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  1. Just cant help myself from buying new clubs, but just shot a PR, so my bag is finally set... for now... PXG in my opinion offers some of the best value in the game right now. You can clearly see the ping influence in the iron design, and they make a nice profile which is not too compact, giving ample forgiveness and distance. When TM and Titleist irons are at 1300 + Tax, these have become a great value. 1. PXG 0311 Blended Gen 2 Iron Set Used for a half season Makeup: 5-PW, 5/6 are P model 7/8/9/P are T Model Lie: STD Loft: Bent to play 1* Strong from the P series Shaft: Tour elevate stiff Grip: Stock Lamkin grip *Arccos shown in photos will be removed $500 Shipped 2. PXG 0311 P, Gen 3 These were order in July and have had less than 10 rounds on them. Will ship with PXG Box Makeup: 5-PW P series Lie: 1* Flat Loft: 1* Strong Shaft: Tour elevate stiff Grip: Stock Lamkin grip $700 Shipped 3. New Taylormade Vault Spider "Ice Cream" Mallet headcover $100 Shipped Happy to provide additional photos for any items! GEN 3 Pin 10/11
  2. 2. Ping G30 3 hybrid head only - Ping makes some of the best hybrids and this is a good cheap head to try out. No headcover $40 Shipped 4. Scotty Mallet headcover Like new $30 Shipped. ------------------------------- 1. Srixon Combo Set with Accra 110 Shafts tipped to play between stiff and X - Have a driver swing speed around 105 and hit 8 iron 155 for reference 4-9: Is the more forgiving Z585 p: Is the players cavity back Z765 1 Degree Flat Arccos included Std Length as these are 110 gram and same as many steel shafts Extra 9 and 8 heads in Z765 so that you can reshaft and blend the set as needed. 7 iron has some browning on the sole, but most faces are fairly clean. Some wear in the sole areas and pictures can be provided in more detailed upon request. 8 and 9 heads are very clean. Big fan of Accra, very smooth and stable shafts and in my opinion far superior to steel in every way if you can get them in a weight that play well for you they feel and perform really well. $OLD Callaway 58 PM Grind Like new New wedges cost too darn much and dont perform any better $OLD Mitsubishi MMT 105 Stiff: 0.355 tip 5-PW All measurements are just shy (maybe 1/16th) of the following 5: 36.75 6: 36.25 7: 35.75 8: 35.25 9: 34.75 P: 34.25 $OLD 4. Accra TZ5 55 Gram Stiff Taylormade Tip Has Tour Spec Demo on it almost non visible. 44.25" Long $OLD 6. Titleist 818 H 1 3 hybrid 19 degree Stiff evenflow blue $OLD 2. P760 Heads only - lots of tech built into this one and one of the softest feeling irons out there. Another project that I wanted to get around to but never did 4-PW STD lie STD loft $OLD 8. P760 Approach wedge New in plastic DG 105 Stiff $OLD
  3. 1. Taylormade P760 Approach Wedge - more tech and forgiveness in the A wedge than using something like a vokey, which makes sense as the AW is usually a full shot kind of club. Brand new in plastic DG105 S300 shaft STD L/L/L $90 Shipped 4. Project X 6.0 Flighted pulls Tried and true, accurate shafts 4-PW 4i around 37.5" Pure midsized grips - these are really tacky, the tread pattern is really grippy and interesting. Very stable in the hands. $140 Shipped 6. Aldila Copperhead 60 Stiff Titleist Tip 44.5" There was a huge following regarding this shaft on a golfwrx thread. At that time, this was a must try shaft, but the price was also up there You can read the thread here: It seemed like the perfect blend of distance and dispersion for those that swung around 105ss. Really happy with my Accra TZ series shafts right now so letting this one go: $80 Shipped 7. Fuji Pro 2.0 50 gram Reg Flex 3Wood length or short driver length for a junior 42.25 with no tip $60 Shipped Mizuno MP20 Hot Metal Blades in great condition, selling because even though I keep on trying, I play best with larger profile irons like the Srixon 585. I like the comfort of long blade lengths, as I simply dont like the look of compact clubs and the HMB are a bit too sleek for my liking. Set make up : 4-PW Std L/L/L Shafted with : Mitsubishi MMT 95 Stiff - These are super stable and better in my opinion in every way to steel. They give great dispersion and you can hit them high or low. Went to graphite due to hand pain and have also noticed its helped with other random arm and shoulder pain. There is a reason why MMT usage is growing so fast on tour. Its because these shafts really stand up dispersion wise. Grips: MCC +4 $OLD Sim MAX 9* Head Only Really good condition all around except for a blemish on the grey paint. TRADED Will ship with a nice black AM&E headcover from a nice private club that is fur/fuzz lined. Toulon Garage Memphis in really nice shape per pictures - After struggling all year with a TM Spider, I got fitted and was told that the COG of mid mallets have a significantly different CG than the full mallets and can help with direction and pace. Got fit into mid mallets and have putted a lot better since. Selling this one as I got it in a trade and had already bought another mid mallet. 35" Length Toulon Garage with headcover Slant Neck Odyssey stability style shaft. $OLD
  4. Toulon Garage Memphis 35" Really nice condition $190 Shipped Gamer TS3 that has paint damage from what looks like a bag fell from a cart. Colored in with black sharpie and not really visible at address. 9.5 Aldila Xtorsion Copperhead 60g Stiff Comes with Camo head cover shown $OLD Shipped Sim Dhy 19* 3 hybrid Std Loft and Lie Only used a couple times Stock Diamana 75g Stiff $OLD Callawy 54 and 58 PM Grind wedges 1 Degree Flat MCC Align Grips 54 has stock DG Shaft 58 has stock KBS Shaft $OLD Evenflow White Titleist tip 60g Stiff Slightly under 44.5" $OLD Hzrdus Smoke RDX 6.0 Stiff Titleist Tip Right around 44.5" $OLD
