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  1. Not a fan of this at all 54 M had too much demand to take away and special release it
  2. Latest release Caught up and missed it this am Thanks!
  3. Will he play his clubs super heavy at D8??? Will he get fit inside on their flyer mats? His clubs might even end up at E2 with his X7s in them
  4. Tour Issue SIM also has a little different sole profile than the stock one I’m surprised it’s not a touch smaller either I’ll try to find a comparison video
  5. That sounds awesome Was just saying that I think it is an issue that CC doesn't do it, can't be a true fitting 100% here pard, agree
  6. CC does not do this correctly then..... I have seen some of the craziest builds happen, and then them recommend it to be built like that I also think changing grips is a crucial component for a true fitting
  7. THIS CC is amazing in thought but this causes so many issues They will fit you and build at a pretty ridiculous SW, seen some crazy s*** from them.... True Spec does a much better job of this IMO
  8. Man I’ve had so many of these that I can’t tell if it’s one of my old ones
  9. He seems to be moving the needle in the thread
  10. He used to be a mostly Titleist guy in college, maybe some TM woods. Don't know on putter though I would bet TM gave him a pretty solid offer, Callaway must have brought out the brinks truck
  11. I usually assume the random guys I don't know are the section PGA champs who got an exemption
  12. Has anyone bought from them recently?? Their stuff normally ships out super quick and I still haven’t gotten a tracking update from last week
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