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  1. I have the JDM vokey forged wedges and love them. I am stationed here in Japan and have a couple of golf stores down the street and am always looking at JDM clubs. I retire october this year and as a retirement gift the wife is working a fitting at Miura for a set of irons once we are able to go there as Covid is dictating how far off base we are allowed to go.
  2. Can anyone tell me if the SIM FW 3 rocket is similar to the SLDR TP tour spoon. Im looking to upgrade my SLDR 3w and the sim has peaked my interest.
  3. Hey everyone. As I near the end of my 32 yr Navy career and I prepare to move back CONUS from Overseas and reducing the amount of gear I have. Prices listed are shipped and PayPal. I will ship usps priority mail. It will take a few days longer as I will be shipping from overseas. Cash is king and not looking for trades. Lower 48 only. 2019 P790 3-PW. I prefer the 2017 version better. Two rounds of golf and 3 range sessions. They are mint. Nippon Modus 120TX shafts soft stepped x 1, .5 degrees flat lie. NDMC grips with two extra wraps. $1000 $975 obo Ping G410 plus 10.5* driver with
  4. Ping G410 LST 9* Driver head w/ headcover. Head is in mint condition. I have decided to go a different route and need to thin out some of my excess gear. I am military stationed in Japan. I will ship USPS priority and I mention this only because it will take a few days longer than if I was in CONUS. $275 $250 shipped and paypal obro.
  5. Im a 3.4 index and have the 790's and love them. I was properly fit and the ball flight and distances are consistent through out the set. When I got the 790's as they released i was a 6.8 index. After two seasons and working with them I have shaved 3 strokes. I recently purchased the 2019 790's so I can have a bag that stays at home and a bag that I travel with. They wont be leaving my bag anytime soon. IMO they live up to the hype and are not just for mid to high handicaps.
  6. Top is my 58* and bottom is my 50*. Just ordered my 54* and am waiting to get a call to pick up.
  7. Not taking orders. May grab some extras to bring with me to sell once I’m back in the US.
  8. So I purchased two Titleist Vokey Wedges from a local golf shop here in Japan where I am stationed. I believe the face is just forged. I think they look great and cant wait to hit them.
  9. Cool story. If it were true I would probably not ave finished and got the hell out of there.
  10. I use tapatalk as well but also use chrome browser on my iphone.
  11. I love walking. I can slow my pace down and get to the ball and not have to wait long as my partners do by riding. It also gives me time to get over a bad shot and focus on the next one. Plus I have lost about 15lbs by walking as well.
  12. I tried to join again and got the same issue. Is there a way you can send an invoice to my paypal and I get my membership that way. Trying to support the site as much as I can but the site wont let me renew my membership.
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