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  1. Best thread ever. Found these in the garage. Almost forgot i had them. My all time favorite wedge. Not exactly sure why I stopped gaming them (newer must be better, right?). Patina juice for the win…
  2. $40 plus shipping. I gotta find a box for the single club, I'm down to my last one.
  3. I’m sure I’ll regret this but these deserve to be played. I took them for a couple spins this summer and as much as I love them, that’s about all their ever gonna get. I gamed these for a couple of seasons when I was playing a lot more golf. if you know, you know. If you don’t, Mizunos are legendary and these MP67’s are no exception. If you’ve thought of trying some blades, here is your chance at a good price. These are in pretty good shape. Pics tell the story. Let me know if you’d like to see more. Mizuno MP67 3 and 3 thru PW (I have no recollection of why I have two 3 irons but I do) S300 Grip are in decent shape, definitely some life left. Standard L/L/L SOLD
  4. Recoil 95 F4 - stiff thanks.
  5. Thanks great! I keep mine clipped to my bag with a small carabiner.
  6. Nice. Just put the 785s in the bag but I know I’m gonna struggle with that 4 iron!
  7. Would love to know how that works out if you do it!
  8. I keep my MP67s around because I LOVE bringing them out now and then every though they are not the right clubs for me forshooting lower scores. have fun. That’s what it’s all about.
  9. Fair enough. Appreciate you mentioning. I have not done anything to the putter (other than game it!). Edited my reply re original.
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