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  1. OTR is short for “Off The Rack” or retail version. The sole weights are retail as well and not the Circle T Tour.
  2. Notice the OTR weights? Rumor is this is a new model that’s a part of the 2021 OTR release including a non welded neck Justin Thomas 5.5 model. - Josh
  3. F%@K Cancer!!! Stay strong and positive!!! Thoughts and prayers to you Scott...one of the best members on this site!
  4. Is that a custom added sight line on the top of the Toulon?
  5. Looking to sell a mint condition Bettinardi Studio Stock #3. Putter is 34” and 358g and has a brand new light gray Bettinardi Lamkin deep etched regular cord grip. Loft and lie are 3° and 70° respectively. Putter comes with a new blue leather Bettinardi Studio Stock cover pictured. I recently picked this up and gave it a quick new bead blast and new paintfill and used it for one 9 hole round. There is a small amount of patina starting to develop which is normal on these carbon heads. The F.I.T. Face and carbon head produce a soft solid feel. Asking $175 Paypaled and Shipped. Thanks for looking! Josh
  6. I think the black version looks awesome! Having said that, if you only have the choice of .370 tip diameter and need to sand them down to fit .355 tip putters like Camerons are, then I won't be taking a chance on ruining a $400 shaft. Why not just offer a .355 tip option that goes in straight away without all the extra work?
  7. Pistolini Plus grip is ~ 86 grams.
  8. The best technique I have used is to boil a couple of eggs and upon them hardening and while still somewhat warm, break the eggs up into little pieces and place them along with the putter head into a small ziplock bag and close as tightly as possible. If you can do head only, you will be able to seal the bag completely. If the putter is shafted, place the entire head and the first inch of the shaft into the bag and seal with tape or a rubber band. Let sit for about an hour or two. Humidity is a wonderful accelerant of patina (rust) on carbon. Simply playing the putter on a hot humid day will naturally start the process very quickly. Josh
  9. Man if that thing had a site line! Beautiful looking putter.
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