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  1. ***UPDATED*** ONLY 910D Project X 7C3 stiff shaft and Nike VRS 3wood left! 1. 910D2 10.5* Driver. $old 2. Nike VRS 3Wood Fubuki Stiff. $100 $80shipped with head cover 3. Nike Method 003 Putter 33". Bought from a member here. Experiment fail. $old 4. Cleveland 588 Wedges 52* & 56*. Looking to sell as a set. $old 5. Nike Performance stand bag. No rips and all zippers works fine. $old 6. Project X 7C3 stiff shaft $70shipped with authentic 910 tip. 2. Nike VRS 3Wood Fubuki Stiff
  2. [quote name='LSamAdams08' timestamp='1339828024' post='5105988'] Hybrid still available? [/quote] Shaft and hybrid still available
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