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  1. I agree that it was quite disappointing. Even though my game doesn't warrant it, I have played many of the bucket list courses, and I have never been as disappointed as I was as I was with Torrey. That being said, strange thing happed on 18 when I played. We were walking on 18th fairway when a blond walks out and walks directly across the fairway to a bunker. She looks back at us, bends over, and I swear to god there was nothing on underneath, picks up a rake, gives one rake bends back over, drops it and then walks back across the fairway and disappears.
  2. Amen, the conditions at Maderas were something else.
  3. I agree about the weather too. Did a trip in May a few years back, encountered some hail and about 12 hours of straight rain one night/following day. I can tell you this though, Ross Bridge was still in great shape after the rain/hail/freeze delay. Played Limestone the day after, and it was in pretty bad shape after the weather.
  4. 1) I think switching shoes after 18 is a godsend for my feet. 2) I really enjoy Old Mac, and its back 9 has always kicked my rear....Never stopped to think about the yardage differential, that is a very interesting point. 3) I have been on 3 different trips there and I am scheduled for number 4 in April. I have been toying with the wedge issue myself.
  5. Wolf Creek- It is definitely eye candy and who doesn't like to hit driver from an elevated tee box and watch it go for seemingly ever? That being said, I have played it 3 times, and I don't think it has ever taken less than 5 hours, usually 5:30-6. Last time, I think there were two or three groups waiting to tee off the on the first par 3 (either 2nd or third hole) as we arrived. When you combine the constant waiting with heat, ouch....And yes, the practice facilities suck. I much prefer the experience at Conestoga over Wolf Creek, quicker rounds and still a pretty golf course, although 16
  6. There is a course in Napa like this, I think it is Chardonnay?
  7. That's great knowledge. I had to delay my trip due to Covid....need to find a yacht apparently!
  8. Have been 3 times, April will be my 4th. It is Heaven on Earth.....Frankly speaking, most of the courses are relatively easy off the tee (wide fairways), its the approaches that get you....
  9. I went out and visited in September last year. I played the Vineyard Course and loved it.....I am really intrigued. My biggest hesitation is that the Cliffs have already been sold twice in the last ten years. The newest owners are involved in the Kiawah development, so I think they are in good hands, but am a bit uneasy to see if the model works. I am still strongly considering it, I am not in a hurry to buy though.
  10. Thank you. I forgot to mention Escondido......Real Estate in Boot Ranch might be a. touch to pricey....
  11. Silver Creek Country club is at 25k initiation with 1100 a month monthly dues (their initiation last year was only 12.5k)...Not sure what San Jose CC is, but they are usually better priced (but the course is uninteresting to me)....
  12. I took a tour of Bulls Bay and Briars Creek last year. I got to see a lot more of the Bulls Bay Course and it looked fabulous. I think It might have a bit of a waiting list though. I did like what I saw at Briars Creek as well, the practice facility was also fantastic.
  13. Thinking about moving out to HIll Country and interested in joining a private club. I am from out of state, and figure its a great place to meet people. I am actually going to stay at Cordillera for a couple of days, and then stay in Horseshoe Bay for a couple. Any thoughts on the quality of courses, how they are run etc. from anyone who has played at any of these courses or who are members? This is my first trip out there, so I am going to attempt to see as much as possible. Thank you in advance.
  14. As soon as I read the title, Torrey Pines came to mind...I just played Spyglass for the second time last month, came away underwhelmed. Once you leave the Ocean, not really a memorable hole to be had.Glad to see someone else agrees with me about the Irish....As for the Meadows, that was such a pleasant Surprise, especially the back 9, interesting but not punishing (I loved River and Straits, despite in Hailing on us at Straits in May)Old Course- opening hole was great, some ho hum holes, a 3 hole good stretch, about 5 more ho hum holes, and then 17 and 18 great holes, I would still love to pl
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