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  1. > @shaneyank said: > Is that a custom paint fill on the 2i? Yessir, I did it myself for the whole set when I had it. Still regret selling those heads...
  2. I have the M2, M3, M5, and M6. M5 crushed all of them. Selling the others and not looking back. I have more confidence in the M5 than I've ever had and I am normally sporadic at best with driver off the tee, always the weakest part of my game. Used the same Atmos Black TS 6x in all 4 heads, M5 is significantly longer, more forgiving, and more consistent that the others. It's unreal...
  3. Stuff I’ve collected, won, been gifted, traded for, etc. over the years. Some new, some not. All in very good to excellent used condition, some brand new. Prices are firm, no trades please, bag is set and I have too much even if I sell all of this. All prices are shipping included, PayPal goods and services only. Lower 48 only, no international shipping. Can combo a head and shaft if you’d like. All shafts are TM tips, tips are structurally sound with some cosmetic blemishes as expected for older style tips. Still 100% functional. Can get better pics if you can wait until I get home from work. All items ship USPS Priority insured or UPS. All shafts are 44.25” Driver Heads- $125 M2 10.5* 9.5/10 $225 M3 10.5* 9/10 $340 M6 10.5* 9.5/10 Hybrid/Irons- $200 GAPR Hi 5, KBS 70R shaft BNIP, no H/C $OLD TM MC 2i, tour issue, DGx100 Sensicore Shafts- SMOKE, CHROME AND TENSEI’S NOT FOR SALE, 10 ITEM MAX!!! $160 Tour AD DI 6s $120 Tour AD MT 6s $100 Motore Speeder VC 7.2s TS $100 Aldila Rogue Silver 110msi 70x VERY RARE SCOTTY COVER Blue Industrial Wave, BNIB $180 Pinned 4/19
  4. Don’t care for the EF or Smoke, too much “Project X board” feel for me. Have the Atmos Black TS in my driver, love it. Check out the Fuji Pro 2.0 TS as well, it’s quickly starting to become my favorite of 2019. Already have a 7x Pro 2.0 TS in my 3w and may be putting the 6x in my driver in short order...
  5. I have the Atmos Black TS 6x in my M3 driver and Pro 2.0 TS 7x in my M5 3w. I am KILLING my 3w right now and like the setup as it is. I like a little more “feel” in my 3w compared to my driver, this coming from a tried and true Speeder VC 8.2x TS in my 915F 3w. The Titleist is still very potent but early results on the M5 are VERY promising.
  6. Snagged a pair of kangaroo and lizards from old stock and ordered a matching lizard belt. Almost too nice to wear but they will get some play eventually
  7. Hi Toe is so money, I was skeptical as all get out until I hit it and played it. Soooo good and that’s a smoking price, GLWS
  8. Cleveland Hi Bore 2H with a Speeder 904HB X shaft I found on eBay for $30. Was going to pull the shaft and put an AxivCore Black in it like my Hi Bore 3H. Hit it before I pulled the shaft, thank goodness I did. Pulled the 3H shaft immediately, found another 904HB X and promptly put it in that head. Have since changed heads, shafts aren’t going anywhere. Best hybrid shaft I’ve ever found...

    P-790 UDI

    I loved Recoils in my MP25’s

    P-790 UDI

    Recoil 95 is looking pretty tempting the more I change the options around...

    P-790 UDI

    Just torn on what shaft to order it with...
  12. I misspoke in my OP. I am the seller, the buyer is foreign but I got the jist. I’ll definitely get signature confirmation to cover my butt. Thanks for the responses!
  13. Address is confirmed, paid full price buy it now with Paypal confirmed, but is obviously foreign and using a drop shipper in Beaverton, OR. In 15+ years I’ve never seen this buying or selling. The only red flag is the seller is non-US verified. Should I be concerned? Everything else seems OK...
  14. 2* wouldn’t be all that bad, I considered it honestly. If my TM MG’s weren’t so good yesterday I’d have done it already
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