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  1. So you’re saying your wife is on our side of the argument? This is starting to get weird for me.
  2. Whether or not you love the USGA or not so much, the following article speaks to some of the more recent thoughts out there around whether or not the PGA Tour should break away from the USGA and come up with their own set of rules...the cool thing about the article is that this all happened many years ago. So bascially, some 50 years ago, the entity now known as the PGA Tour was formed, breaking away from the PGA of America. Some of the biggest names in the game, Nicklaus and Palmer supported the idea of splitting off and coming up with their own rules. Also had no idea who Gardner Dickinso
  3. I still say it’s because of the wording. If it had said you cannot be behind the ball while the player is in their stance, that would have eliminated the issue from the LPGA, because they stay there until JUST prior to the swing. And you wouldnt have seen any men’s penalties. Because it says “when they start to take a stance”, that catches the men”s caddies. Because you didn’t see them sit behind their player for a prolonged time like on the LPGA I think the rule had to define the time fairly clearly, and I'm not sure that "while the player is in their stance" is definitive enough. In additi
  4. That’s me. I prefer it in, but if everyone else is wants it out, I’ll just go along. That's my MO, and I let everyone know on the first tee. "If it's in, leave it in (my preference), if it's out, leave it out" so nobody will be asking me. Played a round with 2 randoms that let me know when I caught them that they just leave it in and that was fine with me. It was great, never came out for 13 holes. The only time I would care is if it was leaning/getting blown towards the entry point of the putt. Yes. If the USGA really wanted to speed play they should have just said flag stays in. Pr
  5. Wrong section. This is Rules and Etiquette. Might get a better response in correct section.
  6. You just perfectly described the guy in our foursome that’s slow as heck. As many times as he’s been told by the pro, us, other golfers etc that he’s the slowest guy at the club and need to pick it up, he continues to move at a snails pace. We’ve tried joking about it, getting angry about it and on and on and he could care less. He’s a very good player and an even better friend but I’m done trying to push him and don’t want to spoil the friendship.
  7. What ranks? I wasn't aware I was under orders and didn't wilfully mislead anyone. I trust people to mean what they say ???
  8. Check out post #199. That’s the one being replied to. My post never said the ladies weren't being lined up. I said two things. One, the ladies were not being "adjusted" in their alignment. It was a crutch on their part and a bad optic. I'll add and agree it probably was a lot of the reason the rule was put into place. Two, the men did it to, not as often but it seems now they did it a lot more than people noticed. Either that or they just now decided to start the practice. Which seems more likely? That they just now started doing it or that they did before? I don’t recall with the men
  9. Words matter when you've chosen to cut off communication, then say that THEY need to "start communicating". It works both ways, and I still believe that the real truth is somewhere in the middle. I'm not claiming that the USGA handled it well, but perhaps using Twitter was a last resort to get a hold of someone who has said "don't call me this week". And now you're saying Monahan's statements, Slumbers's statement, and Thomas Bjorn's, are lies? I know you always believe the worst about the USGA, but you seem to respect the others. I'll quote it again, you're saying this is a lie. Sor
  10. Either some of you have never watched LPGA players putt prior to the rule change or you’re simply delusional. Again, this was all about LPGA players being lined up by their caddies and mainly around putts. They did some lining up on drives and approaches as well. The men almost NEVER would have a caddie stand behind a player and line them up for a putt.
  11. That's called a caddie�� But seriously, when does said stickperson (weird name) get to make his own putt? He would have to hand off his duties to someone else if he's anything other than closest to the hole. Just doesn't work. I get it Kev, but he says "first person to hole out is designated guy". You could easily have a bunch of putts before anyone ever holes out. So who's the designated guy until such time? That's why it doesn't make any sense to me. You and your group surely can figure something out... We are still out on the course 16 hours later trying to figure it out?
  12. If it was just the ladies why are the men's caddies just now starting to do it when it's against the rules? Why ? Come on man. You know that isn't the truth. The LPGA players were being physically lined up. As in feet , clubface etc to the target. Not even close to the same thing. I say that and I also agree that the rule as is can work now that they have the reset option. Just have to be aware and back off. Which doesn't help pace , but is fair. The ladies were being lined up the same as the men are now-do not kid yourself. How many times did you ever seen a LPGA caddie tell the
  13. Lol. They're going to have trouble sleeping if someone is denigrating the Rules or USGA and they let that go unchallenged. I slept very well last night?
  14. The issue is resolved at this point. What else is there to say? It’s a he said / he said with one side caving in probably due to pressure. But none of us know what really happened or where the truth lies. It’s only a guess. The truth is probably in the middle somewhere. At the end of the day, whoever fired off that tweet from the USGA shouldn’t have done it because in the end they would just get left out to dry. They could be telling the total truth, partial truth, or making it up entirely (which I doubt) but that doesn’t really matter. The perception will become reality and the USGA h
  15. That's called a caddie�� But seriously, when does said stickperson (weird name) get to make his own putt? He would have to hand off his duties to someone else if he's anything other than closest to the hole. Just doesn't work. I get it Kev, but he says “first person to hole out is designated guy”. You could easily have a bunch of putts before anyone ever holes out. So who’s the designated guy until such time? That’s why it doesn’t make any sense to me.
  16. A little birdie told me that all the rules mongers feverishly PM’d each other to say “hey guys, don’t respond to Swiss’s thread because it will validate the topic”. My work is done here?
  17. Agreed though possibly the caddie didn't know what Rickie'd done. Someone else pointed out he wasn't looking, but when he looked up Rickie was still upright and his arm was about waist high. So I guess the caddie *might* have heard to ball hit and though it sounded kinda loud. Might've been suspicious about Rickie's posture and arm. Would've been a really good catch had the caddie caught it but close call there. https://www.golfchannel.com/video/2019-wgc-mexico-rickie-fowler-round-2-takes-bad-drop Thanks for that video. His caddy is standing RIGHT THERE. Perhaps he should have bee
  18. If they really wanted to speed play, they should have said “flag remains it for all putts”.
  19. That’s called a caddie? But seriously, when does said stickperson (weird name) get to make his own putt? He would have to hand off his duties to someone else if he’s anything other than closest to the hole. Just doesn’t work.
  20. Not all that surprising to me. They are hoping the issue goes away or that some bit of news will hit to counter or soften the embarrassing USGA tweets. Hard for them to support or protect a blatant lie and I can understand how it’s doubly tough to admit they were on the wrong side of the argument here. First guy to come on here and admit they were wrong or mistaken gets my respect. I’m still in shock that this organization that gets paid handsomely to protect the integrity of the game would stoop to such a low level of deceipt and lies just to try to bolster their position. All the
  21. And so interesting how so many of the vocal proponents of the USGA on these threads have gone radio silent since the news broke about the USGA tweets. Crickets ?
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