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  1. Sam, can lie be adjusted at all once it is built? Considering a more upright lie than what was sent to me. One a 2-4 week layoff from work so I hope to get out for the first time. Have so much more confidence with this putter in my hands but one can only have so much practicing from home. I think I found another player for you also. Bob Gom TMBob
  2. Mine arrived this Tuesday which was perfect timing for a Thursday road trip from Seattle to Scottsdale. I was able hit a practice green the night it came in, but not the best test as the practice green had been punched. I was still able to get a feel for the Putter which I felt very comfortable with right away after my quick trial session. I will be playing today and tomorrow @ Desert Highland and a couple more rounds before I fly back home. This should be just what the doctor ordered to help me share my thoughts on this Putter that I have been dying to bag.
  3. By far the number one item in all of golf that I am dying to get my hands on.....I would love to try a L.A.B. Force Direct Force Putter and review it. I open my hands at impact and push majority of my putts right from any distance, even 2 feet! I putt like a 40 handicap and it’s flat out embarrassing. I have felt there is hope with this Putter in my hands based on watching their testing and demonstrations online. No one local carries L.A.B. DF Putters. I even work for a huge internet site and we sure don’t carry them either. Not only am I interested in the concept of the head staying square,
  4. Golf Woodmount...very wide open. Everything is in front of you....they never ran out of land.....way out there......greens slow and sticky. Above ave layout.....shorter Par 3's Echelon.....Front side was very nice and well done....back side has huge elevation changes on most of the 9, which did nothing for me......rough was a pure sponge but playable around the greens.....greens were like dart boards, as many shots remained in their ball marks.....girl behind the bar/kitchen had an attitude because a buddy requested to have a sandwich cut in half and did not say please. She muttered, pleas
  5. GT, many of the course that we called had punch recently and location also had plenty to do with these two choices. We are they as guest of FedEx, so we do need to be at the event foremost.
  6. Looks like Cobblestone is one day...I liked Portersgolf suggestion and had a look. Woodheaven another day, and maybe Stone Mountain on Sat. I'll have another look at all the food places, but the BBQ place that was mentioned over and over again has my attention....like the combo deal. Only sad note is that one person cannot make it and it looks like work will not replace him....a 3 some all week long, sorta a drag. I'll report back next week. Should a very fun time and I wanted thank all you Southern Folk for the Hospitality for posting some great suggestions. Now back to course d
  7. Ok, some great suggestions by everyone....I need to gather the food choices since there is plenty and see what the others think. Heirloom BBQ will get a big push from me for sure...sounds perfect. I pushed for Achasta and Echelon, but we will see.
  8. Great stuff people....not really getting a MUST play feel for one or more course though. I get the punching issue that can make suggesting a course hard. Great food suggestions....thanks. Tell me more about Achasta or Echelon please.
  9. I am going to be in Atlanta for the final event, courtesy of FedEx next week. Since the 4 of us have never been there I said let me ask the members at WRX Suggest the good stuff. . So, it looks like we are staying in Sandy Springs. We are interested in playing possible 36 on Thursday and 18 Friday and watching the event Sat. and Sunday. Thursday....if we do play 36, we would need a location that has 36 or two good courses near each other to do so. Friday......we are open to drive for a really nice course/resort. Difficulty is not what we are looking for.....great conditions, great vi
  10. Going to the FedEx Championship on FedEx....we are looking for suggestions...staying in Sandy Springs. The Frog was interesting, but was told 3pm was the earliest for non members...dark by what time that down that way? 8pm? thanks
  11. I am in......if they win, you must use some of the $50,000 to buy a complete set for you and me and the rest will go to the First Tee of Seattle.
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