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  1. Finally got to full swing protocol, where it all starts to come together. My deal is I have to stop practicing so much indoors and start bringing it to the range. I’m sure there’s a big difference between the two. Played 2 rounds this weekend and can’t attest to massive changes in my swing or score but at the same time, haven’t really looked to incorporate the PM moves until I feel more comfortable with them. Q: Are others here thinking about the PM swing during rounds or just letting it happen?
  2. For those who are interested how this thing works with the driver, Tour Striker added a new protocol video on the driver that does not show up on their website but that I found on YouTube:
  3. For those who are interested how this thing works with the driver, Tour Striker added a new protocol video on the driver that does not show up on their website but that I found on YouTube:
  4. > @emo said: > I own the plane mate its been the perfect training aid for me, however I was at the range and lost the connecter that attach to club now I need to get a replacement somehow I spoke w customer service a couple days ago and they were very helpful. Best just to phone them up.
  5. Anyone experiencing back pain from all the reps...back is killin me?
  6. Just got mine and have a couple questions for guys who have played around awhile with the PM: 1) I just completed Day One protocol, but the “feel” for me is not much different from what my normal swing is. Can’t imagine my swing has been so amazing all this years but wondering if others are feeling some sort of magical moment when they use the device 2) When I put the belt on, the entire strap doesn’t stick to the Velcro such that it just hangs like a tail on my back...why?, 3) Think I screwed up on day one because I kept the band INBETWEEN my hands, but now see that the band in videos s
  7. I know people are complaining about the price but for me this thing is about the same price as 2 lessons or a couple rounds at a decent track. Very often when I take a lesson it stays w me only a week or two. With this thing I can pull it out any time I want and my best learning’s are self taught. Mine arrives today.
  8. > @Schnee said: > > @airjammer said: > > > > > > > > Martin and David seem to agree that my move is looking great with the help of the planemate! > > I love That it’s making me regain some feels I had in my swing before I hurt my wrist a few years ago (and was at my best handicap). > > It’s syncing up my armswing and my pivot and making my swing nice and compact. > > Thanks for sharing. One question: is there a reason your followup through looks very low (not shoulder height)?
  9. Ordered mine at 10AM, received confirmation of shipping and FedEx tracking number 2 hours later:) Part of what sold me, besides all the testimonials here, is how professionally done the videos were and how instructive. Even the unboxing seemed a bit dummy proof. Hoping this finally gets me to shallow a bit more.
  10. Are most of you guys using this as an indoor training aid or at range or both? Northeast weather about to turn so looking for a winter training program.
  11. My putting stance is WAAAY open meaning my feet, shoulders, chest, all face the target< basketball style aka side-saddle. I never understood how people can putt well when they are looking at the hole w side eye.
  12. Played a match with a guy who was lighting up a blunt just as we were about to go play 0ur match. I thought; oh great, I’m gonna kill this guy, he’s high as heck. WRONG! The guy had me beat by 12.
  13. The worst is the guy who had a decent round and feels the need to give you a shot by shot recap of his round over lunch. My new strategy is the minute “that guy” starts talking I’m like oh heck, forgot I was supposed to meet my wife for lunch. Buh-bye
  14. Yet another beyond dumb rules call...appears Rory, when his ball was in the sand at Liberty National today, went to remove what he thought was a loose impediment aka a small rock but it ended up being just a clump of sand. Gets a 2 stroke penalty for “touching the sand.” Can you say punishment doesn’t fit the crime?? I give Rory a lot of credit though. Made his case in a very strong fashion but when the rules official stated 2 strokes, he just carried on.
  15. I had the same reaction. Was all set to sign up but couldn’t figure out what I was buying. Then thought oh, it’s a bunch of videos layed out in a more structured manner than all the videos he already has out there. Then I’m thinking why buy the cow if I can get the milk for free?? Meaning a bunch of his videos are already available, so back to the original question of what am I getting as a subscriber. Confusing
  16. sidebar but does VC rule come into play when ascertaining whether an animal hole is actually an animal hole? I’ve had a couple incidents this year where my ball was stuck in a hole that looked to me like the home of a burrowing animal but could also have simply been a hole.
  17. Where are the parents of a bunch of kids and dogs that allow them all to act like they’re in a Lord of the Flies sequel??
  18. What the heck did I just read?? The game of golf is interesting enough for me with some very straightforward bets. Never understood all these crazy bets that just hurt my head to just understand the what the actual bets are.
  19. Let’s face it fellas...slow play will exist FOREVER!! New rules were also supposed to speed up play: NOPE, not even close!
  20. > @"Mr. Bean" said: > > @596 said: > > Used to play a 4some where we had 1 mulligan per side and 1 reverse mulligan per 18. These mulligans could be played anywhere including putts. We had a great time playing this format. You eliminate that one really bad shot and can stay in the game, without that one bad shot ruining the game. > > The reverse mulligan was a shot that you can call at anytime on another player. When he hits a great shot.......you call him out and he MUST re-hit and play that ball. Lots of time the game came down to the last few holes and the rev
  21. I just had a similar situation a few weeks ago. Sold a PXG putter to a guy in Malaysia. I posted a bunch of pics and a very accurate description but this was a putter that you’d have to pull out a magnifying glass to find any issues. The guy tells me he finds a scratch on the shaft that doesn’t even appear on his pics. I say fine, no prob. I will return your money and pay to have the club shipped back. Buyer says no, and that I scammed him, gave me a negative feedback and actually called me a scammer in the comments. Screwed up my 100% eBay feedback score (eBay only counts the last 6 mon
  22. Dude looks a lot like Ricky Fowler? I’ve seen this movie abt 100 times before. Very reminiscent of guys who tell you they want to be World Cup skiers but still learning to snowplow so they are devoting every waking hour to this noble quest. This is code for “I am a ski bum but please think of me as searching for the golden chalice. You plebes may feel free to Join me in my journey!”
  23. Had 2 PB’s in one single weekend this past week and beat it by a solid 3 strokes. Actually shocked me because it’s not like I did anything new or different, just a bunch of things coming together all at once coupled with a nice competitive match playing against guys that are very solid players which usually ups my game. Someone once told me that improvement in golf comes in bunches, not one stroke at a time. I’m proof of that.
  24. > @devinh821 said: > Congrats! Keep up the good playing. I’ve always wanted to do some match play but gotta get the handicap down. Best way to get cap down is to start playing competitively!
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