Odyssey headcover. I have the original shaft which has the tour ID label if you want this too. $300 OBO 3.) Sugar Skull Golf mallet cover. Hawaii Release from this year. Brand new. $100 4.) TBC driver headcover by Seamus. Used for a couple of rounds. $50
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