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  1. Best - Cleveland 588mb/cb combo set irons. Mb 6-PW. Worst - Cleveland 588 forged wedges. Too heavy.
  2. I have the new Cleveland 588s with projectX rifled shafts and I must say that I don't like them. I was using mizuno black ox and have returned to them. The reason is that the 588s are so darn heavy. Because of it I lost all my touch around the green and I've had problems hitting them fat and on the toe. I realize some of the problem is user error but I was very accurate hitting distance wedges with the mizunos and all over the place with the 588s. To make matters worse, the added weight on + hitting them fat gave me a severly jammed right wrist that I've been fighting for the past month. Very
  3. I use a spreadsheet and have a formula based on the USGA formula to compute the handicaps. I then take 90% of that. I do that to be fair to the low handicappers. This year I started a side game Fed Ex Cup. We play the main league events which is different every week (individual play mostly). Then on the side I run a handicapped point league to crown an overall champ. It's complicated but the guys really enjoy the extra action. I used to do proximities on the side but it was too much hassle and not everyone played. Now I take the cash for that right out of the league fees and everyone is in i
  4. How will that affect my true hcp and how accurate is satellite imageryThere's a website I use a lot called measurelinks.com . It's satellite imagery of nearly all golf courses and it allows you to place points to see how far the distance between the two really is. I use this when I'm going to go to a course I've never played before to get a feel for it and to see how far I hit my clubs during a round. Anyway, what I found out is that the scorecard for my home course is only 6400 yards from the very back of the tips and the scorecard reads 6621. I followed the contours of the hole and went righ
  5. 100 yards and in is key. That is to say whatever you hit your longest wedge and in is. For me, I hit my 52 115 yards with a full swing. When I get within that range it's all about scoring. It's not so much how many shots of this distance and in you have as much as it is how close to the hole you can put these shots. It's possible to get very proficient with distance wedge shots so that you can put it within 5-10' more often than not. This means more scoring and saves. You can hit a green with longer clubs naturally but most of the time you're faced with long putts and with that comes the occas
  6. I use 4" tees of the middle of my front foot or pinky toe when I really want to bust one. The bad news of doing this is it does promote sliding and is a band-aid for a hitch in your swing. But for me, if it's the long drive hole in league, out she comes!
  7. Rules allow for up to a 4 inch tee. I'm a tall guy so it doesn't bother me playing it that high but it freaks some guys out. For whatever reason I tend to hit it well this way but I know it's a bit of a band-aid for my swing. I started doing it after I read an article in Golf Digest about catching the ball on the upswing for more distance. If I'm not mistaken though, brush tees aren't allowed in competition. I like using those on the range though. Same height every time and rarely breaks. Hey Chief, I' can see how you would find this amusing but I get annoyed when the tee gets these strang
  8. strongest/bestAwhile back I bought a bag of tees from Target and they're terrible. They break easily and split in the strangest way. It's almost like they're made of balsa wood. Anyway, a friend mentioned ZEVO tees but I can't find them. I'm wondering what the best wood tee is out there. I like regular sized tees and also the 4 inch ones for when I really want to bomb it. Any thoughts on tee preferences?
  9. [quote name='MB GOLF' timestamp='1331574013' post='4490589'] Getting "better" can come in two forms: Improvement of current overall game (ball striking, chipping, putting) or [b]Minimizing mistakes (ie: pissing away strokes).[/b] Penalty Strokes are the #1 killer. 3 putting is the #2 killer. Not getting the ball on the green in 1 shot from within 100yds is #3 kiiller. So, let's reverse this process, answer YES or NO: Can you consistently make good contact with a wedge? Can you Chip? Can you Pitch? If you answered NO... well.... there is tennis. LOL, actually you need to spen
  10. [quote name='glauser' timestamp='1316055568' post='3565265'] I've broken 80 twice this year and shot 80 once so take this for what it's worth. AVOID BIG NUMBERS. It sounds like you're getting close. I take big numbers when I lose focus. I'll spray a tee shot, miss the green, then three putt for a double and I think my round is gone. A double bogey is not necessarily a round killer but it can definitely feel like one. Play the course smarter -- don't bring driver out when a long iron would set you up for a nice second into the green with a comfortable club. Don't take driver out when 3
  11. MG C4 Tour - Can't beat the price, practically a PRO-V1 for less than half the price. So good and affordable that Golf Digest didn't mention it in their latest mag. Must be afraid of the backlash they'd receive from the big companies.
  12. I think it depends. I have a driver swing speed of 105 to 110. I can't use a regular shaft flex very well because I tend to block or slice as it lags too far behind. I have the same problem with a 3W. I have to purposely slow my swing down in order to have a chance at hitting it straight. I can get away with it with my .22 hybrid which has a regular graphite shaft but I have the exact same club with a stiff shaft and hit it dead straight more often.
  13. I'm about to get new clubs for the first time. I've been playing Hogan Apex Edge Cavity Backs since I started in 2007 and they were used at that time. I'm currently a 5.4 hcp. Since I'm getting new gear, I want to be professionally fitted and get the right shafts and lofts for me. My question for those who have done this is, "how much did your hcp change by doing this, if at all, and/or how many strokes did it save you?" I'm sure it's worth doing but I don't want unrealistic expectations.
  14. I believe Tom Kite looked at the hole on shorter putts when he had the yips during the Open that he won. I've found it to be very effective with long lags. Sometimes on those type of putts I'll look at where the break point is instead of the hole and try to roll it over that - much like you would do in bowling. For most putts I reel it in and look an inch or two in front of the ball when striking. It gives me a better roll and better enables me to hit thru the ball as opposed to hitting at the ball.
  15. I hear you RSONN ~ It's like being in a chinese restaurant...I have no idea what I want to order as there are too many choices. All I know is I don't want to screw this up. I want to get properly fit so I'm thinking about going to golf galaxy. Hopefully they know what they're doing. No putter but that's perfectly fine. I really like using the Odyssey mallet putter that has the 2 white alignment discs on it. I was using a never compromise blade before which was useful for hitting left handed chip or rescue shots around the green because of that shelf on the back of it. The odyssey works so
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