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  1. Does anyone have any insight on why the adapter in both my sim driver and five wood looks like it’s covered in a white powdery film?
  2. I can’t wait for the new driver to leak so I’ll know what I’m buying since im waiting 3.5 months for a warranty replacement from @TaylorMade Golf
  3. Authentic Taylormade weights direct from Taylormade. 13.5 grams each for the m5 driver, and will also fit in the front track of the sim driver. $25 shipped USA only.
  4. Because they already have my money so they don’t care about getting me a replacement I wonder if @TaylorMade Golfcan chime in and give me an update on “how many more sleeps” that’ll be haha
  5. I gotta quoted 3.5 months for a warranty replacement... they said something about a shortage on sim heads
  6. Im partially with the OP. I’m not trying to see anyone’s jacked up, second toe longer than the first feet but it won’t stop me from buying if it’s a good deal
  7. Does anyone know the size of the hosel? The TM website shows .370 but when my builder installed the dynamic gold with a .355 tip he said it fit perfectly. Im wondering if they take .370 graphite and sand them down to fit .355. I’m just curious since I have a ventus black hybrid shaft coming for it
  8. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Title says it all. It has about 10-12 rounds on it. Head only and was last measured at 20° loft (1 weak) and 60° lie (0.5 up) when I had the shaft pulled. $59 shipped USA only
  9. Speaking of that shaft... I sent you guys a DM about the ventus @Fujikura Golf
  10. I submitted a warranty claim for my sim head... it had a weird spot of discoloration that I assume is just a paint blemish, but I wanted to see what they’d say. They told me it needed replaced and that they’d get a replacement sent out to me by, get this, January 15 2021 hey @TaylorMade Golf how many sleeps is that??
  11. 1. Windmill Lakes Golf Course 2. North Ridgeville Ohio 3. 1.8 4. Taylormade SIM 9° w/ Ventus Blue 7x 5. Yes but no by way of testing shafts on my own but not an official fitting 6. TSi 3 7. Absolutely
  12. i realize this will be a LOOOOONG shot, but does anyone have a pair of the 2019 US Open star camo pants... in a 38" waist?
  13. I was wondering if that would be the cause. I wasn’t sure how much shaft weight can change swing weight
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