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  1. Where have you settled on? We've slipped a little in the rankings this last year but that's mainly down to being a par 68 whilst the new 17th grew in. I'll be out of Auckland for most of December but anytime before or after is good.
  2. I absolutely love it, it's a real golfers golf club. Great mix of people. I play every weekend and rarely with the same people, but I've not met anyone I wouldn't play with again. I'd be happy to have you come over for a game one weekend if you like?
  3. Have you made it back to NZ? I'm all set up in Auckland at Titirangi now. Let me know if you're heading up and want a game!
  4. Hi guys, I'm heading to Auckland in May and will be joining Titirangi, I would be happy to host or play elsewhere. Hopefully see you soon!
  5. I'm aiming for Auckland, but we'll see how things play out. How about you? Is that two winters and one summer in Canada? You definitely got the short straw if that is the case!
  6. Awesome bag, how tough was the transition from year round golf? When are you headed back to NZ? I am headed over in a couple of months for a year, would be good to get a game with a fellow hoe!
  7. I play a 17 degree hybrid and a driving iron. They cover plenty up to 265 carry and more with roll if necessary. Anything past that would be hit and hope with a three wood anyway.
  8. I went from TP5X to XV because I couldn't get it to spin enough generally with the irons. On top of that was the fliers that would appear from nowhere. I will say it's the softest feeling ball around though.
  9. Thank you! it's likely going to be a walk round, but excited to see sandbelt tracks.
  10. Hi Dave, congrats on the club champs! How do you work on the left shoulder down and around? I too create too much secondary tilt on the downswing.
  11. Sorry to hear. Frilford Heath just outside of Oxford is a good set of Heathland tracks, (54 holes). I would be more than happy to host you if you plan on visiting the Oxfordshire area.
  12. Has anyone tried the course classics?
  13. I feel you there. I had a grade three ankle sprain last July. I've been cleared to play since November, but heavily strapped until April. Since then it's been a battle to get practice and rest in! PT reckons I should be fully healed by October...
  14. 15* 3W at 270, then either 17* hybrid at 245 or 3 iron with RIP Phenom hybrid shaft at 235* carry. Depending on the conditions the 3 iron is in the bag pretty much all summer long. Hybrid comes in on still days or lots of long par 5's.
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