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  1. It has a little bit of blue loctite on the threads which doesn’t require heat to break free
  2. These free ventus flippers are really picking up steam in the bst
  3. I agree but that’s not the cat’s fault. That’s the owners fault for not cleaning the litter box more frequently.
  4. I ordered one at 45” last year and they told me on here via pm that they didn’t take specific requests but would adjust it back to the stock swingweight. The sombitch came in at C8....
  5. Yes they will work. You can even use covert adapters marked for the driver in fairways. the only adapter from covert through vapor fly lines that aren’t compatible is the vapor fly fairway woods. They used a different adapter.
  6. SOLD Moving into the new model so this one is ready for a new home. It was a warranty replacement right around the first of the year so it hasn’t seen a ball outside and probably has only been hit 30 times indoors. head only 9.0 degree right handed no adapter headcover included $225 shipped USA only
  7. I didn’t even know that was an option... the uncut part
  8. The 2021 refresh is here. I replaced: sim for sim2 mp18 for 921 tours mp18 fli hi for sim udi/ventus black 10 jet black sm8 for raw sm8 with the “tour grind” and straight leading edge. new pic at the top if anyone cares.
  9. 54D and 58m sm8 vokey wedge heads. These were the jet black wedges that got the CLR bath give them somewhat of a raw look. Maybe 5-6 rounds on these 54D 12 bounce 58M 8 bounce standard loft lie angle 1° upright bent by titleist. The hosels have marks where you can tell they were bent upright. See pics. $150 Shipped for the pair USA only
  10. Grips fell under the “least they could do” since they shhitt the bed twice on the build. They could have at least had the courtesy to reply and tell me to where to stick the grips since I cut them off... the ignoring me is kind of weak move in my opinion.
  11. Discount Dan still hasn’t said anything to me about a refund/replacement on the grips and titleist hasn’t responded to the two emails I’ve sent. Oh well I guess. The wedges are assembled correctly now so that’s all that matter I suppose... I still have two awesome raw sm8 that look great with the “tour grind” and straight leading edge
  12. Yeah that’s what though too... every set of wedges I’ve ordered from them have been dead on for loft lie and length year in and year out. My man in assembly must have not given a flying ..... the day my order hit. the grips are a lost cause, I don’t have the tools to save them
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