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  1. > @Cwing said: > Why guess/experiment. Get fit. Too much $$
  2. Currently play Titleist 913d3 with a Diamana Blue 62 stiff Flex but this weekend i had to use a Callaway Epic with a 75g x stiff rogue max shaft in it, and I found I had a much more piercing ball flight and a noticeable gain in carry distance. So this got me thinking, would a shaft change in my 913 produce the same results or is it because of the Callaway head? Don’t really want to spend the $500 on a new driver so basically my question is, does the shaft make that much of a difference to basically take me from a high ball flight where i sometimes have a sweeping hook with the 913, to a tight
  3. Any input on fit/sizing, or just overall quality? I've got an rbg coupon I want to use. Haven't taken it to the course yet but from what I can tell swinging in my living room it has some tight shoulders and the front puffs out a little when at address. Feels light and good quality. Other than that I think it's pretty comfortable.
  4. Just picked this exact one up from Ross last night, $20
  5. sucks to hit your 7 iron 200 yards if that's really what you hit it. But other than that nice sticks
  6. I open my 60* all the way up and play the ball in the back of my stance and take a steep swing (length depending on distance). Usually pops the ball right out for me. If my short game isnt with me that particular day I usually use the ol foot wedge or just get it on the green somewhere.
  7. [quote name='pirategolfer252' timestamp='1374467302' post='7511088'] How do I properly get my driver set up to allow my hands to be close to my belt buckle, the driver head squared, and my shoulders square to the target yet at the same time have the ball at the front of my stance? If I put it at the front of my stance yet bring my hands back closer to my zipper it closes that club head...what am I missing? [/quote] You want the ball inside your front heel. Those things will never add up because it's impossible to have your hands at your belt buckle and driver completely square. Try movin
  8. Seems like "carnage" is the word of the week for the announcers ever since Phil said it. Everything that happens, well theres some carnage out there on that green. The cup was carnage.
  9. I have to go with my MC's. Love the feel and workability.
  10. And I finish at an even 72 haha. Golf sucks sometimes. On a better note, I hit 11/14 fairways with my new 913D3.
  11. Hit 14 drivers today and 13 were off the toe, the other one was off the heel. My natural shot shape is a fade so I was just wondering what were some common problems for hitting it off the toe and what I could do to fix it. Thanks
  12. Nothing wrong with it, they've grown up watching some of these players.
  13. I used to play a 9.5 RBZ but with my R1 I found my perfect setting to be 10.5 C1
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