  5. Really good feel on the XF, same hollow body design with their proprietary foam.
  6. Titleist Shafts Choose any two for 140 All three for 200 Stock HZRDUS Smoke RDX 6.0 Stiff Aldila Copperhead 60S Stiff Evenflow White 65 6.0 Stiff $80 Aldila Xtorsion Copper 60S 44.5 Titliest Tip This shaft has universally awesome reviews and had a super long thread of golf wrx members extolling its virtues for swingers right around 105 ss. Very stable feeling shaft. Im an Accra truth-er now but had some great driving rounds with this shaft. $80 Evenflow White 65 6.0 Stiff 44.5+ Titleist Tip $80 TM P770 Heads 4-PW STD Loft STD Lie Bought these to try and build out a set with MMT shafts, but truth is, I like a bit of chunk on my irons. The Z585 are chunky enough to give me the type of confidence I need to play my best. These P770 are to slim and sexy $OLD Shipped PXG 0311 XF Driving iron 18* Loft: 18* Lie: 1 Flat Shaft: Tensei Blue 80hy Stiff Tipped to play between S and X Stock Length $OLD TM Ardmore 1 Got fit into a V-line style putter and I was surprised at how well this shape helped with alignment, having tried things like odyssey marxman and spider in the past, the mini mallet is something I would never try prior to getting fit into it. Being a equipment ho I went out and grabbed 3 different v line style putters and had a sub 30 putt round this past weekend, so im marrying one of the three that I bought. 35" Super stroke Grip $80 Shipped JPX919 HMP Head only 5-P Lets be honest... 2021 gear isnt going to perform much differently than these 919's. Save some money and use the proceeds to playing a summers worth of golf. STD L&L $OLD Shipped KBS Tour 120 Stiff 4-PW $OLD Project X 6.5 5-P 7 Iron seems to have damage and needs replacing, has a small bend somewhere in the shaft and needs to be replaced. Will ship with this so that you can keep the MCC+4 on it. Green MCC + 4 on all shafts except the 9 iron which is a blue MCC +4. Done so that you wont mistakenly grab the 6 when intending to grab 9. Shafts are pured and grips installed in pured position $OLD Honma TW-X 3 Driving iron. Tour AD 85 Stiff, excellent hybrid shaft. $OLD pin 1/31
  7. I use a groove tube, which you can find on amazon. Its got firm nyol bristles and you can add a drop of dish soap into the tube and mix it with water automatically. That and my microfiber golf towel works perfectly and wont ever damage the finish or face.
  8. Different strokes for different folks I guess. I really love the look the new ZX series and can imagine myself bagging them in 2021.
  9. Check out this review of the Honma Irons. As a club ho, ive watched every single review TXG has done and IMO they have never spoken as highly about any club as they have these irons!
