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  1. Gen 4 0311P or wait for the Gen 5….or buy the Gen 3 for cheap now. No point in the 0211 except being a nice set of sticks for the price. If you can afford Epic Forged, sell them for the PXG set of your choice. Pretty even swap I’d imagine.
  2. Playing a Gen 4 X at 9* flat position with Ventus Blue 6x at 45” Debating ordering a 7.5* X with Motore f3 6x at 46” just to see how it flies. Great shaft for $100 upcharge.
  3. Had a set match gap wedge in the P model with my gen 2 set. Very short lived experiment. Go T or sugar daddy for a gap wedge. Too chunky in the P to hit finesse shots IMO.
  4. Great clubs. Had the 680 when they were new and I was in college. Loved kicking out perfect divots with those irons. 680 had a slightly softer feel than the 681T irons I keep in rotation now.
  5. Higgs is good for the game. Would love to see him get the W.
  6. Played these courses many times and was a member at La Quinta Country Club when I lived there. Birdie fest or not, these courses can all play extremely tough if the wind blows and you’re slightly “off” from the tee. The bounces/moguls present some very interesting shots/stances. These guys do make it look easy though!
  7. AdExec

    0311T Gen2

    Pay the difference and get Gen 3 instead. Down to $129/club on the website. Noticeable jump in ball speed and feel. Gen 2 is still solid. Firmest feel of the PXG generations. The T models has less goo inside than the other models, so they feel even firmer. All PXG feel good, but the Gen 3/4 are legit upgrades.
  8. Can anyone post a 7” bag loaded with a full set. Ordering my first Mackenzie and can’t decide on which size is best. My course has a par 3 that I’ll use this bag for often so hoping smaller size will still work if I go out with full set as well. Thanks!
  9. Sick sticks. Love that 503I and super rare. I’ll see your Titleist goodies….and raise you mine 975D 7.5 with Fuji Pro 95 970 13, 20 with x100 681T 2-PW Vokey 200 Series 56, 60 Kingston GOAT GSS putter
  10. The 2000-2005 Titleist era products are hard to beat even today. 680, 681, 970 fairways, 975D/J, 905R, 983E vokey 200 series wedges - oil can and raw both plentiful TeI3 and studio design era Scottie’s
  11. semi-private or not, that’s a great value and Im sure you will enjoy it. I’ve had this version of membership at TPC Scottsdale and the tee time situation is what forced me into a full private club. If it had been in your cost range I would still have that membership too. I ended up getting a jr membership to fully private club in 2019 and there is no comparison, but obviously prices are different. I pay around $7500 all in (carts included). It’s worth it to me. We found an awesome home right off the first tee box and we have a full practice area that’s basically in my back yard. We have our first kid on the way this year so hoping for many years of memories.
  12. I’ve played Gen 2,3,4. Gen 4 0311P mid and long irons are like cheating. I do wish they had a bit more spin in the shorter irons but they still land soft, just can’t be as aggressive taking on certain flags. I actually think the soles play very well. The short irons kick out a nice divot and the mid/long irons brush through the turf nicely. Gen 3/4 were noticeably better through the turf than the Gen 2 irons were for me. The one club I can feel a little sole issue is the PW. Just a little chunky going from the set matching PW into my gap, sand, lob.
  13. I’ve played the 115fc in all my PXG sets so far. Currently in the Gen 4 0311P with these shafts and D4 swing weight. Was told they had to use heavier head weights than normal with these shafts to hit the target weighting I wanted. They fly lower in the short irons and higher in the mid/long irons than the standard 110CW. I think the tip is a little softer as you go longer in the clubs. I get nice accuracy and like the flight I get out of them. Seems to be a good match to the PXG T and P models I’ve played.
  14. Titleist 681T (680 also at the top)
  15. AdExec

    PXG Fairways

    Lower launch, lower spin on the PXG fairways with stock set up of heavy weights forward. I love my Gen 2 and my Gen 4 fairway. Can’t draw much of a comparison other than that. PXG should have deeper faces by quite a bit also.
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