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  1. Nike's lately have not been consistent so it depends which Nike's you're getting. Typically Adidas and FJ run 1/2 size larger than Nike. So for me Nike 10 = Adidas/FJ 9.5. But lately Nike's have been narrow so I would have to buy half size up.
  2. For sale BNIB Jordan V Black Size 10 $330 Profey Range Finder with Slope BNIB SOLD
  3. Profey Range Finder with slope. New in box $100
  4. Just got my Vs in and I’m glad to say finally a pair of Nikes (Jordan’s ) that fit true to size. Seems like they’ve been running half size small lately. anyone know if these are waterproof or not? Can’t find it printed anywhere.
  5. All the stains started before machine washed. But always cold and air dried.
  6. Ive never had any issues keeping golf shoes clean. Always wash/wipe them clean after a round but my white ZIT stained and I can’t get them white again. Anyone have any ideas? This photo is after soaked in Oxyclean and thrown in the wash
  7. I usually wear size 10 in Nikes after reading how these are narrow I bought both 10 and 10.5. No chance 10 would fit. They felt small in length and width. 10.5 width felt fine but was a tad long. I've played over 10 rounds in the 10.5 now and they are by far the most comfortable pair of golf shoes I've owned. I have about 30 pairs in rotation and keep trying to find excuses to wear these now.
  8. I might be a fan if the B.2. ? Bought the stainless steel one first and loved it. Wanted to try the brass one too. Softer face and a little heavier (30g).
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