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  1. Oldies but goodies. If any specs are needed, just ask. Will consider offers as well. Prices include shipping. Thanks! 1. Nike Vapor Pro Fly Driver. In excellent shape. Still has original stickers and Grip on shaft. Shaft is Diamana S+ 60 blue stiff. Looks like it was hardly used at all. Bought for collection and nostalgia sake, but letting go. Great for a collection if you were a Nike guy. Comes with original headcover. Asking $350 2 Nike Vapor Flex 440. Seen minor use with some marking on the face. Top line and crown clean. Great shape for its age. Shaft is Diamana Blue X flex. New Winn grip. Comes with original headcover. $300 3. Nike Vapor Fly 13* Fairway. Same story as the 440. Very Clean crown and clean top line. Gave shows minor use and sole as well. Small nick on toe that is shown on pics. Shaft is Tensei CK Blue 65 Stiff. $250 4-7. NWOT The Fliers Club Hats. Navy is a cotton hat, the rest are a lightweight performance fabric. Navy and blue non-rope are velcro; other two are snapback. None have been worn. American Needle. Looking for $20 a piece or all 4 for $70. ROPE HATS SOLD 8. Seven GP MC+4 grips. They were clean pulls, and have some wear but lot of tack and life left. $40
  2. Just a few items either moving on from, or COVID hit this waistline and need to move. Will consider discounting if multiple items taken. Please PM with any questions or if you need more info. Will ship either USPS or UPS depending on cost. Thanks! 1. Taylormade M4 8.5* head. In very good shape and well taken care of. Will come with headcover shown that was never used and basically new. $150 2. Taylormade Kia Ma Fontana. Plays to 34.5". New Rossa grip. No headcover unfortunately. Pretty good shape for its age. Small ding in the face insert that was capture in pics but shouldn't affect play. $100 3. NWT Bonobos Straight Fit Navy/White plaid. Size 34/34. Model with the zippers bottoms. $30 4. Bonobos Slim Fit. Kind of a teal color I think. Dark blue/green. Size 34/32. $23 5. Bonobos Straight Fit. Grey with navy houndstooth. Size 34/32. $23 6. NWT Bonobos Slim Fit Chinos. 33/32. Lavender color $30 7. Bonobos Slim Fit Chinos. 33/32. Lavender color, Same as above but no tags. Were worn once. $23 8. Bonobos Slim Fit Chinos. 33/32. Light blueish color. Were worn once. $23
  3. Found that if you put a container (18oz Yeti tumbler for me) in the drink pocket for a few days when the bag is not in use, it tends to stretch / work in the drink pocket a lot easier. Did this over the last couple weeks when the bag was sitting idle upstairs, and found it was a lot more pliable when I went out last week to play. Not a huge difference, but noticeable.
  4. New in Bag Sealed Titleist Scotty Cameron Limited Release H-19 Black. 1/1000 pieces worldwide. As mentioned, still sealed in bag and never opened. Great piece for a collection. Not looking for any trades and pretty firm on price - $1600 shipped. Stock pictures included since it is sealed. Please send any questions. Happy New Year!
  5. Echo this - grabbed one in the 12 Days pf Xmas and really impressed with the quality and detail. Appreciate how simple and clean it is. Having read /viewed the posts and pictures above, I looked over this one to see if there were any deficiencies of which there weren't.
  6. Nope, but I've been extremely careful with it. Have a small SUV and lay it long ways with one of the seats down so it doesn't really have a chance to hit anything. Also haven't and won't use it on a cart to avoid the strap rubbing it. Purely a walking bag and make it a point to be careful. Have had it in the rain once and no issue either. As others have said, my only complaint is the water bottle pocket being way too tight.
  7. I have had the Canvas model since end of July, and am very pleased with it. Very high quality canvas but tough/durable if that makes sense. Definitely going to be my walking bag for the foreseeable future. As for what headcovers match, I find just about any color and material goes with it. It's a neutral color to begin with, so I have found anyting that clashes with it. The black trim doesn't pop out when you look at it, so that's never been a worry. I had the Camel and Slate on order, and canceled the latter after I received this one.
  8. Way to go!!! Love stories like this, especially because I think it's a small dream for many of us on WRX. We follow all the stories of those trying to make it pro on the big show, and this is no different other than the end goal and path. So cool and best of luck!