  10. Taylormade TM730 8|9|PW Head only These would be great for someone who has a set of P760 or P770 and are looking for a little more control or shot shaping ability in the scoring irons. $180 Shipped Will sell the 8 head and 9 head by itself for 65 each head shipped. Would make for a good blade practice session iron to use at the range iron to hone in your swing. Small Batch HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 3 Wood Shaft 42.25" with Titleist Tip from TS3 Fairway Wood. Will sell with a very nice TS3 15* head for $150 total shipped. $85 Shipped $150 with TS3 Head, no headcover but will ship with a rocket tour style blue headcover. Nippon Modus 120X Shaft Pulls 5i : 36.50" 6i: 36.25" 7i: 35.75" 8i: 35" 9i: 34.5" pw: 34.25" Traded Honma TW-X Irons with Mitsubishi MMT 90 Stiff shafts. Great condition, incredibly soft, players distance irons. These have a pretty compact shape with a thin top line as well. TXG did a review on these and remarked on how the spin and height dispersion were extremely consistent and even blade like. Buttery feel with great acoustics when compared to other players distance irons like the P790 or HMB. The reason I am selling is that I am probably closer to an X flex vs a Stiff flex, the MMT are so smooth that someone in between R and S could play these and they would help increase ball speeds and be really tight dispersion wise. Top line on these are similar to a P790 but the heel to toe length and compactness resembles a more compact shape of a P760. I have been really eager to get into graphite shafts and the MMT shaft is by far the best graphite shaft ive tried so far, in comparing, steel fiber, Ozik, and Recoil in various weights. I really do believe that graphite is superior to steel in terms of dispersion nowadays and am just trying to dial in a perfect set. Makeup: 5-PW Length: STD Lie: STD Grips: Pure Grips $OLD Shipped Pin 11/28
  11. 1. PXG 0311XF Head only, this is 18* and I was intending to pair this up with a hybrid shaft to use as a driving iron for off the tee as well as long par fives $120 Shipped 2. P790 Ti 4i head only, would pair up nicely with a set of P790's 5-pw, for a player that needs a little bit more pop but doesnt fair well with hybrids $OLD
  12. Forgot to upload details on the TZ Extreme 1. Callaway adapter that has some rubbing on it, doesnt effect play 2. No tipping that im aware of and total length is at 43.5 + maybe a fraction 3. MCC Align grip in new condition, works well with the dual sleeve cally adapter so you can still tinker and keep the align in place.
  13. Thinning the herd. PXG 0211 4 Iron: Got this directly from PXG and ordered it 2* strong to experiment as a possible hybrid replacement / driving iron. Idea was to get a driving iron that was the length of a 4 iron but lofted down to a 3 iron for more consistency. Shaft: Elevate Tour Stiff Loft: 19.5* (2* Strong) Std Length Grip: MCC + 4 Wraps (plays like midsize) Lie: 1 Flat If you have ordered a set from 5-pw and wanting to add a 4 iron, this would be your chance to add one without having to pay for 1. Grip - standard pxg grip is truly terrible and other grips are a 10 upcharge 2. Tax 3. $60 Shipping $90 Shipped Ping G30 19* 3 Hy No Headcover but will ship protected Shaft: Tensei Blue 80 Hy Stiff $65 Shipped Accra TZ6: one of the only shafts that has ever been able to get my spin to sub 2000 Stiff Length: 43.5 and should play 45 in Callaway Head Note paint rubbing off on adapter, does not effect play. $180 Shipped Nike Brown Soft Spike Shoes Size 8.5 $40 Shipped Hogan Icon Irons 4-PW These felt tremendous when properly struck, but the project x were a bit tough on my elbows. Hogan irons are way back ordered so this would be a good way to get a set in great condition to try out for yourself. Shaft: Project X 6.0 Blacked out Grips: Lamkin ST Hybrid +2 Midsize - Really impressed with these grips Built by Will Peoples with BB&F Ferrules, so you know they are perfectly balanced Lie: STD $OLD Cally Customs Rogue Sub Zero With Cally Customs headcover and weight kit 10.5* Head only, with nice headcover (has a nice lining), and weight kit Weight Kit: 11 and 5 in head now, 13 15 17 2 in kit All black cally customs Some damage to the carbon that is cosmetic only. Happened while working on my backswing indoors and hitting the ceiling while taking the club away slowly. This is a gamer and wont win any beauty contests but its as long as anything out there and the jailbreak tech really kills spin and helps on mishits that are low on the face $OLD Accra Tour Z Extreme X265: Tour Z Extreme appears to be one generation of shafts before the current black TZ line. Stiff New Align MCC Grip Length: 43.5 $Traded Taylormade Vault Make it Pop Headcover Mint $OLD Bridgestone J15 MB irons, 4-PW Shaft: Ozik Program Q95 Stiff: Was curious to try graphite shafts and Matrix had some of the better reviews that I could find. I compared these to some recoil stiff shafts and they were almost polar opposites in regards to feel. For me these felt stable and smooth as butter, whereas the recoil shafts felt harsh and boarder. I would say that these played more like a nippon modus stiff, and players in between regular and stiff could fit these. Matrix is now LA Golf, which make the premier graphite iron shafts in the game right now, so the technology and feel is there. Grips: Almost new Winn Dri Tac LT, less taper Lie: 1 Degree Flat $OLD
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