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  1. So the head on the screw of my sliding weight in my SIM driver broke off. Does anyone know the specifics of the screw? I will go see if I can buy a stainless steel replacement from Lowe’s or Home Depot. Thanks
  2. Well I managed to get the shaft out with just heat and persistence. I was almost ready to throw in the towel, decided to go give it one more attempt. I was able to twist back and fourth and then wedge the putter grip between some wood and pull the head off, best part- zero damage to the head. Shaft took a beating though. That bearing definitely is a nasty little thing!
  3. PayPal sent for like new VA Nemesys 65x with Ping tip, swapping ping tip for a TaylorMade tip.
  4. That definitely seems out of my capabilities. I might reach out to breakthrough golf to see if they can reshaft it for me.
  5. I am wondering if these shafts are glued in? I have been reading about the ball bearings Ping has used in the past to help secure the shaft into the head, if that's the case then re shafting probably will not happen. Thanks guys
  6. TaylorMade, Titleist, Cleveland, Adam’s, Callaway, Guerin, Ping, Scratch. Never been loyal to any brand. Feel and performance are what I look at.
  7. RTX4. 50(bent to 51), 54 and 58.
  8. any idea what the shaft length is without the adapter? I need it to play between 44.5-45" in a TaylorMade Sim. Thanks
  9. I’m wondering if anyone knows the hosel diameter for these putters? I want to re shaft one and believe it’s a .370, just trying to confirm that. Thanks
  10. Is the Rogue 44” playing length or the entire shaft uninstalled is 44”? Interested
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