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  1. Both items are new and never used. First to pay gets the item. Will ship putter UPS and cover USPS. Any questions just ask! 1. New in plastic Scotty Cameron Triple Black 9.5 putter. 34". Plastic still on grip and tape on bottom. Will send in original Scotty plastic bag. Never used. Will come with original headcover as well. Looking for $1350 shipped. 2. Myopia Hunt Club mallet leather putter from Winston Collection. Never been used. $125 shipped.
  2. Took a gamble and bought a FedEx sealed one on the bay. Normally I'd be estatic but I was hoping for the original one (sucker for navy blue and was going to game it). Anyway, looking to move this one as it will be sitting in a box somewhere and not used. Having seen one of these out there yet. Asking $700 OBO. SOLD
  3. Where did everyone order from? Still waiting on mine
  4. I have the camel / brown canvas bag. Seems to be the same weight was the pleather. Canvas is very strong and thick - I think sturdy would be a good word. Not soft by any means and don't see durability being a problem at all. I did get caught in a light but steady rain for 6 holes with it, and not a drop penetrated. Water just ran off. Outside of the common complaint of the water bottle pocket, my favorite bag I've ever owned.
  5. Just recently started experimenting with this. Removed the DI from my bag, bent my 3 iron and 4 iron one degree stronger each, and went 46-52-58-64. Been keeping track each round to see how many times I'd use the DI if I had it vs how many times I'd use my 64. So far the 64 is winning out, especially in tournment conditions (firm and fast). I use my 58* for almost all my shots around the green, but have found the 64* to come in handy for a few shots where I'd be helpless with even an open-face 58*. I am a fairly aggressive player into the greens, and I think I am going to find that the 64* will be used more often than my DI. Been very pleased with the 64 so far but will continue to keep tracking the use and how (consistently) successful it operates. I will say it does take a fair bit of both practice and confidence to learn it, which I was not ready for but have enjoyed learning.
  6. Just one item today and will ship USPS. Wedding Crashers Special Headcover. Holy Shirts and Pants with the inside crab pattern. Looking for $175 shipped OBO. Never been used and sitting in the box it came in. Thanks!
  7. Starting to dabble in this myself. Is the Testors you guys use the acrylic or enamel? Any benefits or cons to either? Thanks in advance!
  8. - Have you hit a Ventus shaft yet? What model? Yes. I've hit the Blue 6X in a driver but needed it a little stiffer for the window I was looking for. - What Ventus TX shaft do you want to win? Blue 6TX - What club in your bag would a Ventus TX go in? Driver - SIM2
  9. Any thoughts on turning the Mini down a degree or two and seeing how that plays out? Any idea on the RPM off the tee at 11.5? Almost sounds like bagging a low spinning 975D when it comes to size and profile. I'm in the Sim2 now. Sounds like the only you are sacrificing it the forgiveness factor on severe mishits...
  10. Everything is new as in never been used - just display pieces. Just ask if more pics or info is needed. Will ship USPS unless significantly cheaper with UPS. Open to offers, especially on multiple items. Not looking for any trades. First to pay gets the prize. Thanks for looking! 1. Swag Golf Kool-Aid Blade Cover $135 SOLD 2. Patrick Gibbons Black Beast of Argh Blade Headcover $125 3. Patrick Gibbons Black Cat 4th Of July Blade Headcover 1 of 75 made - $110 4. Patrick Gibbons 2020 Run DMC US Open Blade Headcover 1 of 100 - $150 5. Sugar Skull Golf SSG 2020 US Open Graffiti Blade Headcover 1 of 100 - $150 6. Sugar Skull Golf SSG 2019 US Open Graffiti Pebble Beach Headcover - $150 7. Sugar Skull Golf SSG Dia de los Muertos Blade Headcover - $110 8. Sugar Skull Golf SSG 4th of July Blade Headcover - $110 9. Sugar Skull Golf SSG Masters 2020 Green Jackets and Azaleas Mallet Headcover - $200
  11. Just ask if more pics or info is needed. Will ship USPS unless significantly cheaper with FedEx or UPS. Firm on prices as I think they are very reasonable and will just save them for gifts if they don't move. Not looking for any trades. First to pay gets the prize. Thanks for looking! 1. Ventus Blue Velocore 6x with TM adapter. Tipped 1". Direct from Taylormade but never used. New Lamkin Utx Cord grip. Length is 44.25 to grip end cap. $230 shipped. SOLD 2. NIP Masters 2020 License Plate style sign. One sided. $40 shipped 3. NWT American Needle Masters Performance Green Hat. Adjustable back. $40 shipped
  12. Ridiculous - never seen these shots before. Wish I had the funds...GLWS!
  13. I ended up going with a Sim2 10.5 turned down to 8.5 playing at 45.25". Have a PX Hzrdus Smoke Blue RDX 60TX tipped 1/2" in it and added 5g of hotmelt. The adapter adjustment knocked some spin off and keeps the left out of play. In neutral, it looked slightly closed to my eye, so turning it down 2* actually makes it look just a hair open. Haven't tried to turn one over with it, but not a shot I ever really had on command in bag with any driver. Basically aim down the left side all day and can go after it without any fear of any fear of it going left. Between that and the forgiveness factor, I don't find myself guiding anything. Never had the original SIM to compare distance to, but this thing flies long and gets the roll. I do have the TSI3 9* turned down with the same shaft. I think it might be a tad longer but don't feel as confident with it. I imagine I migh fool around with it and make sure I'm not leaving a significant amount of yards on the table. But for me, the feel of the SIM2 is more solid especially on mishits. I know TXG just did their Build a Beast between these two, and the results were extremely close.
  14. What's the exact name of this shaft? Can't find it anywhere... It's awesome!
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