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  1. @Peoples Golf Will you guys have the MMT 125S in stock soon?
  2. If you’re under 40, check out Tatum Ranch and Moon Valley CC. Both in the 6k/year range. I’m a member at Moon Valley and live on the course. The dues are all-inclusive. Carts/bag storage/locker rooms/shoe service/etc. Membership is very close to full but should still be a few openings. Good practice area. Par 3 course and 7300 yard course that hosts waste management qualifiers and Outlaw Tour events. It’s nothing fancy, but it is a great value and a fun course. Management has been spending consistently to maintain and renovate the last few years.
  3. A lot of people will tell you the PXG hybrids are some of the best made by any company. Super neutral flight. Forgiving. Incredible ball speed retention on mishits. You can set them up to fly high or go low with the weight up front and a low launch/low spin shaft. Super versatile clubs and I tried them all before finding PXG.
  4. Appreciate the heads up on that. The fairways are down to $145. Got a 13* and 21* incoming to test new gapping with that set up. These bow out prices from PXG are crazy for how good these fairways and hybrids are.
  5. Gen 2 Hereos pricing is now down to $125/club, putters down in price again, Fairways and hybrids down to under $200 each. I think PXG is getting ready to drop a full line up of something. My guess: Gen 3 will go heroes pricing at $199/club, Gen 2 will stay on close out at $125/club until sold out. Gen 4 will be $349/club, Drivers $400, Fairways $300, Hybrids $275 I just sold my Gen 3 set, picked up a set of Gen 2 for $840 brand new and will wait to see what happens in April.
  6. Its all the same. The old 3-PW is now 4-Gap (maybe 5-P, plus two wedges depending). Who cares what the bottom of the club says if it goes the yardage you're playing it to. My old 681T 2 iron vs Modern 4 iron go the same distance. One is dramatically easier to hit consistently though.
  7. They have some chatter and some use marks on soles, but it’s not big dings and dents. No one will be disappointed in these.
  8. I’ll leave a couple fresh sleeves of professionals and balatas in the bag for you if you take it all
  9. If nobody takes these, I might just add that to the collection too!
  10. I’ve still got another whole set up with 681T and steel shafted 7.5 975D and 15* 970. They will never leave. This is the gamer set I’ve kept as back up! Love these clubs.
  11. PXG Gen 3 0311P/T 4-PW 4,5 are 0311P 6-W are 0311T (All lofts are T lofts throughout) standard length, lie, lofts D2/D3 swingweight Project X LZ 6.5 125 gram with Prosoft shaft inserts Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord grips clubs have ~ 10 rounds on them. No range time. Outstanding used condition. Couple toe balls on 9 iron, couple brush marks on sole of pw. No chatter. Grips are new. Replaced the crap PXG grips since they don’t offer tour velvet cords. SOLD Gen 2 0311X driving iron - 2 iron - 17* loft Ten
  12. Titleist 681 2-PW - SOLD s300 shafts. All original except grips. very good condition for their age. No browning. Sharp grooves. Bag chatter but solid 7+/10 condition. Titleist 975J 6.5* with Speeder 757X - $125 plays 44.5” and D3.5 swing weight (supposedly, feels accurate) great condition. Comes with headcover. Rare combo of shaft and loft. Titleist 970 Fairway 13* - $150 Solid condition. Top line is clean. S300 steel shaft tipped 2”. Plays 43” D4 swing weight supposedly. Haven’t checked but feels accurate. Titleist 970 Fairway 20* - $150
  13. Lol. This sounds like me last Sunday. Couple pga and champions tour guys were playing a practice round at my club for the outlaw tour match play championship. I played a full round with Alex Cjeka. I shanked it off the first tee, shanked a hybrid from short of the lady tees, stubbed a 7 iron back in play, stuck a 54 wedge to 6 feet and made a decent recovery with a bogey. All calm after that s*** show and buckled down to drop bombs on the old guys. unfortunately, they hit the ball right there with me all day. I got them by a max of 10 yards a couple times. They cr
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