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  1. I say 100 lashes with a wet noodle!!! Lighten up Alice. I get the whole “teach the kid a lesson” thing, but there are a million ways you can teach your son the error of his ways without the gestapo level ratting out your own son and reporting it to the authorities. He’s 15, not 25.
  2. You sound exactly like me! I play with a guy every weekend who is 68 and absolutely bombs his xxio driver and maybe misses 1-2 fairways. His PW is only about 120, but easily one of the best drivers of the ball and he says its all about the xxio. We always joked with him that the driver was nonconforming. He let me hit it on the range and I was sold. Arrives in 5 weeks
  3. My buddy has a very slow swing speed...can barely hit his PW 120, but hits his xxio driver a ton. He let me hit it on the range and my jaw dropped. I was professionally fitted for my driver, but this thing was easily 15-20 yards longer than my current setup. My new xxio driver is arriving in 5 weeks LOL
  4. I’ve owned the 62 for a while now and actually a bit disappointed. My biggest concern is that it just gives front, middle and center to green, so when I do side by side comparison to a buddy’s laser, it’s very often a bit off and sometimes as much as 7-10 yards which I can’t have. Maybe this is with all GPS watches, but still not what I was expecting.
  5. Looks like modified Stableford to me. We play this w larger groups.
  6. Are these available in the US as of yet? Would love to test. And if people are willing to spend $400-500 for Ventus or other high end shafts like myself, I would be a buyer for an additional $250...I switched to ventus a couple months ago and got me an extra 10-15 yards with exact same head.
  7. One word: Epons if you’re considering JDM and haven’t hit the Epons you’re doing yourself a disservice.
  8. Not by a long shot. My wife is all about horses. Makes my golf habit look VERY cheap.
  9. People who plan on going to Bandon right now need a serious head check. Reschedule gents.
  10. Untrue in the case of some of the private clubs.
  11. I always thought it was unfair for lower handicappers complements of ESC were able to in essence post lower scores due to max score on each hole. Always thought it was a way to keep high handicappers high and lower handicappers an advantage on the score card. New max scoring is simpler or more equitable in my opinion.
  12. I had terrible service elbow issues for 2-3 years, tried virtually every band, stretching exercise and crazy internet suggestions but nothing worked. From my limited medical knowledge, my right elbow had a detached muscle which explained my pain level and also explained why bands or other treatments other than surgery would not wok here. Opted for surgery for right elbow. Did this where they literally tie the the detached muscle to the bone. It was microscopic surgery but rehab still took 3-4 months and a bit painful. second surgery was a couple years later on left elbow. Opted for something called the FAST procedure and it was much less invasive than right elbow. Basically used some instrument to clean out damaged tissue and put some of my own blood platelets in there to speed the healing. Recovery time w the FAST procedure was MUCH quicker and much less painful. Also sanctioned by the Mayo Clinic which is how I found out about it. if I were in your shoes, I would stop ALL hitting off Matts, start using graphite, massage the crap out of the injury to increase blood flow and if that still doesn’t help, so FAST and be done with it. It’s now 10 years later and both elbows 100%.
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