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  1. Got mine from billy bob (billy bob’s?) golf. The same weight that fits sim/sim2 fairways fits the rescue and sim udi/dhy. i ordered my 14g from Amazon. It was some cheap a** Chinese build but shockingly it was spot on 14g. It was just that the crown isn’t tall enough on the sim2 rescue for the weight to screw all the way down. stock weight in mine… which was a bone stock, off the rack build, was a 3 gram in the 3/19.5 rescue.
  2. Does anyone know what the sleeve weighs for these, without the screw in it?
  3. For me, I stay 100% away from ping because my eyes can’t get past the looks and my ears hate the sound of their drivers. Titleist is an honorable mention for me as well. I like all the off the rack options for the vokeys, but there are just so many clowns that think their s*** doesn’t stink because they have a full titleist bag.
  4. This is an legit question … but why do campanies go out of their way to keep pictures off the internet til a certain date? I feel like if I was a company I’d want to beat everyone else to the punch and drive the hype with pics as soon as I could.
  5. Aldila ripx 75tx driver length shaft untipped...so you could tip and cut to length for a fairway as well no extensions taylormade 2° adapter see pics for length from end of adapter $89 shipped USA only
  6. In the latest “No one cares but me” update: new driver shaft: Diamana PD 70tx replaced the RipX 75 new hybrid: Sim2 Rescue replaced Sim UDI
  7. Prices include shipping. I will only ship to the USA 1. Sim udi 3 iron head only used one season…normal wear and tear from use. Right handed standard loft and lie HEAD ONLY $99 2. Scotty Cameron headcover the cover from a 2018 Newport. Never used $35 3. Taylormade M5 13.5 gram weight kit $25 Edited 2 minutes ago by TheSphynx
  8. Has anyone added weight to the the rescue (not the max)? I built mine at 39.5” with a ventus black 10 and a midsize grip and even with a 9g weight in the sole it’s C9/D0. I picked up a heavier weight for the sole That was 14g but it was too long and didn’t screw all the way down. I assume I could get it melted… anyone have any experience with one that has hotmelt?
  9. The 2016 M2 wasn’t any greater than any recent taylormade driver … it only gained that aura after tiger called his a snowflake.
  10. Whatever the pricing is, @TaylorMade Golfneeds to start taking swing weight requests. How many more sleeps until I can order a driver at 45” and not have it show up C9 like my Sim2?
  11. The M3 440 and R11S V2 were my personal favorites.
  12. What’s the adapter on these, .370? I swear my rescue 11 tp was a .355 tip back then
  13. if that crown wasnt like that, you know damn well people on here would list that driver with that face and sole as "mint, only hit about six balls on the range. my loss is your gain!!"
  14. I play tour issue X100 only because I like the look of the label. I think anyone claiming to feel a difference is just kidding themselves and regrets spending the extra money.
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