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  1. Make offers on the rest. Wife will murder me if I don’t get this stuff out of here
  2. Appreciate it. Its slightly overwhelming but I keep telling myself that's normal.
  3. First kid on the way in October, need to clear some space for him. All prices pp and shipped priority mail. Exotics XCG5, 18 Degree 5 Wood, $60. Headcover included. Fujikura Regular shaft. Some slight scratches from normal use but otherwise in really good shape. Odyssey White Ice 330 Mallet, 360 grams $45. Headcover included. 34” with Lamkin corded grip. Some minor nicks and dings but overall in good shape. Scotty Cameron Studio Design 1.5 $150. Headcover included. This would make a great fixer upper. Couple spots on putter where black pearl finish is coming off. Please look at
  4. I’m using the #3 and it’s an amazing putter. You can’t go wrong with it
  5. There are definitely some places in Southern Pines (10 min drive or so) from pinehurst that could have some live music and a bit more nightlife. Dont get me wrong, there are quite a few pubs/bars in both the Pinehurst and Southern Pines region. It just won’t be as prevalent as Scottsdale. There is also Pinehurst Brewing Company which just opened up this past year. Haven’t been to it yet but have heard good things.
  6. I agree with all of this. Also loved Tobacco Road but some hate it. The nightlife around pinehurst leaves a lot to be desired but most people don’t go to the pinehurst region for the bar scene.
  7. Going to be hot and very humid. That’s North Carolina from end of April to mid October.
  8. I can’t believe we are somehow insinuating the OP did something wrong. He bought something from their website at their approved pricing and has had it cancelled multiple times. If I did that in my line of work, I’d be looking for a new job
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