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  1. a little change to the swing and ventus blue didnt work as well as it used to, so i'm going to give a RipX a whirl since i loved the original rip alpha 10 years ago. does anyone have feedback on it? there isnt much on here about it, other than the fluff thread to sell them from a while back Edit: welp nobody replied so I guess I’ll find out since it’s built and ready to go
  2. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD $225 shipped to lower 48 •just over 44” from end of adapter to end of grip cap… see pics. •untipped •no extensions •Taylormade 2° adapter. Adapter is a little ugly but fully functional •iomic x evolution grip built up to midsize
  3. Looking for one long enough to finish at 45” in driver. Taylormade adapter a plus… don’t bother replying if you don’t know tip trim or aren’t willing to provide pics
  4. Looking for a driver length ventus black 7x that will play at least 45”. Sim/sim2 adapter preferred. Nothing tip trimmed more than 1/2”
  5. I thought of a couple more: 1. The M2 wasn’t taylormade’s best driver in recent years… it’s just that the Tiger homers on here ran to it when he called his a snowflake. 2. Nike never made VR II Pro, VR pro II, or VR 2 pro irons. They were simply VR pro irons…. Ok so maybe this one isn’t an opinion as much as a rant.
  6. my stock weights in the 3 and 5 wood were three grams when i swapped them for nine gram weights. did you custom order yours shorter than the stock length?
  7. Yeah like I said without seeing the original ad I’m just basing it off this thread. One thing is certain, it’s lousy to just flat out ignore the seller.
  8. Without seeing the original ad and Based off the info of this thread alone I’m not paying for return shipping if I’m that buyer. The shaft looks like someone chewed the end off. Dudes saying that’s ok and no big deal are probably the same guys throwing 2x4s up the aisle at Home Depot when they are a little crooked
  9. so what is everyone thinking here... are we going to see the "i told my wife/girlfriend/ assitant to ship it" or the ever popular " i was in the hospital" excuse? i get that things happen in life, but ive been a member for a while now, ive seen this movie before.
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