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  1. Would you consider splitting the Rogue shaft from the M1 head? If so, I'm interested.
  2. Update based on questions. Will also consider selling just the 4-9i or the 3-9i for those interested in a different variation. Feel free to send offers for your preferred combo.
  3. These sticks are absolutely sick, but just not for me long-term. Set is 4-PW 718 T-MB 4-9 with KBS Tour 130X. Standard loft and lie. Length is +1/4" across the set. Condition - check the pics. Definitely above average for used set; at least 9/10 overall. SM6 46*8* (bent to 45* for gapping) with a KBS Tour S+ shaft - custom order. $950 $777 OBRO Single head 718 T-MB 3i Condition - like new. Used for 2 rounds and 1 range session, less than 15 strikes total. $135 $123 OBRO Let me know if you have any questions about how they played, etc.
  4. Individual prices added for the driving iron and wedge for those interested. Thanks.
  5. Want to sell this stuff as a package deal to simplify shipping. Don't sell a lot of equipment and not looking to make a living doing it just think someone else could get much better use of it than me. Like new 718 T-MB 3 driving iron setup with OG Diamana Blueboard 103x shaft; length is 39.5 inches. Played 2 rounds and 1 range session - just look at the face pics... Sweet setup and a tad longer than my TM UDI but I'm just more comfortable with the incumbent. New (still in plastic) Vokey SM6 48*08 F Grind wedge with Project X 6.0 shaft and Tour Velvet 360 black/white grip. Set of Project X 6.0 3-9 iron shafts with brand new Tour Velvet 360 black/white grips $350 $315 $305 OBRO as a package. Also, getting a lot of interest as individual items, so: 718 T-MB 3: $235 $195 Set of Project X shafts: $77 SM6 48*08 F: $SOLD
  6. Never worn, plenty of pics to show they will be shipped in same condition as if they were purchased from a store. 2 pairs: -Footjoy Pro/SL, Size 11.5: $125 OBRO Shipped CONUS -Jordan Retro 13, Size 12: $350 OBRO Shipped CONUS I am not really looking for any trades, but ones including newer driver, fw, or hybrid with high quality shaft will be considered. Let me know if any questions. Thanks all.
  7. For me, it was a course I strongly recommend everyone on here play (at least once) if given the chance - Paiute Wolf course outside Las Vegas. Pete Dye design - so yeah... also over 7600 yards teeing up from as far back as they'd let me go; just for the experience. http://www.lvpaiutegolf.com/wolf.html But the design itself wasn't the hardest part. So we were getting lunch in between rounds on a 36 hole special and chatting up a local regular. He asks us what course we're playing in the afternoon slot (3 courses at the resort) and we say The Wolf. He looks at us, laughs, and says we better make sure we have enough extra golf balls and beers to make it through - apparently the prevailing wind that time of year in the afternoon given the land layout is 30-40mph. He wasn't wrong. We felt like we were playing the 2012 PGA at Kiawah Island. Balls were literally blowing around on the green at several points. Also, distance has never been a problem for me on any course and yet I very anxiously pulled a 5 wood to play the into-the-wind 182 yard par 3 island green 15th hole. Crazy challenging, and yet fun, time.
  8. Hi all - First time selling, but I've always had great buying experiences on BST so here goes. I really, really wanted to love her (the M2 - like seemingly everyone else) but never could. We just never had that truly special feeling. I tried so hard but back to the trusty GBB for me. For sale is a 2016 Taylormade M2 9.5* w/ Diamana S+ (Blueboard) 60X. Plays at 44.5" Has 15 rounds max on it with normal light wear. Plenty of pictures to illustrate condition. Comes with brand new/never used headcover and wrench. Price: first SOLD paypal (OBRO). Feel free to send offers if interested. I'm not a bitter ex and would love to see her end up in good hands.
  9. Will take the CBs if they're still available. I've been looking for a reason to switch to those for awhile... :derisive:
  10. Interested in the x100 (xp) shafts. Does anyone have experience with how they play compared to standard DG x100s?
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