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  1. 1. Taylormade P760 Approach Wedge - more tech and forgiveness in the A wedge than using something like a vokey, which makes sense as the AW is usually a full shot kind of club. Brand new in plastic DG105 S300 shaft STD L/L/L $90 Shipped 4. Project X 6.0 Flighted pulls Tried and true, accurate shafts 4-PW 4i around 37.5" Pure midsized grips - these are really tacky, the tread pattern is really grippy and interesting. Very stable in the hands. $140 Shipped 6. Aldila Copperhead 60 Stiff Titleist Tip 44.5" There was a hug
  2. Toulon Garage Memphis 35" Really nice condition $190 Shipped Gamer TS3 that has paint damage from what looks like a bag fell from a cart. Colored in with black sharpie and not really visible at address. 9.5 Aldila Xtorsion Copperhead 60g Stiff Comes with Camo head cover shown $OLD Shipped Sim Dhy 19* 3 hybrid Std Loft and Lie Only used a couple times Stock Diamana 75g Stiff $OLD Callawy 54 and 58 PM Grind wedges 1 Degree Flat MCC Align Grips 54 has stock DG Shaft 58 has stoc
  3. Really good feel on the XF, same hollow body design with their proprietary foam.
  4. Titleist Shafts Choose any two for 140 All three for 200 Stock HZRDUS Smoke RDX 6.0 Stiff Aldila Copperhead 60S Stiff Evenflow White 65 6.0 Stiff $80 Aldila Xtorsion Copper 60S 44.5 Titliest Tip This shaft has universally awesome reviews and had a super long thread of golf wrx members extolling its virtues for swingers right around 105 ss. Very stable feeling shaft. Im an Accra truth-er now but had some great driving rounds with this shaft. $80 Evenflow White 65 6.0 Stiff 44.5+ Titleist Tip
  5. I use a groove tube, which you can find on amazon. Its got firm nyol bristles and you can add a drop of dish soap into the tube and mix it with water automatically. That and my microfiber golf towel works perfectly and wont ever damage the finish or face.
  6. Different strokes for different folks I guess. I really love the look the new ZX series and can imagine myself bagging them in 2021.
  7. Check out this review of the Honma Irons. As a club ho, ive watched every single review TXG has done and IMO they have never spoken as highly about any club as they have these irons!
  8. Taylormade TM730 8|9|PW Head only These would be great for someone who has a set of P760 or P770 and are looking for a little more control or shot shaping ability in the scoring irons. $180 Shipped Will sell the 8 head and 9 head by itself for 65 each head shipped. Would make for a good blade practice session iron to use at the range iron to hone in your swing. Small Batch HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 3 Wood Shaft 42.25" with Titleist Tip from TS3 Fairway Wood. Will sell with a very nice TS3 15* head for $150 total shipped. $
  9. 1. PXG 0311XF Head only, this is 18* and I was intending to pair this up with a hybrid shaft to use as a driving iron for off the tee as well as long par fives $120 Shipped 2. P790 Ti 4i head only, would pair up nicely with a set of P790's 5-pw, for a player that needs a little bit more pop but doesnt fair well with hybrids $OLD
  10. Forgot to upload details on the TZ Extreme 1. Callaway adapter that has some rubbing on it, doesnt effect play 2. No tipping that im aware of and total length is at 43.5 + maybe a fraction 3. MCC Align grip in new condition, works well with the dual sleeve cally adapter so you can still tinker and keep the align in place.
  11. Thinning the herd. PXG 0211 4 Iron: Got this directly from PXG and ordered it 2* strong to experiment as a possible hybrid replacement / driving iron. Idea was to get a driving iron that was the length of a 4 iron but lofted down to a 3 iron for more consistency. Shaft: Elevate Tour Stiff Loft: 19.5* (2* Strong) Std Length Grip: MCC + 4 Wraps (plays like midsize) Lie: 1 Flat If you have ordered a set from 5-pw and wanting to add a 4 iron, this would be your chance to add one without having to pay for 1. Grip - standard pxg grip is t
  12. Odyssey does not come with original cover but will ship with a generic odyssey cover.
  13. 1. Stock PXG grips are unusable 2. Tax + shipping is an extra 15% 3. Orders to take 6+ weeks to arrive so if you ordered today, your season my already be over This is a good deal on great irons.
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