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  1. I'm playing c-taper lite in X flex, but I need something stiffer. I don't like full-weight iron shafts. What can I get around 110-115g that's stiffer than my c-taper lite? Any options that aren't steelfiber?
  2. Of course TXG comes out with the MTB test on the day I ask this question. Mods, you can delete this if you want.
  3. Does anyone have a link to some good testing data between the MTB-X, and the Vice Pro Plus (2020 version)? I'd love to see MTB-Black as well. I'm having a hard time finding good comparisons that are recent. Plenty of comparison articles from a couple years ago, but the 2020 Vice is supposed to be pretty great. I've been playing MTB-X and have really liked it, but I'm about to restock and wanted to consider alternatives. Thanks,
  4. I used to use them a lot, but had a really bad experience with the red (put it in my bag and some friends... nobody liked it) and got away from them. They have serious bang for the buck - I need to go back to using them more. Very pleased with this black hybrid so far. Might need to try black in my driver (tipped a lot). I'm always tinkering with something!
  5. I tipped it 2.5" on the 4i test club and I can definitely feel that it's stiffer than my Aerotech 85X. I like the extra weight too. I'll probably go for 2" on the 19 deg. I've only been to the range once, but it felt a lot more stable and no hooking!
  6. I have a lesson this week. If we don't get something figured out, I'll probably get this shaft. If someone buys it in the meantime, that's fine too.
  7. Do you know how long the Ventus would play if you removed the extension? Do you know if it's tipped? I'll probably take it off your hands.
  8. I ordered the Wishon Black hybrid shaft to try. It only comes in R and S, but it has a bunch of parallel tip. I can saw it off and try to get closer to X range.
  9. Of course my other option is to get the heads drilled out to 0.370. Then I'll have access to much stiffer shafts.
  10. If only they made that S2S Black in X flex. The specs say stiff is for 75-90mph 5i swingers. I'm more like 93-95. Might be too soft still. I like the 100g weight though. Might give it a try. And that SK Fiber is X flex but it says it's mid/high flight. That's usually code for "soft". It's ridiculous how there still isn't a good way to compare shafts. Makes me crazy.
  11. Are they still making/selling those? A while ago, I tried the Red and didn't like it at all.
  12. I play the Wishon 775 hybrids (19 and 24 deg) which take 0.335 shafts. The Steelfiber 85x I have in there are too soft. I play them short (which means extra headweight for swingweighting) so the shaft has to withstand a lot of force. That's a much heavier head than .335 shafts were really designed to take. Any suggestions on a tip stiff shaft I could pick up for under $100? Looking for something 80-100g range. thanks!
  13. I play c taper lite x and I had no idea about this tip problem. I pulled 1 shaft today just because I was curious. I'm good so far, but will definitely keep an eye on this now
  14. I've been installing with air for years. Love it. They do slip a little, but I'm OK with it for personal use.
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