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  1. He is carrying 4 woods now….what’s the shaft weights for each? If driver 8X then I assume the 7 wood is the heaviest ADDI 10X. The other 2 9X?
  2. The shaft he had in his fw wood wasn’t a P95. It was a white silver section near grip for about a 1/4 of shaft then black to club head
  3. Looked like AS switch shafts in his woods. Anyone know what he is playing in his driver and fairway woods?
  4. Looks like AS switch his shaft in his 3 wood. Anyone know what it is?
  5. What does IIRC mean? Between black creek and Chatt CC which one would be the best? And best conditions?
  6. Looked like AS switched driver shafts again to almost pull out the win. What did he go back to? Looked like the KK he used to play.
  7. Headed to Chattanooga in Oct during the week. I am a member of a couple courses in GA so have access to a pro calling. Which courses would be worth trying to get on if I am able to play one time?
  8. The watch face is what I like. Got to save up for it as it’s a want item not a need item.
  9. This is the one I am considering.
  10. I was wondering the connection and noticed the similarities.
  11. What is known about the Tudor brand of watches?
  12. I just saw Rapsodo requires a subscription of. $99/year for high number of data capture
  13. Which LM is better? It will be used outdoors. Primary reason for use is distance confirmation and control plus testing various shaft and heads in my woods.
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