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  1. If anyone can find any extra one of these please let me know!! I ordered a long time and still have no sign of mine. Titleist really dropping the ball
  2. I want to know if they still have their own bottles of Pappy
  3. Been around for a while I believe I know Matty Wallace was using one for a long time, only guy out there I can remember using Do we know what this finish is called? Is it a variation of chromatic bronze??
  4. 750s are still super underrated irons Assume Rahm would still be playing if Callaway hadnt brought out the brinks truck
  5. Kid absolutely stripes it, flights the ball really nicely Has a great team around him 0/4 on sponsors exemptions right now, hope he can find some form and somewhere to play soon
  6. Paypal dispute and move on That sucks, real sorry to hear that
  7. Pretty cool 1off face tech on this one for IJP
  8. Is that the same putter Cantlay has been using? Couldn't get a great view but it looked different
  9. If TP5X can spin a bit more inside 100y, I'm very interested Surprised people have issues with durability/wind, that's where I think they shine If TP5 can be made better then I will be surprised New ProV1 stuff is very similar, nothing huge, some tour/college guys I know are saying a bit more durable and feels better greenside
  10. Head hasn’t been hit much, looking to move quickly. No major marks. Can remove lead tape. Taylormade M5 Ti 15* 3 Wood Head $120 shipped CONUS OBO Message me with questions, No Trades please
  11. I think original SIM will still reign supreme for high speed/high spin guys or anti L guys
  12. Yeah I’ve googled most of the ones I can think of around me Royal Oaks in HOU and Dallas Houston Oaks Shady Oaks No luck haha It got sent to me It’s super similar to my home course alternate logo as well so just curious
  13. Yeah I tried and was denied unfortunately Would have bought a couple pairs
  14. Wondering if anyone knows this logo Thanks
  15. My local outlet had plenty but were also not doing the 40% off on these Woulda scooped at $60
  16. Really like this idea, wonder how hard they will be to get.... Are they USGA conforming??
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