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  1. Thanks.. may have spoken a little soon about the woods.. superfast 1.0 looks like 1.5
  2. 1 paint pen, 1 rag, 3 dabs of methelated spirits on cloth
  3. Wanted to add a bit of life to my irons, read the internet ways to paint fill, ignored it and came up with this Only had a white paint pen and meth spirits, simple but effective
  4. Hey everyone, i have a stand bag made by ogio but has oddysey white hot all over it. Id post a pic but im sure u get the idea. My question is why didnt callaway make it? The ogio tags are well hidden inside saying 'ogio tour'. Has anybody seen or heard of similar? Is ogio another sub brand? Google has zero results. To me it seems odd, like titleist doing a rossa bag
  5. Bump, please guys, somebody has to have an idea bout these
  6. [quote name='Splitter' timestamp='1347694079' post='5642911'] Why not just dump the 60* and go 46 / 50 / 54 / 58? If I read it right you have the 50* and would just need to bend the 56 up or the 60 down. The gaps are nice and tight at about 12 yards, the 58 is usually plenty around the green and won't take long to acclimate. Good luck! [/quote] I guess im trying to keep the conventional 3 wedge setup, though i do have room for a 4th (who needs a 5 wood? ) 46/50/56 is the plan but bending the sw up creates same problem again
  7. Thanks for the input, not much of a club ho to sell new clubs for newer ones so im gonna have to adjust, maybe etch a g over the p on the 50 degree got a good deal on the clubs but never thought it would cause a dilemma
  8. Recently updated my wedges with different lofts than i had, my 50 deg pw is now a 46 and 54 sw is 56, the sw isnt a problem but ive created a 10 deg gap, so perhaps ditch miss 60 and carry both pw's? I stab at the ball alot just off the green and kinda rely on the 60's loft
  9. Never gave any love to my no name wedge set but recently got a cg16 sw and it had triggered my desire to give a due upgrade to the rest, so off to ebay i went for a look and picked up a new tm tour burner pw. I know alot of people rather other brands but are these really that bad? And at 30 bucks its a budget upgrade
  10. [quote name='horty1388' timestamp='1347217050' post='5612253'] Sorry, torching. When you heat up the wedge head with a butane torch it alters the color of the metal depending on how much you heat it. They come out really good looking if you do it right. Here is a link that explains it better NOT ALLOWED [/quote] Ahh thanks
  11. [quote name='horty1388' timestamp='1347181951' post='5610681'] I had a cg12 blackpearl and attempted to take the finish off to make it rust and now the grooves are deteriorating, spins the ball like crazy though. I did the coke bath and also used the toilet bowl cleaner. It took some of the finish off and began to rust a little but the club doesn't look that pretty. The best thing to do is probably flame it. I had a cg15 in black pearl and it came out really nice, I would go that route rather than trying to take the finish off. [/quote] Sorry can u explain 'flame it' little puzzled thanks
  12. Im in australia so not sure what customer service would be available, its not a major problem but i get confidence from nice looking clubs, id go the cover route but i get frustrated with them (falling into bag, wind blowing them away) my superfast is already a nightmare to cover After searching more alot of people are asking this but nobody has a solid answer so i apologise for the double up
  13. Yesterday lucky me got told "pick what you want" at the pro shop. Considering it was a good friend i wasnt abusing things. Settled on a cg16 sw in black, straight away bag chatter got to it making it look 3mths old after 3 holes (maybe not that dramatic) I see alot for oil finish but has anybody had experience taking the black completly off? Wouldnt mind custom paint fill after :)
  14. [quote name='baseballfrk8998' timestamp='1332392133' post='4554838'] [quote name='taylawayist' timestamp='1332391869' post='4554814'] Was this just to brag or something? [/quote] Really? Why did you even feel the need to post? He's clearly satisfied with his driver and the fitting experience and he was just sharing that. [/quote] Sorry but having a year old club and being suprised u have it is ridiculous
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