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    Does Sankaty Head still do public tee times after Columbus Day? Thinking of heading out and trying to squeeze 36 in at Miacomet too.
  2. Years ago we played BPB from the "plaques". The first 6 aren't that bad. Then you're looking at alot of 250+ carries just to make the fairway or clear bunkers. I hit the drive of my life on 12, barely carried the bunker and still had 190 in. Have yet to play a course that penalizes just missing a drive as bad. The red is a walk in the park compared. Having just come back from the Ryder Cup- Straits is not a course I'd want to play with 20+ mph winds. Hole 7 on Thursday was 220 into a 30+mph wind with no bail out...what in gods green earth do us mere mortals hit there?
  3. Agree about Red. It was good- not great. Black is one of the hardest tests for amateurs because it requires driver on pretty much every par 4/5. If you're not hitting it straight it wont be a great day. Played a couple others on here- Red Tail is the closest course to my house- played it once and wasn't a huge fan. Play a public Donald Ross in the area instead for 1/2 the price. Can't justify paying $100+ for a 5+ hour round on the weekend. Also- I think i played The Dye course in Myrtle for ~$75 It was pretty fun and a great layout. Regular rates are >150 so likely why it didn't make the list. Same with the Turning Stone courses in NY.
  4. 1. Handicap? 8.5 2. Right or left hand golfer? Right 3. Current wedges and setup? Titleist SM8 54 and 60- I play titleist everything except putter currently 4. Why do you want to be fit for TaylorMade MG3 wedges? Would love to see the comparison vs Titleist- I've never been set up for wedges, always used the vokey tool online and then just bought those. These seem to be very comparable- need to get them in the hands. 5. Are you available to be on site 8/30/2021 through 9/1/2021? Oh Yeah!! I'll move heaven and earth to be there 6. Will you be able to provide your own transportation to and from Reynolds Lake and East Lake Golf Club? Yep 7. Are you willing to post high quality photos in the forum, write an in depth review of the experience, and possibly be featured on GolfWRX or TaylorMade social media posts? Not only would I, I would love to do it! Have a bunch of friends across the country who would love to hear the review.
  5. They buried elephants before laying the turf- lets leave it at that. The 7 year old really struggled with the water hazards on the back 9. "Resort" length and water hazards abound. Luckily for everyone this mini-golf course is so upscale they have a hole by hole flyover. https://www.paradisefallsminigolf.com/the-golf-course Also- this was the first mini-golf course I've ever been to in my life with a practice green with two cups. $8 per head, $11 all you can play. I woulda gone around again. Cheesy fake palm trees >>> Cheesy pirate ship in Meredith/Wiers. This place was really fun. Girls had a blast, not super expensive and someone clearly is so awesome of a person they put a commercial mini golf course in their backyard. I did cry a little inside knowing we turned right 3 miles before BPCC.
  6. I can report from my trip up last week that the greens were fast and firm at Paradise Falls Mini Golf in Moultonborough. The 8 year old had 2 holes in 1, and one of those was right on top of my wifes.
  7. Dont know about a tent- the rules pretty clearly say "Car must be parked in spot and an individual must remain with the car"...so just make sure a car is in a spot and you're set. We rolled in a few years ago with a large motor home and one car. We double parked the car- told everyone in line what we were doing including the ranger and they were cool with it as clearly the RV couldn't fit in the parking spot backed in. Got out as 2 4 somes no prob in the morning after some good sleep in a bed vs car seat. For a tee time that late and especially mid week I'd think you could roll in morning of and grab a slot then go about your day and come back. "Camping" at 8PM you'd be in one of the first times out the next day I'd imagine. Pro Tip- get one of the key cards for the locker room if they still do that. Its a legit locker room with good water pressure in the showers!
  8. We're heading up this morning. There aren't a lot of great public tracks up there close. We play Waukewan just because i've been playing there since I was 5. Word is Owls Nest in Plymouth is good and wont be too bad of a hike from The Wiers. Mount Washington is supposed to be good too but that is a little ways away. LWCC and Bald Peak look amazing- i have no way to get on though and not pay unaccompanied rate which is fairly hefty. Would have totally hit you up on playing early if you were up there this week!
  9. We went through this exercise a few weeks ago. We were only able to secure a time at The Bog. The Bull was full, Lawsonia only had a 3PM time and everything else was taken. May the odds be forever in your favor. We were a group of 5 too which made it pretty terrible. Ended up with a deuce and three at 8:40. They're all doing split tees which makes great sense and easy cleanup/restart. We're playing another course on another day too- but that is a private course hook up.
  10. Sort of on topic- are there any fitters that use grass? I hate hitting off of mats. Need to go through the bag excluding wedges and putter.
  11. Victoria. It was awesome. RM had a members only tournament on that day- otherwise they would have let me out and I would have gladly saddled up. Around the putting green they had two flags up. The Aussie and the US flag. I asked the member why they had the US flag up he said "For you mate. We put up the flag of the guests home country." Cool touch. So many good courses there. I'd move to Melbourne in a heartbeat.
  12. Kangaroos were all over when I played St Andrews Beach in Melbourne! Wouldn't play that track again though as the privates are so receptive and that much better. Victoria National was a great experience- almost fell over when I asked the member I was with what costs were to join. If you could make a 3 week trip a year it would almost be worth it living in the States. Pros at Kingston Heath and Royal Melbourne were awesome to work with- they just couldn't get me out. Had no idea I was trying to play on Anzac Day. Finishing birdie birdie at Victoria National and then the footy at Melbourne Cricket made a pretty solid day.
  13. Been in Brisbane a few times. I'd suggest heading down to Gold Coast. Played RACV Pines right before a tournament which was really great. Haven't played in Sydney, but in Melbourne most privates were receptive with a phone call and ghin card.
  14. Cape Arundel is OK. I found it EXTREMELY short. It was a nice walk though- I was more interested in how to get on the practice facility they have than the course. Ledges was good when I played it.
  15. goduke7


    I'm heading down for April break- where should/can I play? Not a member anywhere so no pro to make a call on my behalf. Dunes looks pretty decent. Wondering everyones thoughts.
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