  9. Happy Holidays to All! Please PM with any questions. Prices include shipping. Thanks! 1. Scotty Cameron Studio Style Newport 1.5. Paintfill has been removed. 35" length. Club is either hit or miss - some parts are in great shape and other parts are dinged. I bought this as is while ago with intentions to refinish but lost cause. Nice Scotty grip but not the original one to the production. Worst case can be gamed as is. Took pics of every angle as to show condition. Headcover has seen much better days but will include. I do not have the original divot tool for this. $285 2. Scotty Cameron Baby T grip. Used but still has life left. I think a good fine grip sand paper, warm water, and soap will bring her back. $55 3. Scotty Cameron Danny Edwards Royal Grip NOS. Was installed once but never used. I put it on, took a grip, and decided elsewise. So while it is not absolutely brand new, it is almost as new as it gets. There is very little tape residue inside, but no tape itself. So it has been cleaned pretty well. $80
  10. Tried to get all the details in but just PM if you have any questions. First to pay gets the item. Not looking for any trades. Thanks for looking. 1. Lamkin Utx Cord Standard. 60 Reminder. They call it red but more like a red/gray. Eleven in total and brand new as you can see. Looking for $75 SOLD shipped. 2. Lamkin Utx 58(Round) Cord. Red with Callaway Chevron logo on them. Eleven in total and brand new as well. No reminder on these. $75 SOLD shipped. 3-9. Project X LZ 6.5 wedge shafts. Some were used and some were just pulls that saw in a bag. Vary in length. All tips prepped and cleaned and no tape as you can see - ready to go. Labeled the shafts 3-9 so as to identify. Will work on pricing if you want multiples. $30 shipped.
  11. Tried to get all the details in but just PM if you have any questions. First to pay gets the item. Not looking for any trades. Thanks for looking. 1. Scotty Cameron Classic Napa. Original shaft and pebble grip. Plays at 35". Bought as is with intent to send out for refinishing, but it's in a long line of things to do right now so will (regrettably) letting it go. Looks like it was gun-blued or some kind of graphite finish. No headcover. $600 2. New Masters Edition Super Stroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip. Never installed and kept in container. $65 3. Speeder 661 Evo Tour Spec shaft. New Lamkin Utx .58 Grip. No extension or tipping. Plays 43" without grip installed. $50 4. KBS CT Tour Rainbow PVD Putter Shaft. Tip diameter is .370" Was cut to just over 37.5" but never installed. $25 SOLD 5. Lamkin Midsize Utx Cord Gray grips. 58R. There are 8 of them and they have been pulled. Insides cleaned out and are very close to new in terms of use. $50 SOLD 6. Lamkin Midsize Crossline Full Cord Navy grips. 58R. There are 8 of them and they have been pulled. Insides cleaned out. Like the Utx, they seem to be in very good shape with a lot of life left. $50 SOLD
  12. All new and never seen the course. Some are obviously still sealed. Will ship USPS. Please send our post any questions. Thanks! 1. SWAG Golf Halloween Werewolf Blade. Sealed in bag and come with sticker. $150 SOLD 2. SWAG Golf Silver Bullet Concentric Skulls Mallet Cover. Sealed in bag. $150 3. Sugar Skull Golf Whistling Straits 2021 Ryder Cup Mallet. New and kept in bag. $100 SOLD 4. Patrick Gibbons / AF Run DMC 2020 US Open Blade. $75
  13. Both items are new and never used. First to pay gets the item. Will ship putter UPS and cover USPS. Any questions just ask! 1. New in plastic Scotty Cameron Triple Black 9.5 putter. 34". Plastic still on grip and tape on bottom. Will send in original Scotty plastic bag. Never used. Will come with original headcover as well. Looking for $1350 $1200 shipped. 2. Myopia Hunt Club mallet leather putter from Winston Collection. Never been used. $125 shipped.
  14. Took a gamble and bought a FedEx sealed one on the bay. Normally I'd be estatic but I was hoping for the original one (sucker for navy blue and was going to game it). Anyway, looking to move this one as it will be sitting in a box somewhere and not used. Having seen one of these out there yet. Asking $700 OBO. SOLD
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