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  1. Who told you to take your clubs there?? And do you know anyone that has had clubs adjusted by them? How has that gone if so?
  2. A new set of clubs at cost?? Come on man, If you cared that much, you need to be specific!!!! Did you ask for them to come back with zero marks? Did you comment or ask anything about their care? You know they are soft forged clubs I would hope This is the problem my man. You are expecting people to care as much as you. They don't, they never will. That is life. I own a few companies pard. This wouldn't fly at any of my operations. But you don't know anything about them or me, so please don't comment on whether you would do business with me, simple as tha
  3. Honestly surprised there are no issues from where the bar was used on the hosel, thats would be one of my main worries
  4. These threads continue to make me question my faith in humanity
  5. I mean technically they got the job done?? Lofts and lies were changed You never talked about level of standard you wanted. You talked about everything but the care of your clubs it seems, even though that really matters to you... How much work does this shop do??? Are they a legit shop 100% dedicated to only clubs with a full time fitter/builder? If you talked directly to fitter, how does this not come up in the conversation??? Options are limited but you have another option...... Imagine taking your high end car that you really care about to a r
  6. Not 100% sure Rorys contract is 14 clubs, but would think it is or would guess he makes a lot more $$ if he plays all 14 I think the sponsorship is part of it. Olympics are not in the contract so it's a perfect week for him to test I liked him before the putter change, now hes gotta be the top pick haha
  7. I don't anyone is happy or okay with the work But you have to understand what youre dealing with You're assuming that your shop at your course knows what they're doing, you're comparing them to world class builders and shops. Some kid from the cart bard probably did these.... And that right there is a problem If you care about your sticks this much, you needed to care that much about who you took them to Talk to the builder, etc Seems like you talked to whoever but there was no mention of any of this You would never take a nice car to som
  8. Ehhh sorry to hear its your home track I don't assume anything in clubmaking man, they probably gave this to the intern and whoever did it thinks everything is fine. I've seen this far too many times, especially with some soft forged sticks like yours I usually am very specific about protecting a club, and give a clubmaker a wedge or something to try first. I've even taped clubs before giving them to guys I would expect to not be charged, but anything more is gonna be tough It sucks, I agree 100% but if it matters that much to you then I would recommend b
  9. Unfortunately, this is what happens far too often.... A lot of people and places don't care, and don't use any sort of tape or protection I usually only have someone that I trust do the work, or do mine myself Because different levels of care and expectation How specific were you when you talked to them? Do you have prior experience at this shop?
  10. Appreciate your reply my man I have one of those Trying to find a way to use secure a normal sand bottle so I can just grab and go Might try to make something
  11. If it was a legit fitting, I would try find a way to test on course, but definitely give the VB a chance man
  12. Mine is still processing Staying positive
  13. So we're looking at a whole new 790 set, and a new UDI 2i???
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