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  1. So an update, I am supposed to close on a property in Cordillera on Wednesday (and yes, I have already paid for the golf membership).... Lakeside was very reasonable, can't remember how much, but I think 35k at most to join and maybe 600/mo? I remember thinking I could join lakecliff (i think that is the course a couple of miles down the road) as well and pay considerably less in initial fee and probably around the same in monthly fees as I would with the entire Barton Creek package. One drive through the Austin area (even the really nice parts) reminded me too much of the bay area with traffic and population. I wanted something a bit more remote.
  2. Went to the local Golf Galaxy a few months back to try new drivers. I was allowed to, but it was greatly discouraged. They were trying to charge a fitting fee.....Considering how much money I have spent there over the years after just walking in and hitting something for the hell out of it, I thought it was a bad business move....
  3. Big fan of the Bull at Pinehurst farms, a lot of neat holes, and if memory serves correct, the back 9 is very tough...
  4. on the bright side, you are picking the one other state in this country where you don't have to know how to pump your own gas. What can I say, I am an optimist at heart.
  5. Not gonna lie, despised Turtle Point.....Maybe my least favorite Nicklaus Course.
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.golfdigest.com/story/titelst-t-series-irons-offer-three-solutions-for-three-player-types-including-a-golf-ball-technology-to-speed-up-the-face/amp link is from 2 years ago or so from golf digest…..take from it what you like as far as whether the T series was a continuation or a departure of the AP
  7. Just returned from my trip, thank you for all of the input in this forum and for some guys for reaching out to me in messages. My thoughts on the places I visited, and keep in mind, I also factored in living at these places in addition to the quality of the golf. 1) Cordillera- Golf course was fantastic, tranquil, I absolutely loved the course and the community. I can definitely see myself here. If there are any members of the course here, I would like to talk to you about your experiences there, building, the Master Golf membership etc. 2) HSB, if I were to go here, definitely would have to be a member at Summit. The courses do look great and pricing is reasonable. I would probably have to build a house on the Summit, the real estate in some of the other courses look a bit tired. 3) Escondido- Gorgeous Course, looked to be impeccably maintained. The bad news is that the monthly dues are quite expensive compared to the other places I looked at. I couldn't justify that. 4) Comanche Trace- The course looked damn nice, but the living situation was not right. Place was not gated, when you entered there was some very cheap housing, followed by some tract homes and then you got to the custom builds. Strange to have that mix of housing. 5) Barton at Lakeside- only got to see a bit of the course, facilities are dated, but it sounds like some major updating is on the horizon. Dues and initiation fee for that course only seemed reasonably priced (much below the above). With its proximity to Lakecliff, it seemed to make financial sense to be a member at both, which would leave you a significantly less initial payment as compared to the other clubs and a monthly amount in the same ballpark. 6) Boot Ranch-unfortunately they were booked for tours, but the price of real state there has gotten very prohibitive (that's an understatement).
  8. Set of Ping ISI blue dot irons, 4-W. Shafts are R, Cushin inserts. Here are some pictures. $149.00 for set, plus shipping via UPS
  9. haven't played the Ranch, but the River was a lot of fun. As stated above, a lot of elevation changes and is a very interesting course.
  10. Any thoughts on Lost Creek Golf Club?
  11. How would you compare Cimarron Hills to the other courses you mentioned?
  12. Osprey and Cougar are probably both nicer courses to look at, but Oak Point was solid. I liked Cougar more than Osprey, but it was definitely close.
  13. I definitely am not a pyschopath about golf, but limited flight range balls is a bit of a downer
  14. I played Maderas about 6 years ago, thought it was a fun layout and the conditions were top notch.
  15. So a bit of an update.....Just rebooked our flight tix, heading out at start of July, I figure I should get a feel for the humidity if nothing else. Definitely looking at Cordeillera, HSB, Escondido, Boot, and Comanche Trace..... Any other suggestions? I don't want to be in a big city, just have a big city within 45 mins-hour is fine. Thought on Fair Oaks?
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