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  1. Can't get my GC3 to connect to my ipad or my phone so think I have a dud as i did all the passwords reset but still nothing. I read all the user manuals and still nothing anyone else have to send theirs back?
  2. Would be good if they communicated the real story right now to customers. People in the northeast or mid-west have ordered clubs in summer and not won't have clubs until 2022
  3. Also depends on how long you want to wait for golf shafts. There is a huge problem with KBS $-tapers and getting them in stock.
  4. They have been waiting since Mid July so not sure what KBS is doing
  5. I am in the same boat ordered t-100 $-taper in late July and they are saying know mid to end of October for KBS shafts. KBS has had issues all year and doesn't look like its getting any better
  6. While marshalling, def saw at least 10 of these in play as players came through my hole. Jimmy Walker was playing one as well.
  7. Most guys had the white hot insert when I was looking at bags when I was marshalling.
  8. As of even yesterday Rose was still sporting his hats with Honma logo's on them so I guess they worked out their issues?
  9. I have the footjoy loafers and the same thing they squeak all the time. I can never sneak up on anyone that's for sure!
  10. I am up in Mira Mesa/Scripts Ranch right off the 15
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