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    I'm heading down for April break- where should/can I play? Not a member anywhere so no pro to make a call on my behalf. Dunes looks pretty decent. Wondering everyones thoughts.
  2. Thats good news...moving forward and as a golf course. Hopefully they need cash and do some membership promos!
  3. We tried to do something like this over the summer this year. Turning Stone was the only place we could find that fit the bill. Bethpage would work too if you rented an RV. We've done that before. Nothing in New England really.
  4. Gotcha. Received a nice note back from their staff. They gave me the day/time to call so I guess I'll try my luck that route!
  5. They open again in June. Was just wondering how it was/experience.
  6. Anyone have any experience with Titleist fittings at the Manchester Ln facility? I'm getting new sticks next year, always played titleist. Love the look/feel. Wondering if anyone has firsthand experience.
  7. One of my boys' friends runs this shop. He says they're good- i cannot verify firsthand as I havent bought or had work done. https://coolclubs.com/ Glen Sutton is the friend of my friends.
  8. Was thinking about playing- heard that they were open to public play after Columbus Day but also heard they stopped doing that. Can anyone confirm either way?
  9. I'm the head of our recruitment committee at Truck Stop, if anyone wants more info our club is looking for players and has no wait list- we'd just need to do a quick skill audit to make sure you can play on our A or B team, we do not have a C team. Dues run $600 for the year inclusive of the league. Everyone buys beer twice and food once during the season, so add another $150 to that and thats your all in cost. Full access to courts and our hut. A bunch of us golf too, just arent members at those places. I used to play to a 4, now im shooting in the mid 80s with kids etc. I recently moved to
  10. Try picking up platform tennis. I play at a public spot, but we play Dedham, TCC, Weston, Wellesley etc. I can call a handful of members at any club now. Look for Gilfoy/Truck Stop if you've ever played tennis you should give it a whirl.
  11. Vermont National if you can get on it.
  12. give2gain has some right now. Generally you can find your way on either through knowing a member, a charity tournament, or buying something like this. If you belong to a place, you can have your pro call. Some have more generous policies than others. When we were at a club outside Chicago you could have the pro call up the pro and you'd get out anywhere that does not require a member to be with you at all times to be on the grounds. Outside the US- you have your pro call and they'll find you a spot just about everywhere i've been. Now that we dropped our membership and moved those options a
  13. give2gain has a promo for the platform tennis association. Glen View and Butler are on the list.
  14. I think Granite Links. I don't like the course that much...but conditioning should be decent, and the views of the city are cool for visitors. Good conditions - check Great views - check Good spot for beer Post round - check Abomination of a golf course - check In all seriousness, it depends on where you will be traveling from. If your customer is landing in Logan and meeting you in boston, granite links is probably the place to go. But if you're on the south shore or western burbs, there are far better courses than granite links Yeah he's landing at Logan and I'm driving. Then we'
  15. OK- customer coming out Tuesday after Memorial Day. We have a TPC membership...they're closed. Where do we go? Red Tail? Newport National? Granite Links? Somewhere else?
  16. right now the platform tennis association has some awesome courses on Give2Gain. The Country Club is one of them. Its not a tournament, its a round of golf.
  17. We played the "posts" twice, and the whites once. 7 is a 270 carry over the bunker, 10 is a 260 carry to the fairway, 12 from the posts is all of a 280 carry over the bunker. 13 was driver, three wood, 8 iron. The last time we played the posts I remember commenting how it felt like I had to hit a 215 yard shot all the time, and didn't have a 5 wood with me. When we played the whites, we stepped back a box on a couple holes. It was much more manageable from the white. To echo the comment above- the posts was essentially hit every shot as far as you can.
  18. Looks like im heading to Oslo Norway for work in June. Any suggestions or hook ups for play?
  19. Yeah i'm not expecting full performance. Just something to get some feedback. Any idea what kind of balls they use?
  20. Allright WRX- We recently moved to Western Suburbs of Boston from Chicago suburbs. Had to give up my membership in the process. Places here are nuts. Good news- we own on a good size lake. Anyone have any experience on floating golf balls? Would be awesome to grab 100 or so, hit them out into the lake, go jump in the boat/kayak with a net and round em up! Whats the best floating ball out there? I've seen that Tony Robbins created EcoBioBalls that are essentially made of fish food. @ $1 per whack that would be expensive.
  21. I was looking to get out at a nice place Wednesday- Called the International in Bolton and was told they do not accept public tee times. Is this new? So for public options it seems like there aren't many good ones around. That stinks as we dropped our membership in the midwest when we moved to Boston. Nothing out in this area seems within reach even for under 40's.
  22. I was a member at Mohawk for years. Lots of young good golfers there. I'd check it out. People from all walks of life and a great social scene.
  23. No shortage of great courses around Melbourne. I haven't played any of the Top 100 but i see parts of The National when I play RACV Cape Schank. Also, the back nine of Sandringham used to be part of Royal Melbourne so I treat it as poor man's Royal Melbourne ;) Did you have a chance to play any of the courses at the Mornington Peninsula or at the Toquay side of the bay? Lots of sand there so the course designers have a plenty of opportunities for difficult bunkers. Played St Andrews Beach. Was good, had an option to play Metropolitan Club, ended up heading south and played there instead.
  24. We teed off 10...gotta think a bit. Wind was blowing pretty good clip- i live in Chicago, and it was a windy day by my standards. Played with a borrowed set of ping i200s. Took a couple holes to get used to them, wind and find my game. Not bad sticks, i'm partial to Titleist. Biggest change was the driver. They put me up with a GBB and the alignment arrow is significantly farther towards the heel than my 915D3. Was also a little harder to tell if i missed it or not. Smoked one on 8 (270m-280m slightly down wind had 165m in) and it felt just as bad as the thin hook i hit on 13. Par 3s were p
  25. Just back from the land down under. Played Victoria Golf Club- 94th on the list i think. Bunkers were very penal. You hit it in a fairway bunker and its a half stroke penalty. You can't take more than an 8 iron out and clear the lips. Very deep. Greens were perfect. Only downside is that it is short. Goal for the day was a birdie, ended up lipping out for 3 on 17 (playing as 16 that day due to 10 being rehabbed) and told my playing partner "ah i thought i finally had a birdie" with a response "That was a par 5". Good time and good course. Rated perfect.
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