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  1. [url="http://www.odysseygolf.com/putters-2015-metal-x-milled-2/putters-2015-metal-x-milled-2,en_US,pd.html"]http://www.odysseygolf.com/putters-2015-metal-x-milled-2/putters-2015-metal-x-milled-2,en_US,pd.html[/url] Blade putter cover.
  2. After years of playing Blue Boards, I switched to the RIP Phenom. I absolutely love it. Problem is everytime I go to get my bag, my driver is now in my son's bag. He seems to love it more than me (and I cannot argue with his results!). I would love a Rogue 70S to put in my 913 head so I can have a driver in my bag too! And maybe, just maybe, bomb a few past the kid for another season or two. THANKS.
  3. SteelieD

    i 25

    The cfs's are pretty high launch shafts. May want to consider others.
  4. Anser 2 (why else would there be 10,000 copies?)
  5. I like a 34. I have a couple of 35's that grip down on. Same thing. I don't really buy into the whole swing weight thing with putters. Just do what feels best.
  6. [quote name='Baitkiller' timestamp='1424654354' post='11007235'] [quote name='MelloYello' timestamp='1424654009' post='11007179'] I have MP-T4 wedges: 52, 56 and 60. I love them. They combine a very soft, forged feel with precise lines yet relatively friendly sole grinds. I've played Cleveland CGs, Titleist Vokeys, Nike VRs and without question, I'm happiest with the combination of feel and ease of use that I get from the MP-T4s. I think most people who have played MP wedges find that they are probably the most under-rated wedges on the market. [/quote] ^^^^^^ what he said [/quo
  7. I don't use my 60 as much as I used to around the greens. I've gotten far more comfortable with the 56. However, I keep the 60 because it has less bounce and is good option off of hard pan lies or, more common in my area, a wet bunker with compacted sand.
  8. [quote name='MadGolfer76' timestamp='1424294356' post='10980233'] Given the inconsistency of flex definition, all I can say is "Who knows?" [/quote] Kinda what I thought. But... shaft bands say two. Regular irons and stiff everything else.
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