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  1. Has anyone here ever suffered from golfer's elbow? Are there any recommended exercises to help the elbow recover?
  2. [quote name='flinchy' timestamp='1342792285' post='5314920'] I seem to lose a lot more distance on "mishits" when playing a high compression ball. Most two-piece balls lose 5-10 yards when hit a bit out on the toe but the "tour" balls seem lose about 15 yards. [/quote] Not really sure how you can measure that accurately. How can you know you've hit the two balls the same amount off centre? And you're only talking a distance of 5 yards...
  3. There may be some oxidation of the cover over time but that's about it, surely?
  4. I'd rather have a brown ball than one of those mustard yellow things.
  5. What's the difference between the 392 and the 332?
  6. [quote name='Conrad1953' timestamp='1340330169' post='5145764'] [quote name='newjedi' timestamp='1340301378' post='5143048'] Srixon should be revamping their line next year I think DanSrixon said they are on a 2 year cycle and I believe XV ans Z2 are 2 years this year so something coming next year perhaps. Trispeeds replaced the QStar this year. [/quote] I thought Qstar replaced AD333? [/quote] Where does the Soft Feel fit in?
  7. Every couple of years there will be something new, they have to stay attractive with all the competition.
  8. Would you recommend a pencil bag? I have a full set of irons, putter, driver and 3 wood.
  9. You dont seem to get cart girls here in Scotland. I guess nobody really wants a bottle of beer when they're standing under a tree in the pissing rain.
  10. Would this ball be good for a beginner? Sounds like it doesnt sidespin as much as other premium balls?
  11. Here in Edinburgh it costs £20 to £35. A few courses here in Scotland can cost £110 or more, just for one round...
  12. Do you prefer a certain brand of brand or are you happy using any?
  13. spaceboy

    Dixon earth

    So are they saying most other balls have metals mixed into the different layers which mean they cannot be recycled?
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