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  1. Gen 2 fairways and hybrids are some of the best ever. Hoping my new gen 4s will play as well for me, but the Gen 2 are close by in case they need to go back in the bag.
  2. The bag is finally set 0811X with ventus blue 6x 0341x with ventus blue 7x 0317x with ventus blue 9x 0311P - 4-P Sugar daddy wedges - 50, 54, 60 Blackjack putter 2020 Limited Edition Darkness Bag
  3. Digging the full set up and hitting them really well. Time for the Gen 4 woods/hybrids to fly this week!
  4. I’m local but just ordered Gen 4 driver fairway and hybrid on Thursday. They were ready to pick up this morning. 3 days total. Really impressive considering I ordered custom swing weights, shafts, grips.
  5. Returning my Gen 4 order from last week, already placed new order. Swapping from the XT to the X driver. Swapping from 7 wood to 19 hybrid. The price drop got me a "free" ventus 7x for the fairway wood.
  6. I have a nice vintage collection of Titleist: Mid 80s Tour model persimmon woods, Tour model blades, 970 fairway with steel shafts or Fuji pro95, 975J 6.5* with speeder 757, 975F with Fuji Pro 95, 6 or so 200 series vokey wedges, 681T blades, The 97-2002 era of Titleist was incredible. 5 dozen balatas, 6 dozen professionals, and a few random dozens from the 70s and 80s to rounds it out
  7. Just booked my fitting for Saturday at Scottsdale HQ. Love my new Gen 4 irons and milled wedges. looking to replace the proto, Gen 2 fairway, and hybrid. might go 3 wood, 7 wood this time around because it’s unlikely they can make a better 19* hybrid than my Gen 2.
  8. 2 rounds in with my Gen 4 0311P. Love them. Ive played everything and have several sets, but this is my main set up. 4-P, 50,54,60 sugar daddy’s with steelfiber 115 throughout. They just work. The definition of point and shoot.
  9. Now I’m debating selling some mint baby blades to grab these
  10. Just picked up Gen 4 0311P and 50,54,60 sugar daddy’s Steelfiber 115fc shafts Haven’t hit the Gen 4 yet but I’ve enjoyed multiple sets of Gen 2 and 3 in various combos.
  11. I have an 18* ZX utility on the way with Ventus Black 9TX. I have the Ventus Blue 9x in my Sim 3H and love it. Hoping this combo will find similar magic as an alternate.
  12. Miura is more than just the feel. I think the grinds of the clubs and the weighting is one of their biggest positives. I do agree that on feel alone, they have significant competition but they do feel unique in their own way that others cant copy. I have the tour wedges and a 008 putter and the center of every club feels basically identical. (baby blades are the irons).
  13. Navy/White Linksmaster members bag with matching Fore Ewe custom headcovers finally arrived.
  14. Most of my favorites have been blind buys actually. Titleist 681T, Miura baby blades and tour wedges, P7TW, and most recently ZX7.
  15. No recoils period. They wont even custom order shafts anymore like they used to. I tried to have a set built with recoil 125 protos or MMT 125 and both requests were a no.
  16. Talking Stick is probably the best option for your location. They also have a player development program for around $50/month that gives you 2 bags of balls daily I think plus discounts on playing.
  17. 5.6 handicap and shot 78. Took out the baby blades and hit the ball really well all day. They help as much as they hurt. I play whatever I like. Who cares if I’m not “good enough”.
  18. Only bought one driver and one set of wedges! The proto x with Ventus blue is in the bag for the long haul.
  19. I just posted a like new set with tour velvet cords and D4 swing weight if anybody wants them. I’m sticking with my Gen 2 T set but these are unreal for the price.
  20. Bought two full sets and missed my return window by 2 days so someone on WRX will likely be very happy SOLD shipped 2021 0211 4-Gap Tour Elevate Stiff Flex Like New - used 3 times - Will ship it original PXG box Standard length, loft, lie D4 Swingweight (custom ordered) Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord Grips $200 shipped each Both 3 wood and 7 wood have a high center sandy ball mark on the face, not the top line, just high center. See pics. These are in great shape and nearly new. Also played 3 rounds. Gen 2 - 13* Strong 3 wood - Custom ordered at 43” and D4 swing weight - Diamana S+ 70X - Tour Velvet Cord Grip Gen 2 - 21* 7 wood - Standard length, D4 swing weight, Diamana S+ 70x - Tour Velvet Cord Grip SOLD - Excellent condition. Practically new. Gen 2 - 17* hybrid - Standard length, D4 swing weight - Tensei Pro Blue 80X - Tour Velvet Cord Grip
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